Who Is Tom Cruise Dating?
Who Is Tom Cruise Dating?

Who Is Tom Cruise Dating? How Many Times Has He Been Married?

His third marriage ended in divorce from Katie Holmes, and since then he has not had a public girlfriend. Tom Cruise has always been regarded as a Hollywood hunk. After an alleged video of them on TikTok emerged, there have been rumors that the Top Gun: Maverick actor is dating reality TV star and DJ Paris Hilton.

The actor, who has previously been married three times, was also linked romantically to his Top Gun co-star Hayley Atwell, who starred alongside him in the film. Since his divorce from Katie Holmes, he has not publicly declared a new love interest. What are Tom Cruise’s rumored relationships? In this article, we are going to read about Who Is Tom Cruise Dating? his past relationships, marriage, and more.

Who Is Tom Cruise Dating?

Since his divorce from Holmes, the secretive actor has been linked to a slew of women, but none have publicly confirmed their relationships with him. Hayley Atwell, a 40-year-old Top Gun co-star, was his last rumored lover. According to reports, they had a year-long relationship but broke up in September of that year. Apparently, he was taken in by a stunning British actress just a few weeks ago, according to their reports.

She was taken on day trips in a plane that he piloted by himself, and she was swept off her feet. People have said that Tom is an “incurable romantic,” but it hasn’t stopped him from being over-the-top when he’s in love. According to reports, Paris Hilton posted a TikTok video of the two supposedly getting dressed together in June.

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Is Tom Cruise Married?

Cruise has been married three times, but he is currently single. Since his divorce from Holmes, which was finalized in 2012, the 59-year-old actor has not remarried. The following is a list of his ex-wives and the reasons for their divorce:

Mimi Rogers

In 1987, Cruise married Mimi Rogers, who appeared in Lost in Space and Austin Powers. Prior to the marriage, he had starred in Risky Business and Top Gun, both of which were critically acclaimed. Rogers is believed to have been the first person to introduce Cruise to Scientology. Her father was a founding member of the church. Their union lasted only a few years, and their divorce was finalized in the year 1990.

Despite the positive aspects of their marriage, “there were some issues that could not be resolved even after working on them for a period of time,” the couple stated in a statement regarding the breakup.

Although in a 1993 interview, Rogers revealed: “Tom was seriously considering becoming a monk. “At the time, it didn’t appear that marriage would meet his spiritual needs.” The divorce was finalized two days after Cruise met Nicole Kidman, who would later become his second wife.

Nicole Kidman

Following their meeting on the set of Days of Thunder, Cruise married Nicole Kidman (The Northman, Moulin Rouge). Isabella, 29, and Connor, 27, are the couple’s adopted children. They have been married for eleven years.

As a result of this, she was granted sole custody of their two children when she filed for divorce in February 2001. During an interview with DuJour Magazine, Kidman said: “I thought we had a wonderful life together. It took a long time for me to recover. I was taken aback by the experience.”

Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes was Cruise’s third and most recent wife (Batman Begins). Cruising up and down on Oprah’s sofa to announce their relationship, the couple began dating in 2005.

Suri was born in April of 2006, and the couple married in November of the same year that she was born. Suri’s parents divorced in 2012, and Holmes was awarded sole custody of the child. According to reports, Tom Cruise and his youngest daughter, Suri, are estranged.

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Is Tom Cruise Dating Paris Hilton?

The rumors about the couple’s relationship grew after Paris Hilton posted a video to her TikTok account showing the two gettings ready for a night on the town. In fact, a video that purports to show Cruise calling Hilton “very lovely” is a hoax.

Images have been digitally manipulated such that they appear to depict another person’s face. This is known as a “deep fake.” Miles Fisher, a Tom Cruise mimic, appears in the video. More than a million people have seen it, and tens of thousands of others have commented on it. There has been no response from either Cruise or Hilton to the footage.

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