First Hillsboro Symphony Orchestra Concert Since 2019
First Hillsboro Symphony Orchestra Concert Since 2019

First Hillsboro Symphony Orchestra Concert Since 2019

The performance on June 25 will showcase Native American music and is a celebration of the Pacific Northwest. The summer concert is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. Saturday, June 25. It will be hosted at the Hidden Creek Community Center, located at 5100 N.E. Hidden Creek Drive in Hillsboro. A news announcement from the orchestra adds that the unique performance will include Robin Gentlewolf, an award-winning Native American flutist.

Her work is defined as “a unique blend of indigenous ornamentation and modern techniques with sincere feelings.” The announcement adds: “The message of her craft is simple and clear: Be good to the land and kind to each other.” Gentlewolf, better known by her stage as “RG,” has won multiple prizes for her flute albums, including three Silver Global Music Awards and a One World Music Award for Best Native American Music Album of the Year.

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The Native American flute is a topic she frequently teaches in multimedia presentations at local universities and schools. Momentum Suite by Ron Jones, Dave Robertson’s “Saddle Sores,” Jeffrey Olenick’s Symphony No. 3 ‘Renewal’, and Clement Reid’s “Northwest Fanfare for Orchestra” will also be performed by the orchestra.

Sharon Northe will direct the concert. Tickets can be purchased online or at the event. Ticket prices start at $12, although students and the elderly are eligible for a discount. Because all tickets will be distributed on-site, online purchasers must bring their receipts to the location where their tickets were purchased.

The Hillsboro Symphony Orchestra was created in 2001 as a 501 non-profit corporation. Donations to the Hillsboro Symphony Orchestra are tax-deductible due to the fact that all of the musicians are unpaid volunteers.

Customers and corporations can sponsor certain orchestra chairs to guarantee that musicians are adequately compensated for their labor, and donations are tax-deductible.


The premiere concert of the Hillsboro Symphony Orchestra was held on November 16, 2001. It wasn’t until the second rehearsal in November that the group learned who would be leading the group and what music they would perform in just two months.

The common love of music was what brought this group of amateurs together. Amateur musicians from all around Washington County came together to join the Washington County Symphony Orchestra (HSO), which aims to make classical music more readily available to the general public.

Among the orchestra’s members were musicians ranging in age from teenagers to retirees, as well as physicians, engineers, and stay-at-home parents, all of whom shared a love of symphonic music.

Stefan Minde conducted the newly established HSO in their debut performance at Thomas Middle School. It may have been a modest audience, but it was the beginning of an ever-growing community orchestra that now has nearly 80 members. A series of three performances a year: a Fall, Winter, and Spring program, has been offered to the community since that first concert, allowing local musicians and the general public to enjoy a wide variety of symphonic music at a reasonable price. Most of the HSO’s musicians love to play and perform, but they can’t afford to play in an orchestra otherwise because they volunteer their time and skills while also working full-time.

Orchestra members of all ages and backgrounds, as well as those from a wide range of experiences, come together to play and improve their skills, creating a diverse musical experience for an audience of all ages.

Delaware Symphony Orchestra

Delaware Symphony Orchestra
Delaware Symphony Orchestra

Delaware Symphony Orchestra returns for the first time in three years after being sidelined by the flu pandemic. In fact, the season will begin in the fall,” says the project’s creators “David Amado, the director of music, stated this.

“And we’re going to plan everything out and put together this story arc. Assuming all goes well, we won’t have to undertake any more hoop-jumping or slalom skiing like we have to date.” Amado is celebrating his 20th season with the symphony this year. A lot of the work that was done years ago is now being revisited, according to him. “Taking a look back at the things I was thinking about, appreciating, and worrying over 20 years ago and how much I’ve changed is fascinating, he added.

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Music from Hollywood blockbusters like “Harry Potter” and “The Magnificent Seven” will also be featured at this year’s festival. Cape Henlopen High School will host a concert this season as the band returns to Sussex County. Beginning in the month of September in 2022-23, there will be a new football season.

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