Ruthless Season 3
Ruthless Season 3

Ruthless Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Trailer, and Where To Watch?

Most, if not all, of these shows, face the possibility of being cancelled. We all know the axe will fall, but when? Our network sources and insiders tell us that Ruthless Season 3 will either be cancelled or renewed, and we have the most up-to-date information. The “BET TV show Ruthless Season 3!” cancellation/renewal status can be tracked with our simple tool.

Is the Ruthless Season 3 going to be cancelled? In addition to being the show’s creator, writer, and director, Tyler Perry is also a producer and a writer on the show. “The Oval” is getting its own spin-off, which will debut on BET+ in March 2020 and continue to be developed. Rakadushi sex-cult member Ruth gets caught in her own web of lies and deceit.

At this point, she has no alternative but to keep going until she and her child are able to leave their plight on their own. To keep things interesting, the protagonists of Season 1 are constantly faced with moral dilemmas and must walk a tight line between good and evil. Whether or whether there will be a third season, Ruthless Season 3, fans will be eager to learn more about it. What are your opinions on the matter?

Ruthless Season 3 Release Date

Β On March 10th, 2022, BET+Β  premiered Ruthless Season 3. Tyler Perry is the creator of the Ruthless series. He’s a writer, a director, and a creator all rolled into one. Ruth is the focus of the narrative. She is a member of an s*x-cult religious group. She is entangled in a web of her own creation.

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Ruthless Season 3 Plot

During the first three episodes of The Oval, Ruth Truesdale (Melissa L. Williams) kidnaps Callie and forces her to join her and the sex-crazed Rakudushis members in a backdoor pilot that is shown on television. Those in the Rakadushi faith, a Hindu-based religion, consider Ruth as a role model.

When the cult gave her the title of “Elder” as a thank you for punishing her best friend for joining the cult’s deviant side, she accepted it. To become an Elder, she was gang-raped in front of The Highest by seven cult members, including Andrew and Dikhan. After being gang-raped, Ruth and Tally’s best friend decides to quit the cult with them.

Matt Cedeo’s character, “The Highest,” commands the Rakadushis. Long hair and white clothing are two of his defining characteristics, both of which the Supreme Being wears. He radiates a sense of serenity and openness that is contagious. Using this technique, he intends to conceal his past as a serial killer and kidnapper.

The chemicals he gives newcomers cause them to become asleep and forget their memory, allowing him to rape them. Aside from that, he’s a drug addict who’s working on becoming clean. The Highest’s right-hand man, Dikhan (Lenny Thomas), is a high-ranking cult member. In his presence, the cult’s activities are tightly monitored. Despite his charming appearance and unwavering devotion to The Highest, Dikhan may be oppressive and brutal. According to the sixth episode of Season One, Dikhan and The Highest have been together for twelve years. This individual, who is both straight and gay, identifies as bisexual.

Ruthless Season 3 Cast

Ruthless Season 3 Cast
Ruthless Season 3 Cast

Melissa L. Williams As Ruth Truesdale

As Denise and Ruth Truesdale in the BET prime-time soap opera The Oval and its spin-off Ruthless, Melissa L. Williams is an American actress and model.

Lenny Thomas As Dikhan

Leonard Douglas Thomas, better known by his stage name “Lenny,” is an American actor who was born and reared in New York City and has been in numerous films and television shows. He studied with James Brill at the Neighborhood Playhouse School of Theater in New York City. After he was hit by a car at the age of 13, Thomas discovered a love for acting and decided to pursue a career in the industry. Strength, peace, and a greater appreciation for riches have come through his pursuit of acting.

Yvonne Senat Jones As Tally

Texas native Yvonne Senat Jones was born there. Bolivian-Haitian, she speaks excellent Spanish and has a good grasp of the language. Mr Ron Scarlata’s guidance at El Camino College led her to fall in love with acting. For her first two years at Cal State Long Beach, she was awarded a full scholarship to the University of South Carolina where she obtained her MFA in Acting.

Other Members

  • David Alan Madrick As Jay
  • Baadja-Lyne Odums As Marva

Ruthless Season 3 Episode List

Here is the Episode list of Ruthless Season 3:

  • The Calming
  • Uncharted Territory
  • Prepare the Throne
  • The Highest To Be
  • The Highest To Be
  • Punishment and Games
  • The Strangers
  • A Masterful Plan
  • Does The Highest Know
  • The Law of Obedience
  • Late Supper
  • TBD

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Where To Watch Ruthless?

BET+ is the official network for this series, so if you want to view it, you can. Fubo TV and DirecTV are two options for those who want to watch this show online. If you’ve missed an episode, you can catch up on the ones you’ve missed using these services.

Ruthless Season 3 Trailer

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