Celebrity Social Media Round-Up for June 20, 2022

If you look closely at Kate Hudson’s feet, you’ll note that she’s wearing socks with her sandals, which used to be considered a “dad” faux pas but is now considered somewhat hip? It’s complicated, but I enjoy it.

Alec Baldwin and Nick Cannon each have seven children, I believe? There’s no need to tie me to this exact math. Many handmade cards there.

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When it comes to the “I’m not the stepdad, I’m the Dad who stepped up” t-shirt that Twitter loves, Blake Shelton and Russell Wilson (who is a stepfather to Ciara’s kid Future) are neck and neck in the race for the title. A lot of time has been spent by Ciara and Gwen discussing the extent to which these guys have been involved in their children’s lives (country music and football). The reaction to a celebrity’s public display of affection for their children reveals more about society than it does about the celebrity itself.

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Her latest project, Griselda, is on Griselda Blanco, one of the world’s most notorious cocaine traffickers. A production with JLo was in the works, along with other production announcements that never materialized. Her life story is fascinating and has already been made into a film (badly, by Catherine Zeta-Jones). This woman had all the makings of an epic tale: she was a gangster, cruel, and complex. Can we say that we’ve made it if the appropriate people are in place?

A party hosted by Hailey Bieber for Rhode skincare and Iris Beilin, an influencer and cosmetic artist, walked away empty-handed. That’s because Hailey wasn’t putting forth any effort. Even if Hailey has previously admitted to having anxiety, that may have played a role, there needs to be someone who can sell a product at a work event for a brand. If that’s not Hailey’s area of expertise, the brand should either stop organizing parties or find someone else to speak on the items for her.

As an example of the opposite, I once saw an extremely well-known stylist hide in the corner and declare that she needed some distance from her own party. Despite the fact that she and the rest of the staff were clearly weary, she showed up to work. As a result, when one individual is unable to perform their duties, it cascades.

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