Insatiable Season 3
Insatiable Season 3

Insatiable Season 3 Release Date: Is It Cancelled By Netflix?

Insatiable supporters are eager for a third season following the release of two seasons. However, there are rumors circulating that an Insatiable Season 3 will be skipped.

The Pageant King of Alabama, a dark, comedic, teen drama written by Jeff Chu and starring Lauren Gussis, is based on an article by the author.Β  On August 10, 2018, the first season of Insatiable premiered on CW and contained 12 episodes. The second season, which aired on Netflix on October 11, 2019, included 10 episodes and lasted between 40 and 55 minutes.

Patty Bladell, a teenage girl who is ridiculed at school because of her weight, is the focus of this drama series. For three months during her summer vacation, she drank just water and juice and fought with a homeless man. She loses a lot of weight and becomes quite lean. She wants to retaliate against the individuals who have bullied her because she thinks she is now beautiful and skinny.

For her part, she joins a beauty contest and is infatuated with the idea of winning it, as well She had no idea that she was hiding a monster and a maniac inside of her. There are killings involved in this plot, so it’s clear that this isn’t your average teenage comedy.

A petition to stop the show has garnered more than 100,000 signatories from those who believe that it promotes eating disorders and sexualize women’s bodies.

It’s no surprise that this TV show has received poor ratings from several platforms, despite the fact that many viewers and fans still enjoy it

Is it true that there won’t be another season of Insatiable after all? Let’s confirm it here:

Insatiable Season 3: Cancelled or Renewed By Netflix?

For the fans, Netflix has officially confirmed that this TV series has been canceled in February 2020, and hence there won’t be an Insatiable Season 3.

Cindy Holland, the previous head of Netflix’s Original Content, indicated that Netflix series are renewed based on a number of variables. The feedback from fans and reviews should be taken into account when selecting whether or not to invest in a series. As a result, Netflix’s decision to halt the third season of Insatiable seems understandable.

Even if Netflix cancels the show, there’s still a chance another network will pick it up after it was dropped by Netflix. The show’s backlash and calls to cancel it have made it unlikely that any other network would be willing to take the risk.

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Insatiable Season 3 Plot: What Is It Going to Be About?

Lauren Gussis, the show’s creator, had ideas for what would happen when the second season ended on a cliffhanger despite the fact that there would be no third season of Insatiable.

According to Gussis, “it’s not cut and dry insofar as that she is a nasty person and likes killing and she’s irredeemable” My experience with Dexter has taught me that this is a character who cannot be rehabilitated. You know?” There is a lot of exploration of the shadow portions of oneself and how deep can someone fall and still return back to the light?

After all, ‘You have to be honest if you’re going to recover,’ has been the refrain from everyone who has spoken to her. And she does express some truth about what she enjoys doing, but she hasn’t come to the point where she needs to reconsider her ethics, right? In reality, that’s what it looks like to be in recovery.”

If this is anything like the past two seasons, you may expect a darker and more engaging plot. But it’s possible that we’ll never get to witness how things turn out.

Insatiable Season 3 Cast

Insatiable Season 3 Cast
Insatiable Season 3 Cast

As there is no Insatiable Season 3 going to be so we can’t talk about who’s going to be in this season. Instead, we can learn about the Season 2 Cast:

Dallas Roberts As Bob Armstrong

Dallas An American actor by the name of Mark Roberts, As Milton Mamet on AMC’s The Walking Dead season three, Eliot Delson on Unforgettable, and Owen Cavanaugh on The Good Wife, he’s a household name. Insatiable, a Netflix comedy, was also a part of his resume.

Debby Ryan As Patty Bladell

Deborah Ann Ryan, better known by her stage name Debby Ryan, was born in New Jersey and raised in Los Angeles, California. The Disney Channel discovered Ryan during a worldwide search for actors. Ryan began performing professionally at the age of seven.

Christopher Gorham As Bob Barnard

He is most known for his role as Ugly Betty star Christopher Gorham on ABC. In addition, he has appeared in a number of other shows, including Insatiable, Popular, Odyssey 5, Felicity, Jake 2.0, The Magicians, Medical Investigation, Out of Practice, Harper’s Island, and Once Upon a Time.

Other Members

  • Sarah Colonna as Angie Bladell
  • Erinn Westbrook as Magnolia Barnard

Insatiable Season 2 Ending Explained

On Netflix’s Insatiable Season 2, Patty Bladell (played by Debby Ryan) comes to understand a horrible truth about herself, tying off the current season’s plots and establishing a possible Insatiable Season 3 story. While Bob Armstrong (Dallas Roberts) is falsely accused of being the Pageant Killer, Patty goes full serial killer and reveals to her former coach, “nothing tastes as sweet as killing feels.”

In the meanwhile, Regina (Arden Myrin) had framed Bob, and Patty (Beverley D’Angelo) had killed her sixth victim, Stella Rose (Beverley D’Angelo), who had been revealed to be alive in a previous episode before dying at the hands of Patty’s.

Most of the episode was devoted to Patty’s efforts to dispose of Stella Rose’s body, which she carried around in a suitcase until she found the proper time. Patty never got to experience that moment, and Stella Rose was still in her case when she arrived at the Miss American Lady contest!

When Regina came to Stella Rose’s body in Bob’s apartment, she saw it as a way to further her goal of framing Bob for her other victims’ deaths.

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Insatiable Season 3 Trailer

As there is no Insatiable Season 3 going to be because Netflix has canceled the new season. But we are also hoping for its renewal. So in the meanwhile, you can watch this season 2 trailer:

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