Richard Dale Dirks Died On 15 June
Richard Dale Dirks Died On 15 June

Richard Dale Dirks Died On 15 June

At Salem Home in Hillsboro, Richard Dale Dirks, who was 83 years old, died on June 15, 2022. On Saturday, June 18, 2022, at 11 a.m., Pastor Jose Eston will officiate a Celebration of Life Service at Durham Baptist Church in Durham.

On Friday, from 5-7 p.m. aΒ Home in Hillsboro, the fat Jost Funeralmily will be welcoming visitors. Durham Baptist Church or Hillsboro Senior Center may be supported through donations sent to the funeral home’s PO Box 266 in Hillsboro, Kansas 67063. In Hillsboro, he was born on January 24, 1939, to Irvin and Margaret (Unruh) Dirks. On October 27, 1990, he tied the knot with Kathy Hall in McPherson.

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Daughters Colleen (Doug) Weinbrenner of Hillsboro and Sheri Lynn Wilson of Squeatady, New York also survive as do their sons Shon (Kim) Buster of Galva and Heath Wayne Buster of Centennial, Colorado; a sister, Theresa (Ray) Remmers of Hillsboro; 13 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren. The Funeral Bulletin’s Life Sketch. After a brief battle with cancer, Richard Dale Dirks, 83, passed on to be with his heavenly Father on June 15, 2022.

Irvin and Margaret Dirks welcomed Richard into the world on January 24, 1939, at Salem Hospital in Hillsboro, Kansas. Richard, the second of three children, grew up on the family farm near Durham, Kansas, where he spent his childhood. He was a big fan of his family’s weekly musical talent show at home, which he participated in often. Richard learned to sing and play steel and bass guitars, as well as his beloved harmonica, as a child. His love of music would last the rest of his life. Richard was baptized as a child at Fredenstal (Central Heights) Church, where he came to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

Richard grew up with a strong affinity for the great outdoors, and he spent a lot of time outdoors as a child, participating in activities such as farming, fishing, hunting, and trapping. Although he was only a few years old, Richard had already developed an interest in automobiles. Many hours were spent helping him restore his beloved cars, a passion that he would continue to pursue for the rest of his life with his sister Theresa. In addition to his academic pursuits, he loved participating in athletics at Durham High School, especially basketball.

Aside from working on the family farm and as a custom harvester, Richard spent several years at various jobs until joining Donahue Corporation, a trailer manufacturing company in Durham, Kansas where he eventually became the plant manager. He kept up his secondary job of farming. After 43 years with Donahue Corporation, Richard retired, but he continued to work on his antique vehicles, roll barb wire balls, and participate in a variety of community events even after his retirement.

He particularly enjoyed performing in the band at the Hillsboro Senior Center and serving on the Museum Board of the Hillsboro, Oregon Museum. The first of Hillsboro’s summer cruise nights on Main was an opportunity too good to pass up for Richard, who proudly showed off his cherished yellow 1931 Ford and brought Kathy along for the ride. Richard also enjoyed his regular Wendy’s coffee breaks with his friends in Hillsboro, who would taunt him by grabbing his pliers and passing them around until he found that the pliers had been stolen.

Colleen and Sheri, his two children from his first marriage to Patricia (Kaiser) Ford, were his pride and joy. Seeing them flourish in the Durham and Hillsboro neighborhoods warmed his heart. For Colleen and Sheri, Richard was the best father a child could have asked for.

On October 27, 1990, Richard was united in marriage to the woman he adored, Kathy Buster. Since then, they’ve been inseparable, showering blessings on friends, family, and the neighborhood. When Richard and Kathy were married they were able to provide unconditional love and inspiration to their four children, 13 grandchildren, and 12 great-grandchildren. In addition to Richard and Kathy, Theresa Remmers and her husband Ray were a special part of Richard’s family. For many years, the couples had a Friday night dinner together. For many years, Ray was Richard’s hunting and fishing companion.

Richard had a zest for life that he carried with him to the end, and it was evident in his never-ending grin and sense of humor. He was a master of pranks and practical jokes, and he will be remembered by numerous people who were the recipients of his pranks.

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His parents and sister Joan Donahue died before him, as did his father and mother. Besides his wife Kathy, he is survived by his daughters Colleen (Doug) Weinbrenner and Sheri Wilson (Sue Valerian) of Hillsboro, KS, and his sons Shon (Kim) Buster of Galva and Heath Buster of Centennial, CO, as well as numerous nieces and nephews. In addition, he leaves behind 13 grandchildren: Tyler Weinbrenner of Hillsboro, KS, Eric Weinbrenner of Wichita, KS, Audrey Ford of Highlands Ranch, CO, Candace Jost of Hesston, KS, Brett Weinbrenner of Wichita, KS, Jenna Weinbrenner of Wichita, KS, Emily Kalloniatis of Colorado Springs, CO, Quinn Wilson of Los Angeles, CA.

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