Ben Crump Net Worth Personal Life, Law Firm, and Other Details
Ben Crump Net Worth Personal Life, Law Firm, and Other Details

Ben Crump Net Worth: Personal Life, Law Firm, and Other Details

A well-known artist, Benjamin Lloyd Crump, or Ben Crump, is Benjamin Lloyd Crump, or Ben Crump. American civil rights attorney Benjamin Lloyd Crump, better known by his initials Ben Crump, is a prominent figure in the field. In addition, he specializes in instances involving catastrophic injuries. As “Black America’s Attorney General,” Ben is commonly referred to. Ben Crump Law is the name of his law company.Β  How much do you think Ben Crump’s net worth is? In this article, we will read about Ben crump’s net worth, career, early life, and more details.

Ben Crump Early Life

Benjamin Crump was born in Lumberton, North Carolina, on October 10, 1969. Crump experienced many highs and lows as a child. To begin with, his parents divorced when he was a little child. While his mother worked long hours, he was the youngest of nine children, and she was unable to care for them. For the rest of their lives, the children would reside with their grandma. At sixteen, his mother decided it was best for Ben Crump to live with her new husband. A math instructor, Ben’s new husband instilled in him a passion for learning. Plantation, Florida, a South Florida suburb, was home to the new family. Ben Crump went to South Plantation High School in this area. Ben Crump’s teacher quickly discovered he was a very bright student.

It was true that the young man did exceptionally well in all of his subjects and was actively involved in a wide range of extracurricular activities. He applied to Florida State University on time and was accepted. After completing his undergraduate degree in criminal justice in 1992, Ben Crump went on to earn his J.D. in 1995. His other affiliations include the Omega Psi Phi fraternity, which he has been a member of for the entirety of his life. Are you interested in knowing Ben Crump’s net worth?

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Ben Crump Personal Life

Ben Crump is the eldest of nine biological and step-sibling children who were nurtured by his grandmother throughout his childhood. Helen, his mother, was a hotel maid who also worked at a Converse shoe factory in their hometown. While growing up, Crump was sent to South Plantation High School by his mother, where he was raised by his mother’s second husband, a math teacher, who he considers to be his dad. New York City-based author and producer Brooklyn Zeta Crump is married to Genae Angelique Crump. Below you can read about Ben Crump’s estimated net worth in 2022.

Ben Crump Career

It was in the early 2000s when Benjamin Crump made his name as an artist. There was one thing that tied all of his cases together: the fact that he was representing a racially-motivated victim of assault. In 2002, he took on his first case, defending the estate of Genie McMeans Jr., a black man who had been killed by a white state policeman. Crump went on to represent a large number of high-profile clients in the following decade.

Ben Crump also handled a large number of civil cases outside of criminal ones. His support for the Flint Water crisis is an example of this. In addition, he was the principal attorney in the case against Johnson & Johnson for harming the health of the people he was representing.

Ben Crump Opens A Law Firm

After receiving so much great publicity, Ben Crump opened his own law office. Because of this company, Ben Crump has amassed such a big fortune. Ben Crump Law, PLLC is the firm’s current name, and it has been in business for many years. The firm has handled a large number of civil rights and police brutality claims to date. The business has recently battled for the rights of Asian Americans who have been the victims of unjustified public violence.

Ben Crump Net Worth Growth

Below you can read about Ben Crump’s net worth growth:

Year Income
Networth in 2021 $165 Million USD
Networth in 2020 $140 Million USD
Networth in 2019 $105 Million USD
Networth in 2018 $52 Million USD
Networth in 2017 $19 Million USD
Networth in 2016 $6 Million USD

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Ben Crump’s Net Worth

Ben Crump has a net worth of $5 million as of June 2022. Given Ben Crump’s current stage in his career, it’s realistic to assume that this number will rise significantly in the future. Ben Crump, PLLC’s stock stake and litigation compensation fees made up a considerable portion of his income.

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