Spokane Indians Beat Hillsboro 3-1 Behind Joe Rock's Seven
Spokane Indians Beat Hillsboro 3-1 Behind Joe Rock's Seven

Spokane Indians Beat Hillsboro 3-1 Behind Joe Rock’s Seven

The Spokane Indians took one on the chin Friday night, a 12-3 setback in which they allowed four home runs and 19 hits. They needed a shutdown effort on Saturday and got just that. Starter Joe Rock allowed one run over seven good innings, and Julio Carreras and Bladimir Restituyo both homered in the seventh inning as the Indians beat the Hillsboro Hops 3-1 in the fifth game of a six-game Northwest League series at Avista Stadium.

β€œThe way they came out today after yesterday, that was a really tough night for us, especially with the pitching,” Indians acting manager Julio Campos said. β€œThe way we bounced back … we came, we competed. We find a method to win this game.”

Rock (6-3) allowed four hits and a walk with three strikeouts. The 21-year-old lefty, the No. 68 overall choice in the 2021 MLB draught, threw 89 pitches, 64 for strikes.

β€œI felt great,” Rock remarked. β€œI had all three pitches working for me. That’s a huge priority for me throughout this year, so it was fantastic to come out and have three pitches functioning. β€œWe have got to get hot here, to attempt to win the first half. Coming out here and having a win, it’s a fantastic feeling.” β€œOh, man. Throwing strikes, hitting the zone. At the time, Campos gushed about Rock. With no fear of the pitch or the count I’ll throw anyplace I want.” He had a terrific time. “

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After leading off with a single, Eddy Diaz stole second base, advanced to third on a groundout, and eventually scored on a sacrifice fly by Colin Simpson for the Indians’ first run. On a Shane Muntz single, Caleb Roberts scored the equalizer for Hillsboro in the fifth inning.

Carreras’ ninth of the season came in the seventh inning when he smashed a 1-2 pitch over the wall in left-center field. Restituyo’s third of the season and a 3-1 advantage came two batters later. Carreras added, “I’m just trying to do my best to help the team win.” In order to help the team win and win games is what we’re here for. I don’t mind if we suffer a pair of setbacks consecutively. “They’ll be here tomorrow,” I assure you.

Campos remarked, “I mean, concentration, you know, try to dominate some way,” he added. In the early stages of the game, we sought to find a method to use speed and do other things. If that doesn’t happen, we’ll take the individual shots. With one out in the eighth inning, the Hops had runners at second and third. The inning ended with a double play as Tim Tawa flew out to the medium left field and Robby Martin Jr.’s throw to the plate snagged Danny Oriente.

Anderson Pilar threw two innings of shutout relief and won his first save.

Game Note

Web Gems: The third inning saw a pair of standout plays by Cristopher Navarro at third base, including a backhanded stab and solid throw, as well as a sprint across the infield on a high chop to nab an extra-base hit. Trying to stretch a single into a double, Ryan Bliss singled up the middle in the fourth when Simpson hit a line drive off the left-field wall.

Campos asserted that “the entire gang is working extremely hard every single day.” “They’re showcasing their abilities. They seem to be having a good time. I’m enjoying myself immensely as I sit in the dugout and watch those boys play.”

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Scary Sight: Ronaiker Palma was hit in the throat when he dived down to block a pitch in the dirt in the sixth inning, but he was able to get up and continue the game. Both teams’ trainers came to Palma’s aid after he went down for a while. Drew Romo took his position in the lineup when he was helped off the field.

Despite the severity of the injury, Campos reported that Palma was able to speak while he was being taken off the field. Palma was taken to the hospital as a precautionary measure and is currently being monitored.

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