P Valley Season 2 Episode 2 Release Date, Cast, and Recap
P Valley Season 2 Episode 2 Release Date, Cast, and Recap

P Valley Season 2 Episode 2 Release Date, Cast, and Recap

We saw in the season premiere that Hailey wanted to try out new actors for The Pynk, much to Mercedes’ dismay, and the episode “Seven Pounds of Pressure” makes good use of that plot point to bring in some fresh faces. Big Bone was hand-picked by Mercedes – to the dismay of everyone else – as the bartender because she has the proper look. Whisper and Roulette were employed as pole dancers. Even if you disagree, it’s difficult to conceive that the internal politics of this organization will stand up to the scrutiny that is sure to come. Here we are going to talk about P Valley Season 2 Episode 2 release date, cast, and more.

P Valley Season 2 Episode 2 Release Date

P-Valley Season 2 Episode 2 will air on Sunday, June 12th around 10:00 pm Eastern Time, or 2:00 pm Pacific Time (GMT). Amazon Prime Video, in particular, drops episodes rapidly after airing, so keep an eye out for them there. Give the content producers, however, some breathing room so they can get those episodes available.

It is predicted that Episode 2 will last approximately 58 minutes. Subtitling is also expected to be available at the time of publication (especially for those watching from Prime Video).

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P Valley Season 2 Episode 2 Cast

P Valley Season 2 Episode 2 Cast
P Valley Season 2 Episode 2 Cast

Brandee Evans As Mercedes

As the major character in the Starz drama P-Valley, Brandee Evans (born June 2, 1985) has amassed an impressive body of work as both an actress and a choreographer.

Nicco Annan As Uncle Clifford

Actor, dancer, and choreographer Nicco Annan is an American. P-Valley, an adaption of the Katori Hall play Pussy Valley in which Annan played Uncle Clifford, made him famous for his depiction of Uncle Clifford.

Shannon Thornton As  Miss Mississippi

actress Shannon Thornton, noted for her work on the films FBI (2019), The Week Of (2001), and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999).

Other Members

  • Elarica Johnson As Autumn Night
  • Skyler Joy As Gidget

P Valley Season 2 Episode 2 Recap

The majority of “Seven Pounds of Pressure” focuses on the storylines introduced in the premiere. Since she owns the majority ownership share, Hailey may be open to considering selling The Pynk, and Andre and Corbin are leading the charge on that front. It’s clear that Hailey and the rest of the staff aren’t on the same page when she moves the club’s re-opening date forward to coincide with Uncle Clifford’s birthday, which is a big no-no.

With everything in mind, there’s still the possibility that Andre may be the next mayor of New York City, as we prophesied earlier this year. Tydell, whom he has been named executor of his estate, even tells him that he could one day become president if he wanted. For the rest of the season, it makes sense to retain Andre tied to Chucalissa.

Lil Murder’s tour is another ongoing topic. It takes up a significant portion of this episode as Keyshawn makes numerous attempts to persuade Derrick to let her participate, which is a must given that the entire event has been planned around her huge appeal, but you know how Derrick is. After the Sheriff indicated he worked at the dollar store, which Derrick matched with the updates he received on his phone about Keyshawn’s location, Diamond came up with the pretext of “screaming at her” as a reason for her dismissal from the business.

When all the blood in his body has been diverted to different parts of his body, he’s less likely to think clearly. He eventually lets Keyshawn go on tour because he’s a maniac, but he’s not the only one. To top it off, Miss Ernestine and Lil Murda swing by Uncle Clifford’s residence to leave a note for each other.

P Valley Season 2 Episode 3 Release Date

The Dirty Dozen will premiere on Starz on Sunday, June 19 at 10 p.m. ET/PT. The third of ten planned episodes will air between now and August 5, 2022.

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When and Where Can I See P-Valley On TV?

P-Valley can be viewed on Starz’s cable network as well as online. On Amazon Prime, the episode can be viewed digitally via the STARZ Play App, as well as an extension on Hulu for those in the US and UK (the USA only).

P Valley Season 2 Episode 2 Trailer

Let’s watch P Valley Season 2 Episode 2 trailer here:

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