Jacy Nittolo Net Worth Career, Relationship, Personal Life
Jacy Nittolo Net Worth Career, Relationship, Personal Life

Jacy Nittolo Net Worth: Career, Age, Relationship, and More

In addition to being in a relationship with a well-known actor, Jacy Nittolo is a native of the United States and Italy. Fans are anticipating seeing them because of the excitement generated by their on-screen romances. She’s a Malibu native who used to be a hairstylist. Ray Liotta, her fiancΓ©, died unexpectedly in the Dominican Republic while he was sleeping this morning, and sources say that no foul play is suspected.

Ray had shown his affection for Jacy and their relationship on social media by sharing numerous photos of the two of them together. In this article, we are going to know about Jacy Nittolo’s net worth, career, relationship, personal life, and more. Let’s check it out:

Jacy Nittolo Childhood

The date of Jacy Nittolo’s birth is September 25th, 1974. She was born in Malibu, California. Her parents are both business people, and she has two siblings, a sister and a brother, who are also her siblings. Jacy went to a private high school to finish her secondary education. Hairstyling courses are very evident in her job path.

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Jacy Nittolo Personal Life

Joey Nittolo, a film producer, was Jacy’s first husband. Additionally, he is the host of a podcast called The Space Between, which focuses on the intersection of spirituality and lifestyle. His family was forced into a divorce and a terrible circumstance when Joey started hearing voices, seeing visions and forecasting the future in 2017. In addition, he was checked into a mental health facility. Four children were born to the couple: Dax, Chazz, Joey, and Jade.

Ray Liotta, an actor, and producer, is currently her boyfriend. In 2004, Ray divorced Michelle Grace, his ex-wife from his first marriage. From his marriage to Michelle, he has a daughter named Karsen Liotta. Ray asked Jacy to be his wife on Christmas Eve of 2020, and she said yes. They are engaged to be married in a few short months, despite their 20-year age difference.

Jacy Nittolo Age and Birth Date

Jacy Nittolo, a 1975 baby boomer, is now 46 years old. She has two children. She will turn 47 on September 24, 2022. On her birthday, Nittolo has Libra as her sign, according to her zodiac.

Jacy Nittolo’s Family

Jacy Nittolo grew raised in poverty. Stewart Woodman, her father, and her uncle were convicted in 1995 of hiring two hit men to kill their own parents for a sum of money. When Jacy’s father was imprisoned for murder, he died in 2014.

As a young woman, Nittolo’s brother was seriously injured in a car accident, and she was forced to raise him alone.

A loving family now surrounds him, having helped him fully heal. Nittolo’s sister, Jacy, is in love with him and has voiced this admiration and support multiple times.

Jacy Nittolo’s Career Before Net Worth

She began her career as a hairstylist at the tender age of sixteen. After that, she went to work in a salon to obtain expertise in the industry, with the goal of opening her own salon when she was 19. So that she could continue to work, her ex-husband purchased a salon for her. In reality, she’s not exactly a star in her own right. Her ex-boyfriend was a producer in the entertainment sector, so she knows a thing or two about the business.

Both of them had successful careers, and they helped each other along the way. No one knows where she works or if she is still a hairstylist because she refuses to speak to the media.

Jacy Nittolo’s Relationship With Ray Liotta

Ray and Jacy’s first encounter is a fascinating tale. To be more accurate, it was Karsten Ray’s daughter who insisted to her father that Jacy and he should go on a date. At first, they were hesitant to date because of the age difference between Ray, who was 60, and Jacy, who was in her 40s with a 10-year-old kid. In the end, things worked out nicely for both of them, and they ended up living together with their children.

In a touching post following Ray’s passing, Jacy shared several photos of the two of them kissing, smiling, and laughing together.

Jacy Nittolo Net Worth

Actor Ray Liotta and producer Jacy Nittolo got engaged. He is well known for his appearances as Henry Hill in Goodfellas (1990) and Tommy Vercetti in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City as well as his relationship with Nittolo. May 26, 2022, was the date of his death (2002).

He died while filming Dangerous Waters in the Dominican Republic with his fiancee Nittolo on a prior day. The couple announced their engagement on social media in December of 2020, saying they would wed until Liotta’s untimely demise in November of the following year.

On September 26, 1974, Nittolo was born in Malibu, California. Nittolo has gained notoriety since she announced her engagement to Liotta in December 2020, but there is still much to learn about her. It appears that Nittolo is a businesswoman and podcaster according to AReal News based on what little information is available.

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In February 1997, Nittolo’s fiancee, Liotta, was married to actress and producer Michelle Grace, whom she met at a baseball game when her ex-husband, former Cubs player Mark Grace, was playing for the team.

Grace and Liotta had a child together before separating in 2004. Jacy Nittolo’s net worth is $ 1 million and her late fiancΓ© was worth $16 million.

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