Spokane Indians Beat Hillsboro 9-2 On Zac Veen's Two Homers
Spokane Indians Beat Hillsboro 9-2 On Zac Veen's Two Homers

Spokane Indians Beat Hillsboro 9-2 On Zac Veen’s Two Homers

Despite being ranked No. 29 overall in the minor levels, every talent has its ups and downs. Zac Veen, the top prospect for the Colorado Rockies, is no exception. At the start of Tuesday’s game, the 20-year-old had only two extra-base hits in 46 plate appearances in June, with a.180/.304/.232 batting average. Veen, if anyone, was ripe for the picking.

He managed to get himself free. The first game in the six-game Northwest League series: Spokane Indians vs. Hillsboro Hops, 9-2. Veen homered twice, including a three-run bomb in the second inning. “It was a much-needed victory,” remarked Veen. “And I think we did our part on both sides of the ball.” The rest of the week will be a continuation of our current momentum. Veen isn’t the type to wallow in failure or failures.

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“Last week, I felt like I hit some balls hard, just right at them,” he added, referring to the week prior. “It was satisfying to witness them plummet, and plummet they did. As a result, “It was a fantastic game.” Manager Scott Little remarked, “I’m not too worried about (Veen’s) slump.” “He’s not bothered. Every day, the same guy is out there. Observing him is a blast! “He got into a couple of fights tonight,” he said. Even in Low-A last year, Veen believes he has evolved in his attitude.

After a rocky start to the season in which he “got away from what’s truly important in the game and that is just playing hard every day and everything else falls into place,” Veen says he’s now back on track. If you get two lucky hits one day, you might line out four times the next. The Indians (29-27) broke through in the bottom of the first inning after starting pitcher Mike Ruff (5-4) had a 1-2-3 inning. Grant Lavigne’s line-drive single scored Eddy Diaz after he walked with one out and advanced to second on an infield error.

Julio Carreras walked to start the second and scored on a Robby Martin Jr. double for the Indians. Martin was promoted to third place after the throw-in went awry. Diaz was hit by a pitch before the Rockies, who drafted Veen in the first round of 2020, saw his power, and sent a three-run home run into the right-center field bleachers for a 5-0 advantage.

Carreras’ sacrifice fly gave Lavigne the go-ahead run in the third. In the fifth, Veen put the game away with a solo shot to the other field. In their ninth straight defeat, the Hops slipped to 26-30.

Game Notes

Home Cookin: After a five-game losing streak on the road, the Indians returned to winning ways at home. At Avista Stadium, Spokane is 18-8, while on the road, they are 11-19.

Ruff stated, “It’s great to be back.” “Yeah, that was a difficult road trip. The two-week stay in Spokane will allow us to experience the city a little more.” It would have been six or seven wins if “we had not self-destructed a few times,” Little added. “It’s just the nature of the game.” No way were we going to beat them. It’s nice to be back in this place. And, by the way, I thought the kids played well tonight.”

Calm Down: Ruff ran into difficulty in the third inning with runners on first and second and no way out. Drew Romo stepped out to have a discussion, and Ruff returned to finish the inning without a hit. Romo reminded Ruff, “Let’s just continue with that plan,” Ruff said. “We had an excellent plan before the game and (Romo) just got me back to that plan,” Ruff added. “Don’t get too excited, you know. “Just do what we spoke about for the game,” he said.

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Ruff Finish: There were no scores until the sixth when Ruff gave up a solo homer, two walks, and a double off the wall. In Ruff’s opinion, “I think I made a few mistakes with certain pitches, but I don’t think I ran out of gas.” Just a few bad pitches robbed me of my confidence, but I still thought I had the ability to succeed.”

Ruff pitched six innings, surrendering two runs on four hits and three walks while striking out four batters.

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