Spinning Out Season 2: Renewed Or Cancelled On Netflix?

One or more TV shows, movies, or stand-up specials are added to Netflix each week. Shows you’ve never heard of before are often already in their fourth season before you’ve had a chance to blink, and this happens all the time. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Netflix has previously made news for its seemingly limitless cash flow. With cancellations like Altered Carbon, Away, GLOW, and Spinning Out, Netflix appears to be tightening its belt even more in 2020 than in previous years.

Spinning Out, starring Kaya Scodelario as a gifted figure skater who suffers from PTSD and bipolar disorder, premiered in January 2020. It’s a dream of hers to compete in the Olympics one day, but she has to overcome many obstacles, including her own mind. If Netflix’s original written shows are any indication, a second season could have been in the works when the first one concluded. According to Deadline, the film was canceled less than a month after its release.

According to reports, the series garnered a mixed reception from reviewers but was more popular with the general public. What’s going on here, precisely, when bad shows get picked up for further episodes?

Spinning Out Season 2: Renewed Or Cancelled On Netflix?

If a show is canceled by Netflix, the company rarely explains why; nonetheless, low numbers are a safe bet, as is the case with cable television shows. Netflix, which goes straight to series on all of its projects, evaluates viewing vs. expense for each show when making a renewal choice,” Deadline writes in a story explaining the decision not to renew Spinning Out Season 2. The 10 episodes of Spinning Out may not have drawn enough viewers to justify the expenditure of another season, so this is a serious possibility.

Additionally, the statement’s “accolades recognition” part is interesting, as Netflix might theoretically pick up a show with low viewership if it has the potential to win some awardsβ€”and therefore, a lot of bragging rights for Netflix.

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If a show does very well, Netflix may provide viewership figures, but this isn’t always the case, so it’s impossible to estimate how many people watched the first month of a new show on Netflix. In this case, there may be some proof that it wasn’t a lot. As of this writing, a petition appealing for Netflix to bring back the show for a second season has garnered nearly 73,000 signatures. According to The Wrap, 62 million people watched The Queen’s Gambit, making Spinning Outlook like a blip on the radar.

Since the show was canceled almost a year ago, it’s unlikely that we’ll see Spinning Out Season 2. Kaya Scodelario, the star of the Resident Evil revival, isn’t doing too badly for herself either, since she’ll next be seen in the film on November 24, 2021.

Why Did The Audience Fall In Love With Season 1?

Viewers were engrossed in the story’s plot, which had a love interest between the two major characters, Justin and Ket. Kate fell in love with him because of his bad-boy charm and didn’t realize he was suffering from bipolar disorder, but he assisted and supported her on her path to the Olympics, where she intended to compete but was prevented from doing so due to a financial problem and physical issues.

Spinning Out Season 1 Cast

Spinning Out Season 1 Cast
Spinning Out Season 1 Cast

Willow Shields

She is an American actress, Willow Shields. Since playing Primrose Everdeen in The Hunger Games film trilogy, which is one of the most successful film franchises ever, she’s become a household name.

Johnny Weir

He is an American figure skater and television pundit. One of the most decorated gymnasts in U.S. Olympic history, he has competed in two Olympics, won two Grand Prix Final bronze, and was the 2001 World Junior Champion.

Evan Roderick

He is a Canadian actor and former ice hockey player, Evan Roderick Anderson (born June 29, 1995).
Other Members

Although the fans were divided, the majority liked the series because it was more constructive than negative. Many viewers were inspired by the show’s portrayal of teenage skaters, and many are eagerly anticipating its return in a second season. However, given the negative feedback, can we expect the producers to bring the show back? Based on what we’ve heard from our sources, we don’t expect a new season of the show anytime soon.

Spinning Out Season 2 might have been a chance to surprise the public if Season 1 received higher reviews and ratings. So, to address your question, the short answer is NO, the public will not be able to see the second season approaching. It’s been two years since Season 1 was released, but the crowd is still eager to watch it, despite the fact that it’ll be two years in a few months. This tells us that we shouldn’t expect it to hit again.

Spinning Out Season 2 Trailer

As no more next season can be expected let’s take a look at the season 1 official trailer to commemorate Kat and Justine’s love story and skating career:

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