TimTheTatman Net Worth Youtube, and Twitch Earnings
TimTheTatman Net Worth Youtube, and Twitch Earnings

TimTheTatman Net Worth YouTube, and Twitch Earnings

Timothy John Betar(born April 8, 1990), better known as TimTheTatman, is an American live streamer and internet personality on YouTube. In this article, we are going to talk about TimTheTatman net worth, youtube, and twitch earnings.

How Does TimTheTatman Make Money?

TimTheTatman is a popular streamer, YouTuber, and businessman. Tim used to be one of the most-subscribed Twitch Streamers before he moved on to YouTube after signing an exclusive contract. Hereโ€™s a little run-down of how TimTheTatman makes money.

TimTheTatman Twitch Earnings

Previously, TimTheTatman made an income from Twitch through Subscriptions, Donations, and Advertisements. He continues to make a similar income from YouTubeโ€™s streaming platform. Just like Twitch, YouTube has a subscriber-like model, a way of donating, and in-stream advertisements.

How Much Money Does TimTheTatmanย  From Twitch?

Before he left Twitch for YouTube, TimTheTatman made an estimated $130,000 per month from streaming on Twitch.

From Twitch Subscribers

We calculated TimTheTatman’s monthly Twitch revenue at $122,500 USD, assuming he makes a net worth$3.50 per subscriber.

From Twitch Advertisement

Considering a $10 CPM we estimated that TimTheTatman made a net worth of $300 per stream or $4500 per month.

From Donations

Estimating donations on Twitch is always a bit hard but we estimated that someone with TimTheTatmans viewer base made around net worth of $4000 from donations every month.

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TimTheTatman Youtube Earnings

As of right now, TimTheTatman makes money from YouTube in three different ways:

  • He has an exclusive contract with the platform meaning that they pay him to stream on their platform.
  • He earns a good deal of money from advertisements on his YouTube videos.
  • He streams on YouTube which means he has an income from in-stream advertisements, donations, and channel memberships.

TimTheTatmanโ€™s YouTube channel has 4.4 million subscribers. He uploads once a day and has at least 400k viewers on each of his videos.

How Much Money Does TimTheTatman Make From Youtube?

How Much Money Does TimTheTatman Make From Youtube?
How Much Money Does TimTheTatman Make From Youtube?

Twitch made a lot of money for TimTheTatman. As a result, YouTube had to shell out a significant sum of money to secure an exclusive contract with TimTheTatman. TimTheTatman used to earn an estimated net worth of $130,000 per month from Twitch, as detailed in our section on Twitch earnings. The majority of this money came in from Subscriptions.

Channel Membership on YouTube is akin to Twitch’s subscriptions. Unfortunately, YouTube streaming lacks Twitch Tracker’s ability to track viewers and subscribers. So our estimations of how much TimTheTatman makes on YouTube will not be as accurate.

For a variety of reasons, such as the Twitch culture, Amazon Prime subscribers, and the fact that Twitch has a larger audience than YouTube in general, viewers on Twitch are more likely to become subscribers. YouTube streamers keep 70 percent of their earnings.

So if TimTheTatman has half the number of memberships he had on Twitch (35,000), TimTheTatman would still make about $61,500 per month from channel memberships
We’ve calculated that TimTheTatman makes around net worth of $70,000 per month from YouTube streaming, even before factoring in in-stream advertisements.

While this is a significant drop from Tim’s Twitch earnings, it’s important to remember that this is NOT including the fees that Twitch charges him to stream on their platform. If those earnings are taken into account, TimTheTatman is making significantly more money now than he was when he was streaming on Twitch.

Advertisement On Youtube

According to Social Blade, TimTheTatman has an average of $18 million monthly video views on his YouTube channel. Considering a $3 CPM, we estimate that TimTheTatman makes an estimated net worth of $54,000 per month from advertisements on YouTube.

TimTheTatman Sponsorship, and Brands Deals

  • In August 2021, TimTheTatman became the first Gaming Global Ambassador for Herman Miller chairs.
  • In July 2021, the MLB paid TimThetatman to stream a watch party on Twitch.
  • In July 2021, TimTheTatman partnered with HyperX Gaming.
  • Bud Light commercials can frequently be seen during TimTheTatman’s streams.
  • These are just a limited number of the brand deals and sponsorships TimTheTatman has seen over the years. Other sponsors weโ€™ve seen pass by are Razer, NZXT, LG, and more.
  • Tim has even appeared in Superbowl ads.

Considering how big of a name TimTheTatman has become, these brand deals have likely added a nice chunk to his overall net worth.

How Much Money Does TimTheTatman Make Per Month?

TimTheTatman earns an estimated net worth of $124,000 per month by streaming and advertising his videos on YouTube. Of course, this estimation does NOT include any money TimTheTatman makes from sponsorships and brand deals, his merch store, donations, investments, and other income sources.

Considering how big Timโ€™s personal brand is, he likely makes the large majority of his earnings from his brand and his streaming/youtube income is just the tip of the iceberg.

TimTheTatman Career

TimTheTatman started his Twitch streaming career in 2012 first playing games such as CS: GO and Call of Duty. His YouTube channel was created 1 year earlier in 2011. By 2014, his Twitch channel had amassed a viewer base big enough so that he could become a full-time streamer. At the time, he was streaming to around 6000 people.

When Overwatch came around in 2016, Timothy hopped onto the game and quickly became one of the biggest streamers playing Overwatch. He was frequently seen playing with other big names such as xQc. More than 14,000 people were simultaneously watching TimTheTatman during this time period.

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But then Fortnite was released in 2017 and Tim who was now a bit bored of Overwatch quickly hopped on this new game and it paid off big for him. As Fortnite grew in popularity, he and his co-stars Ninja and Dr. Lupo saw their fan base explode. In July of 2020, Tim joined the WME, a Hollywood Talent Agency as part of a growing trend of talent agencies signing streaming and gaming personalities.

By 2021, TimTheTatman had become a juggernaut streamer who streamed to more than 30,000 people daily on his Twitch channel. TimTheTatman joined Complexity Gaming as a brand partner and partial owner in September 2021. In that same month, TimTheTatman left Twitch for YouTube after signing an exclusive contract with the platform.

TimTheTatman Net Worth

TimTheTatman has an estimated net worth of $10,000,000 USD.

TimTheTatman Esports Earnings

While Timothy Betar isnโ€™t exactly a professional gamer, he has participated in tournaments for games such as Fortnite, COD: Warzone, and Fall Guys. TimTheTatman has earned a net worth of $55,955.84 in tournament winnings.

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