Dollhouse Creepy Celebrity Sisters Prank 'AGT'
Dollhouse Creepy Celebrity Sisters Prank 'AGT'

Dollhouse: Creepy Celebrity Sisters Prank ‘AGT’

Simon Cowell’s prank on America’s Got Talent co-star Sofia Vergara nearly killed him last season when he pretended to be fatally wounded by an arrow and nearly scared her to death. After pranking the audience, the “contestant” on this week’s episode of American Idol was an expert in his craft because he had been on the AGT set many times before.

Monique and Stefani, known as Duo Rag Dolls, appeared on stage during the third auditions episode of America’s Got Talent Season 17 on Tuesday, looking like the ugly stepsisters of Melanie Martinez or Sally from The Night Before Christmas, with their Harajuku Girl pinafores, Crystal Methyd-from-Drag Race clown paint, and pastel Sia wigs, as well as Kardashianesque vocal fry.

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It’s safe to say that the self-styled “ultimate influencers” piqued the judges’ interest with their hushed assurances that “what we do is very creatively beautiful and extremely unique” and “like Broadway.” Because of this, when they started dancing around the stage to Britney Spears’s “Toxic” with their enormous lollipops, they received four red Xs and a chorus of audience boos from the judges. Consequently, the bizarre duo was disqualified from the competition.

Last night, rehearsals would have been better if someone showed up, Stefani complained in a passive-aggressive way, pointing the finger of blame at her lavender-wigged bestie. Even though Monique admitted that she was “a little off” during Duo Rag Dolls’ “childish” routine, she insisted that she wasn’t to blame. What a disgrace you were.” Stefani shot back, “You were absolutely terrible,” and the two of them began tossing each other around like rag dolls. They had finally found a way to make their act enjoyable.

“Was that extreme enough for you?” one of the girls yelled at Simon as the wigs flew and the girls tumbled out into the audience, body-slamming themselves onto the judging desk and setting off Simon’s red buzzer repeatedly. That’s when Simon realized the Duo Rag Dolls were former AGT: Extreme judge Nikki Bella and her twin sister, fellow WWE wrestler Brie Bella, in a big reveal worthy of The Masked Singer.

To the amusement of Simon, the two of them changed their no’s to yes’s. A Las Vegas tourist would have been delighted to watch the Bratz-clad Bella Twins, dressed as dolls, brutally beat each other to a pastel-pink pulp in front of him or her. Sadly, this was all a hoax. What a million-dollar show this was.

Obviously, Duo Rag Dolls will not be moving on to the next round, but there was a living doll who was even more terrifying: In the UK, Harper Akudama, a ten-year-old metal, and screamo singer who at first appeared angelic unleashed the impressively terrifying voice of a monster when she opened her mouth (or Cookie Monster). “Wow, that was really clever. Simon, a self-described metalhead, remarked, “It was like watching a mouse transform into a vampire bat.

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In the end, Harper was one of the young artists Simon dubbed “the Harry Styles of dance,” along with 18-year-old Australian contemporary dancer Max Ostler and 13-year-old Eurovision Junior/The Voice Poland alumnus Sara James, who won Simon’s Golden Buzzer award for their performances. Only Heidi’s and Sofia’s Golden Buzzers remain in play, so tune in next Tuesday to see if any other mystery celebrities show up in Raggedy Annie’s disguise and compete for their Golden Buzzers!

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