Reflection Is Inseparable From Surfing Lessons
Reflection Is Inseparable From Surfing Lessons

Reflection Is Inseparable From Surfing Lessons

My brother Tyler and I took a day trip to the Oregon coast last week to learn how to surf from the ground up. It didn’t just sports abilities that I gained from our class, but also insight that would help me deal more effectively with life’s obstacles. A trip to Oregon’s coast in 2022 has given me three crucial points to remember.

Appreciate how insignificant the perceived obstacles really are. As a child, I thought surfing on the Oregon coast was reserved for the bravest of souls, those who were unfazed by the chilly conditions. This feature of the surroundings severely limited my ability to participate in the activity. Wetsuits were useful, but I doubted they would be able to withstand the ocean’s frigid temperatures. I was completely off base.

I was unfazed by the water’s temperature throughout our lesson. In addition to keeping me dry, the wetsuit efficiently sealed off every part of my skin, retaining my body’s heat for the duration of the dive.

Although the Oregon coast’s sea temperatures were a significant obstacle, their impact was revealed to be negligible. Actually, there was no need to avoid participating in the event.

Instead of being fueled by envy, let competition fuel your aspirations. Having my brother join me in learning to surf created a competitive atmosphere.

Our primary objective when learning to skate was to remain upright on the board while maintaining our balance. Both of us had a hard time with it. Tyler, on the other hand, completed the work first. My energy was diverted away from being overwhelmed by envy at the sight and instead went toward sharpening my concentration. After that, I was already on my board.

Because we were motivated by a desire to outdo each other rather than jealousy, we both made great strides in the remaining portion of the course.

Recognize the significance of laying a solid foundation for future success. As an introduction to surfing, this session was designed to teach the core skills needed to progress further in the sport. In order to ensure that we would succeed in future surfing ventures, we took our time and made sure that we were creating the right habits and muscle memory. The importance of understanding the fundamentals was highlighted by our instructor. For most of our time in the water, we stayed in waist-deep water and practiced rising to our feet with little waves.

My brother and I recognized the need of laying a solid basis for our future professional development. In addition, we learned that a successful firm demands a significant investment of time and work in the beginning. On the first day, no one should be surfing mavericks.

When I decided to sign up for surf lessons, I had hopes of discovering a new passion. I never expected to leave with a better understanding of how to deal with life’s varied problems.

“A Great Day In The Stoke” Helps Black Surfers Ponder and Rejuvenate

The free event, which was originally slated for October 2021, was rescheduled to this summer due to a crude oil spill that occurred off the coast of the beach last fall. In addition to honoring Sharon Schaffer and Tony Corley, “A Great Day in the Stoke” featured a surfing competition, beach yoga, and surfing lessons on the beach.

When Black surfers conducted “paddle-outs” to remember dead Black individuals like George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor, who was fatally shot by police in the 2020s racial reckoning, Fluellen came up with the idea for the event. However, the event’s inspiration goes far further back than that.

While growing up in Chicago, Fluellen heard people remark that black people couldn’t swim. “When I became an adult I started hearing people stating that black people couldn’t swim,” Fluellen, a 10-month-old swimmer from the city, said. On his show, “World Wide Nate: African Adventures,” he flew to South Africa, where he showed footage of Zulu people who could swim and surf to dispel this notion.

Originally, Fluellen said, she began surfing lessons at Venice Beach so she could appear on camera. “It was love at first surf,” Fluellen added. When I was a kid, it was something I’d always wanted to do, but I didn’t see anyone who looked like me doing it.

Divinity Women surfers, like Gaines, face an additional set of challenges. The dancer from New Jersey isn’t bothered by the fact that she’s the only one. Gaines stated that she surfs in memory of her deceased brother. Every Sunday, her mother would take them to the beach, and she quickly developed a passion for the water.

She’d previously met Fluellen and chose to enter the tournament because of their friendship. In contrast, the waves soothe rather than frighten.

Why should I live in fear, I ask myself? Gaines was quoted as saying. “Freedom is on the other side of fear.” That kind of freedom is almost infantile. When Schaffer was a young girl, swimming with her sisters in Los Angeles, racism wasn’t something she thought about. Her father wanted to teach them that black girls could participate in sports other than basketball and track and field.

It was Schaffer’s goal to “bring love and joy and our wonderful Blackness to the water” with the song “A Great Day in the Stoke.” Due to a recent injury, Schaffer has taken a break from surfing. Her mental health has been affected by her absence from the sport. In her opinion, surfing is a way to purify one’s soul and reinvigorate one’s spirit.

The “Grown-ish” actor Trevor Jackson, who also happens to be a surfer, spoke at the event on how his first wave altered his life. He is able to disconnect from the rest of the world thanks to the tranquility of the water.

“It’s my time to unplug,” Jackson explained. “It’s a break from my phone. ” Get a break from the daily grind.”

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