Wayne Season 2 Release Date, Plot, and Season1Ending Explained
Wayne Season 2 Release Date, Plot, and Season1Ending Explained

Wayne Season 2: Release Date, Plot, and Season1 Ending Explained

“Wayne” has proven to be the ultimate underdog, both on and off-screen, since its release on YouTube’s premium channel in 2019. Wayne (Mark McKenna) and Del (Ciara Bravo) embark on a deadly road journey in an attempt to recover his father’s Pontiac Trans-Am from a junkyard. “Dirty Harry” was thrown into a John Green novel, and the result was a chaotic, obscene journey that was a big hit with viewers. There was never a dearth of admirers for the band. YouTube’s exit from the scripted originals game left “Wayne” without a home.

When Amazon Prime acquired the streaming rights to Season 1 in November 2020, “Wayne” was given a second opportunity. Many more people have discovered Wayne and Del’s incredible road trip adventure since then. And now, those same people want more. The “Wayne” Season 2 was not given the go-light by Amazon for the time being, but the show has not been canceled either.

The creator of “Wayne,” Shawn Simmons, has great hopes for the show even if Amazon has not yet approved a second season. Here’s everything we know so far about a possible Wayne Season 2.

Wayne Season 2 Release Date

As part of its Youtube Originals lineup, Youtube Premium debuted a new show named Wayne on January 16th, 2019. The performance was a huge success. An all-time high of 27 million people watched the pilot. Wayne Season two had a sizable audience as well. Wayne Season 2 was supposed to return because it’s popular among audiences.

YouTube Premium, however, opted to take a step back and let things cool down in the ongoing struggle between online streaming companies about who gets the best shows, the most viewers, and so on. This threw a wrench into the gears. On YouTube Premium, the show was no longer a part of the service.

Amazon Prime, on the other hand, chose Wayne. It premiered on Prime on November 6, 2020, for the first time. Fans are eagerly awaiting the return of the show for a second season, which premieres soon on Prime.

Wayne Season 2 has yet to receive an official announcement or release date. Season 1 was a huge success and earned excellent reviews, however, there has been no word on the upcoming second season. Because of this, we don’t have to fear, as the show’s authors have said that they have great plans for it in store for the future.

We’ll have to make do with our own research till that time comes. The series might premiere in 2023 if everything goes according to plan.

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Wayne Season 2 Plot

Much discussion has taken place as to what may or may not happen next. It’s safe to say that this will not be the last time we see these characters. Wayne’s buddies Orlando and Principle Cole are going to have to come to his aid in this situation. Since Del confessed her affections for Wayne, we can’t expect her to settle down peacefully.

We can be confident that Wayne and Del will do whatever it takes to be back together because they have a strong affection for each other. Putting theories to one side, let’s look at what we do know. The show creator, Shawn Simmons, already has a script ready for the first episode of Wayne season 2.

He has a plotline planned for the Wayne Season 2, and it is mind-blowing, according to individuals in the know. He indicated that the plot would most likely concentrate on Wayne getting his act together and staying on the straight and narrow.

He needs to do it if he wants to win back Del. Speaking to Inverse, Simmons explained that in his mind, he had a definite destiny for Wayne and Del. He understands where each of their characters is going. Without giving away anything, Simmons confirms that Wayne is in juvenile jail.

But he is determined to get back on the straight and gain back his love of Del and get some serenity while he is doing it. The show will bring back all the series regulars from Wayne, Del, and Sergeant Geller to Bobby, Teddy, and Carl Luccetti. Mark McKenna, who portrays Wayne in One Of Us Is Lying, has had a lot on his plate recently.

It launched on October 7, 2021, and if there is any hope for a second season, McKenna may be available As a result, the premiere of Wayne season 2 is likely to occur in the latter half of 2022 or the beginning of 2023. Insiders say that Simmons is almost through with the second season and is just waiting for the green light from the studio to start filming.

Wayne Season 2 Cast

Wayne Season 2 Cast
Wayne Season 2 Cast

Wayne McCullough Junior (Mark McKenna)

This Irish actor and Milk singer-songwriter doubles as a musician. A man with an insatiable desire to do the right thing, Wayne, is played by him in this film. Even if he has his share of dark and violent times, he has a kind heart underneath it all. Wayne is in a state of shock following the loss of his father. He intends to resurrect his father’s beloved Pontiac TransAm.

The Delilah Luccetti of Del Or (Ciara Bravo)

Del is a difficult girl, but she’s a fighter. When it comes to standing up for what she believes in, she’s not one to back down easily. There are two instances of this. During the beginning of the car trip and when she backs Tracey the druggie. Here are the other regulars besides the two lead actors.

Sergeant Geller is the commanding officer (Stephen Kearin)

Sgt. Geller is a hard-nosed officer. He’s no slacker; he’s more than capable of defending himself. In one episode, it is revealed that Geller was unfairly imprisoned in Thailand for a crime he did not commit. As a result, he landed up in prison as well.

Other Members

  • Principal Cole (Mike O’Malley)
  • Carl And Teddy Luccetti (Jon And Jamie Champagne)
  • Orlando Hikes (Joshua J Williams)

Β Wayne Ending Explained

So, What Happened in the finale episode of season 1? In the final episode of season one, we see Del and Wayne are again separated. Sergeant Geller, who has been tracking Wayne all this while in the season, catches him and takes him in. Del and her father have a reunion of sorts, with the father dragging Del away from Wayne. The ending seemed pretty desolate and left us with a cliffhanger. This has raised the curiosity, intrigue, and suspense about what happens next.

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Wayne Season 2 Trailer

The trailer for Wayne Season 2 is yet to be released. However, do constantly come to our website as we will continue to update you on any new information regarding the next Season, Wayne.

However, it will be available on Amazon Prime if it becomes accessible. You can view the season 1 trailer while waiting for the Wayne season 2 trailer to arrive. Below is a trailer for the first season of Wayne.

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