Legacy List With Matt Paxton Films In Hillsboro
Legacy List With Matt Paxton Films In Hillsboro

Legacy List With Matt Paxton Films In Hillsboro

A home in Hillsboro was the setting for filming a public television series called β€œLegacy List with Matt Paxton” last week at the home of Cheryl and Stephen Caldwell. After becoming fans of the show, the Caldwells approached the production to see if they would be interested in documenting the process of selling their 30-year-old home.

Paxton is well-known for his television show β€œHoarders,” which lasted for 15 seasons and he has been filming β€œLegacy List” for four seasons. Each episode depicts one family’s experience of sorting through a lifetime of memories. It’s all about uncovering and rediscovering forgotten treasure, he explained to the Times-Mirror while on the set the week before last.

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To prepare for the shoot, Paxton invites each family to compile a “legacy list” of essentials that aren’t currently in the house but about which they’d like to learn more. Each object that is uncovered and discussed with the family about its significance is shown in the episode.

The show is not only about the process of downsizing, Paxton added, but it is also about the difficulty of holding onto the past and embracing the future. β€œI adore chatting to people. Everyone’s tale is different,” he noted. Paxton found some priceless mementos of his family’s past in Hillsboro.

According to him, “our mission is to help get rid of things and reveal tales.” β€œWhat’s unusual is we are learning so much about their family and history. Viewers adore it because you find out intriguing things about people and experience great regions of the country.” Cheryl Caldwell said she has followed Legacy List since it started and since they are in the process of retiring and downsizing, she thought their property would be a wonderful fit for the show.

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β€œMy spouse is a retired U.S. Navy and American Airlines pilot and a collector of things. We never threw anything out. As she put it, “we retained them because they had special meaning to us.” β€œThe crew said they found everything on our legacy list and more. This has been a terrific experience and they have provided us great advice.”

Next season’s episodes of Legacy List will premiere in January 2023 on PBS.

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