Hiring Stalemate Preceded Cross Words From Focus Hillsboro
Hiring Stalemate Preceded Cross Words From Focus Hillsboro

Hiring Stalemate Preceded Cross Words From Focus Hillsboro

Tuesday’s discussion over hiring a Herington employee for $1,800 a month to work two days a week in Marion for building inspections and code enforcement got a little heated.

I’m not going down that rabbit hole,” Zach Collett told council member Ruth Herbel after she got tired of his questioning. If a current city employee might be raised and trained for the position, Herbel inquired.

For $1,800 a week Herbel says he’ll come down here two days a week. “I just think a $1,000 rise would be preferable.”

Herbel also inquired as to whether or not a new municipal administrator will be familiar with conducting construction inspections and enforcing local building codes. No, I don’t think the city administration has the time for it. Collett inquired about it.

Herbel’s anger was clearly visible on her face, despite the fact that she had stopped asking questions.

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She later remarked, “I thought he was rude.” As a council member, I’m entitled to ask questions.

When the council voted, the idea of hiring an inspector was voted down. With councilman Chris Costello absent, a 2-2 vote resulted in the idea being rejected.

Afterward, Herbel said, “Zach got payback because Jerry and I both voted against that contract.” In the sandbox, we’re all supposed to get along and play with each other.” As soon as I got out of there last night, I was in such a bad mood.”

Wichita State University’s Public Policy and Management Center was hired by the Marion City Council to help the city develop a five-year strategic plan.

Focus groups will meet six to eight times during the course of the project to get input from people of the community. Business executives, civic leaders, religious leaders, and representatives of other organizations will make up the groupings.

There will be a single public meeting in an effort to broaden community participation.

Priorities for the community will be identified through surveys. Goals, strategies, performance measurements, who is accountable for implementing the plan, and a deadline for implementation are all part of the strategy.

As early as July 1, the Public Policy and Management Center expects it to begin.

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That’s $24,800. Another issue is that the way residents in Marion are alerted of severe weather has changed as a result of problems with the way storm sirens worked the last time they were needed.

Council members were informed by police chief Clinton Jeffrey that the emergency sirens would sound in a continuous blast rather than for five minutes.

The city’s Code Red and Everbridge notification systems, as well as its social media page, will be updated with an all-clear announcement.

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