Hill College Nursing Students Get Memorial Scholarship
Hill College Nursing Students Get Memorial Scholarship

Hill College Nursing Students Get Memorial Scholarship

Taking care of people was something Laura Montes valued while working as a nurse. For the past 20 years, the Hillsboro, Oregon, resident has worked in the healthcare industry. During the height of the Covid-19 outbreak, she continued to put in long hours at the local nursing home. Until a tragic event halted everything. Jessica Ramirez, Montes’ daughter, said, “She tested positive for Covid on Christmas Day of 2020.” “And on the 7th of February in the year 2021 she went away.” Laura was 56 years old at the time.

A $2,500 memorial award in Laura’s honor has been established with the support of her family and a kind anonymous donor who was deeply moved by Laura’s life and death. Hill College nursing students will be eligible for the scholarship. In Ramirez’s words, “With Moms Scholarship, it helps us, I don’t want to say it helps us cope. We can rest well knowing that Mama is still helping others in the same way she would if she were here.

Because future generations of healthcare professionals should carry on Laura’s efforts. “Mom would never hesitate. ‘” She was always ready to lend a helping hand. We can carry on her legacy by ensuring that everyone has the option to become a nurse if they choose to do so.”

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MCC Nursing Students Receive Anderson Scholarships

Aspiration to help others and the desire to mimic the care offered to a loved one inspired Chiquita Slaughter to pursue a career in nursing. Slaughter’s father was diagnosed with cancer as a child and died as a result of it. Her ambition to become a registered nurse was sparked by watching how hospice nurses cared for her father’s medical needs, but also provided emotional support for her mother and grandparents. In the third semester of her Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) Program at Meridian Community College, the 32-year-old Philadelphia resident is one of seven students who received Anderson Regional Health System scholarships. A $2,500 honorarium is included with each.

The Meridian-based health care system has provided scholarships to College of DuPage ADN students for 34 years. Full-time students who earn a B or better in their nursing courses and a 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale are eligible for seven Anderson scholarships this year. Personal essays and faculty evaluations are also included in the selection process.

John Anderson, CEO of Anderson Regional Health System, made the remarks at a luncheon honoring the students and their guests. In 2019, there were more than 2,000 nursing job openings in Mississippi; two years later, that figure had risen to more than 3,000. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance,” he told the students. Dr. Thomas Huebner, the president of MCC, said that the Anderson scholarship recipients are nursing students who exemplify the attributes of being tenacious, compassionate, and driven.

Single mother Slaughter, who has worked as a practical nurse for four years and as a certified nurse assistant for ten years, said the scholarship would be a huge assistance. “I won’t have to worry as much about paying for school,” says the student.

She was inspired to pursue a career in nursing after witnessing her mother and aunts caring for Heather’s great-grandmother, a 102-year-old Quitman resident, and third-semester MCC student. Streeter began her nursing career as a licensed practical nurse and a certified nursing assistant.

The Dr. Jeff Anderson Scholarship went to Slaughter. He founded Anderson Infirmary, a hospital, in 1928. Only three doctors and a small number of nurses worked at the hospital at the time which could handle 30 patients. His vision for the future and commitment to delivering high-quality medical treatment for the communities of East-Central Mississippi and West Central Alabama laid the groundwork for Anderson Regional Health System, a 400-bed medical center with over 160 doctors representing more than 38 specialties. In 2004, the award was established in Dr. Anderson’s honor.

MCC Nursing Students Receive Anderson Scholarships
MCC Nursing Students Receive Anderson Scholarships

A scholarship for Bailey resident Makayla Thompson, 19, has been presented in honor of Dr. W. J. Anderson III. In addition to being Dr. Jeff Anderson’s great-grandson, he was the son of Dr. William J. Anderson and the grandson of the hospital’s founder. Before his retirement in 1998, Dr. Anderson worked in the field of general surgery. Until his death in October 2002, Dr. Anderson served as JARMC’s president and chairman of the board. Dr. Anderson’s visionary leadership at the hospital was recognized in 2003 when this award was established in his honor.

The Reuben S. Johnson Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Abbey L. Sistrunk, 21, of Meridian. In 1947, Johnson joined Anderson Regional Medical Center, where he remained for nearly half a century. For 38 years, he served as the company’s chief executive officer and chairman of the board. He played a key role in the hospital’s successful development from a tiny infirmary into Anderson Regional Medical Center. From 1976 through 1994, Johnson functioned as an internal management consultant for the company. As a way to recognize Johnson’s many achievements, a scholarship was established in his honor in 2007.

Rodney Senseney, 26, of Meridian, was awarded the Dr. William J. Anderson Jr. Scholarships. The hospital’s founder, Dr. Jeff Anderson, was the father of Dr. Anderson. Jeff Anderson Regional Medical Center employed Dr. Anderson as a general surgeon. The scholarship was established in 1988, a year after Dr. Anderson’s death, to commemorate his many achievements.

The Dr. Jeff Hollingsworth Scholarship has been awarded to Streeter. Dr. Jeff Anderson’s grandson, Dr. Hollingsworth, was a Jackson cardiothoracic surgeon who played a key role in establishing the Meridian Cardiac Catheterization program. In 1986, Dr. Hollingsworth died. In 1988, a scholarship was established in his memory.

The William J. Gunn, Esquire, Scholarship was awarded to Meridian resident Danielle Chambliss, 26. The medical center hired Gunn in 1965 as secretary to the board of directors and general counsel. He served in these capacities until his retirement in 1992. He joined the board of directors in 1967 and served until his death in August 2001 as a devoted member. Dedicated to Mr. Gunn’s devotion to the hospital, the award was established in 2002.

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The Anderson Board of Directors Scholarship was awarded to Collinsville resident Camryn Parten, 20. Dr. Jeff Anderson’s vision of providing our region’s residents with high-quality health care is carried out in secret by the board. Each member brings a unique skill set to the table that improves patient care. Despite putting in long hours, many people receive little appreciation for their efforts. It was established in 2012 in honor of each board member’s excellent efforts.

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