Apex Season 8: Release Date Status, Characters, Game Weapons and More

Β Apex Season 8 is rapidly approaching, and we now have a release date and some information about the new Legend, Walter ‘Fuse’ Fitzroy. Expect a new Legend to join the fray, along with changes to Apex Legends’Β  Season 4 weapon tier system and other balancing measures.

A new terrain, Olympus, and vehicles were introduced to the battle royale game in Season 7, which featured the astrophysicist and gravitational specialist Horizon. Many players in the Apex Legends community wondered when King’s Canyon would return to ranked play after the release of Olympus.

With the revelation that Kings Canyon has been entirely demolished, the classic map has received a much-needed update. Some of the most popular spots have been removed from the map, but they have all been replaced with new ones that are just as exciting to visit. What do we know about Season 8 of Apex Legends so far?

Apex Season 8 Release Date

Β Apex Season 8Β  arrived on February 2. Considering how quickly each new season of Apex Legends has begun in the past, Apex Season 8 is likely to follow suit.

Design director Jason McCord at Respawn has stated that damage trackers will be added to an Apex Season 8 update. Players who have been vying for damage badges have been clamoring for this addition. New trackers will show gamers how near they are to the coveted badges, allowing them to see how much harm they’ve inflicted.

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Apex Season 8 Characters

Apex Season 8 Characters
Apex Season 8 Characters

BloodHound: When it comes to tracking, no one does it better than Bloodhound in Apex Legends than Bloodhound. When it comes to raw strength and team worth, Bloodhound is nearly unrivaled. This is because of several powerful buffs over a period of a few seasons. Allowing Bloodhound to scan broad areas for opponents and traps, the Eye of the Allfather allows them to temporarily highlight them.

Bloodhound’s Eyes of the Allfather can be used more frequently while in Beast of the Hunt, their ultimate form, giving them better-tracking capabilities. When Beast of the Hunt is active, Bloodhound’s movement is boosted and adversaries are highlighted, making it easier to notice them. The duration of the Beast of the Hunt’s ultimate can be increased by killing and knocking down enemies. Bloodhound is now one of the metagame’s most reliable and solid options, and he’s one of the most popular.

Gibraltar: A Red Evo Shield Gibraltar with a Turbocharged Devotion throws fear into the heart of any man. As far as Legends go, Gibraltar is the tankiest of them all. With his Gun Shield, Gibraltar can take a Kraber headshot and survive, therefore he will likely remain an S-Tier Legend until that changes. Gibraltar’s Dome Shield provides a safe refuge in the final circles where allies may recover or be picked up fast, while Gibraltar’s Defensive Bombardment is ideal for doing a large amount of damage in a concentrated area out in the open. It’s been two years since Apex Legends originally arrived, but Gibraltar has become one of the strongest Legends in the game.

Crypto: Since receiving multiple upgrades over the last few seasons, Crypto has become a mainstay in competitive play. Because it doesn’t have to go into battle like Bloodhound, Crypto’s drone is a huge asset to his team. As well as destroying opposing shields and traps, the Crypto drone may also detonate an EMP. The addition of Crypto’s drone, which can now gather survey beacons, elevates him to the status of an ideal recon candidate, especially on small maps like Olympus. To put it another way: For the first time ever, Crypto is an excellent character for competitive play.

Fuse: New Legend Fuse is all about exploding things in Season 8! Fuse’s Tactical can launch a clustered explosion, while his Ultimate can generate a ring of fire. He can carry more grenades, toss them farther and fling them faster. It’s impossible to adequately convey the result of these qualities coming together. Fuse’s Arc Stars can hit targets over 200 meters away, which is more than enough of a cause to give him a high tier. However, even if his ultimate is not as strong as it was initially intended to be, his ring of fire has proven to be a menace both when defending and when pressing forward.

Apex Season 8 New Weapons

The 30-30 Repeater is the latest weapon to be added to Apex Season 8. Hard-hitting shots are used in this lever-action rifle, but it isn’t clear how much ammo it takes. Heavy ammunition is the obvious choice for this weapon because it deals a lot of damage with every shot. But we know this weapon is popular on Salvo, which may indicate that this pistol has an explosive component. If data miners are correct, Apex Legends may be getting its first explosive weapon after all these months.

Apex Season 8 Map Changes

Fuse’s ex-best friend, Mags, has destroyed Kings Canyon in the Apex Legends Season 8 launch video. The classic battle royale map has been completely redesigned, suggesting that the explosive might of Salvo’s residents was not exaggerated. The fuse was launched from a big gunship, but Mags knocked it down in a matter of seconds. New locations have been added to Kings Canyon, including the Crash Site, a new region that has a ruined gunship in the center of the area.

In the wake of the devastation, ECHO was notified of multiple fuel leaks across the map (Ecological Cleanup and Hazard Outreach). Players can ascend to the top of the ship using zip-lines in the ECHO compounds encircling the ship’s wreckage. There are observation towers in these peculiar camps, which are ideal for snipers. In order to get everyone’s attention, the players must first erect the observation towers, which will sound an audible alarm.

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Season 5 introduced us to the concept of bunkers. No worries, there will be other methods to get your hands on golden weapons in Kings Canyon after the gunship crash. As a result of this changeover, the bunkers have been replaced by Explosive Holds with high-tier weaponry and ammunition. Players must blow open the Hold’s doors to get entrance to these areas, so you’ll have to get creative.

Β Apex Season 8 Anniversary Collection

Apex Season 8 will feature an anniversary collection, according to well-known data miner Shrugtal. As far as I can tell, the Apex Legends team is bringing back classic skins from previous seasons, but with fresh colors. Red and black look to be the predominant colors based on leaked skins. There will be anniversary recolor skins for every legend save for Horizon, Rampart, and Loba.

Additionally, famous weapon skins like the Phasewalker-themed Havoc and Bonesaw M600 Spitfire from the Season 1 battle pass are getting recolors as well For anyone who missed out on skins when the game premiered in 2019, there is a fantastic opportunity to get them now.

In the weeks leading up to the release of Apex Season 8, we’ll be adding new material to this guide, so check back often. A quick review of each Legend’s powers will help if you’ve been away from Apex Legends for a long.

Β Apex Season 8 Trailer

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