13+ Best Anime Games You Can Play On Roblox
13+ Best Anime Games You Can Play On Roblox

13+ Best Anime Games You Can Play On Roblox

Finding a good Roblox anime game can seem like an endless quest. Among the countless options, only a select few perfectly caricature the people who served as inspiration for their topic. These 10 Roblox games indicate they have enough character and replayability to be just as wonderful even if you only have access to licensed, official anime games on a console or computer system.

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Anime Cross 2 follows a similar plot to Anime Fighting Simulator, with a focus on nearly all of the best Japanese animation. Despite the fact that you can design your own avatar, there are 60 premade avatars with unique abilities that you couldn’t get anywhere else. But this isn’t your average RPG. It’s mostly a team-based game, but there are also a number of single-player options and a battle royale mode to keep things interesting. All in all, this is the best anime game out there with a lot to offer.



A lover of the Bleach series should definitely check it out. This is a brand-new RPG that aims to appeal to a wide range of gamers with a variety of show-inspired moves and weaponry. The thrill of leaping from rooftops and swinging swords at hordes of opponents can be addictive. Many Worlds’ backstory, on the other hand, will be most intriguing to Bleach aficionados.



In the future, this game will be a lot higher up on the list, but it hasn’t been out long enough to iron out some major flaws. Despite this, he still managed to amass over 400 million views on YouTube. A large part of the game’s appeal is that players may design their avatars to look like their favorite anime characters and compete in online tournaments. Every month, fresh content is introduced to the game to ensure the best possible user experience.



Although it is based on Tokyo Ghoul, the game is a police and robbers-themed RPG. During the ghouls’ attempts to devour human NPCs, the CCG group is called upon. Players can join either of these groups and achieving the objectives will boost your reputation and raise your power, elevating you to the position of leader in your particular group. This Roblox anime game is by far the darkest and most distinctive.



Yes, Attack on Titan: Liberty is a fantastic video game with fantastic lore. However, the number of players is dwindling as more and more people turn to Attack on Titan: Downfall for entertainment. The game is a respectable replacement that has fewer problems and more fluid attacks. Defending a city from an enormous, fearsome Titan is what you and your fellow online players must do to earn XP and upgrade your weaponry.

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Anime High School is a great choice if you’re searching for something a little more lighthearted. You will not, however, be required to take any kind of test. There are several references to popular anime series in the large school, making it an ideal playground for troublemakers.



A game like Heroes Online, which was also inspired by my Academy of Heroes, emphasizes teamwork and the development of each player’s character to their full potential. RPG elements like as upgradeable weaponry and a complicated leveling system are present in this game. Partying up with pals is also an option throughout the game’s 35 main quests.



Swordburst 2 is definitely a better depiction of the franchise than the online Sword Art games. There are swords to be found, characters to be leveled up, and a 100-story layout to be created, all of which are based on the show’s plot. Fighting NPCs and asking inquiries about the map is worth it even if combat isn’t as slick as in other games.



In spite of being established almost a decade ago, Hero Academy Tempest appears to have no intention of slowing down. People on the server are always there, although they’re not the most welcoming. Because the game is based on the TV show, players can choose to play as either a hero or a villain and then go on quests against the opposing side of the conflict. There are numerous objectives to choose from in the RPG, as well as a rich skill tree that allows players to customize their arsenal of weapons.



A roster of anime characters would be incomplete without a mention of Dragon Ball Z. Dragon Blox Ultimate has been visited by over 90 million people, making it the ultimate Dragon Ball Z and Roblox crossover game. In terms of his appearance, there isn’t much of a distinction between what’s on-screen and what’s real. On top of that, there are a lot of famous faces on the huge map inside.


11. Shindo Life

Shindo Life is an anime-themed video game in which you can travel the world and combat with pals. In comparison to other Roblox experiences, Shindo Life has a lot more punch, offering a wide selection of powers and stats.

The colors and graphics are adequate, and the palette is appealing.

Runners and fliers alike can take advantage of the area’s abundance of loot. Shindo Life never becomes dull or monotonous because of all the different ways you can explore and fight in the game.

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12. Project Clover 2

Many of the claims made in the title are accurate; you won’t find them anywhere else, and as a result, it’s considered one of the best Roblox anime titles. There’s a lot of customization and combat in this game that you won’t find anywhere else. The layout, building design, and landscape of the game are all excellent visual parts of the game. The somber tone is eerily reminiscent of the anime’s own.


13. Troublesome Battlegrounds 2

Stadium battling games like this one are based on games like Grand Piece Online and Mother: The Promised Neverland, but they have other game styles including training mode and competitive mode. There will always be unstructured play in which the standard mode can be accessed. There are 10 canon characters that may be purchased as heroes in the game. There are six unique abilities, five of which are primary sources of power and one of which is ultimate.

With various skills to learn and an overpowering assault group at your disposal, there’s no doubt you’ll be well-equipped to take down your enemies. You’ll have a fantastic time exploring the vast territory, which is home to a slew of eye-catching quests.


14. Demon Slayer RPG 2

In the sequel to the hit anime and manga series Demon Slayer, the choice is between slaying demons and leaving humanity. Exploring the game’s vast globe is just as important as mastering the game’s challenging battle systems.

Players are more likely to keep grinding and gaining new abilities and skills as they go through the game thanks to well-designed creatures and a pleasant progression system. There are numerous levels in the RPG anime game that unlock beneficial abilities, as well as demons that are trapped at a certain level and grant useful abilities as a reward.

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