Dan Lafferty After The Murders What Happened To Ron and Him?
Dan Lafferty After The Murders What Happened To Ron and Him?

Dan Lafferty: After The Murders What Happened To Ron and Him?

Brenda Wright Lafferty and her 15-month-old daughter Erica were murdered in July 1984, and the film Under the Banner of Heaven examines the circumstances surrounding their deaths.

A ritual murder was carried out by Ron and Dan Lafferty on the 24-year-old and her baby after Ron claimed he had received a directive from God to kill them and two other people, Chloe Low and Richard Stowe.

Sam Worthington plays Ron, Wyatt Russell plays Dan Lafferty, and Daisy Edgar-Jones plays Wright Lafferty in the FX true-crime series.

A complete list of the Lafferty brothers and their current locations is here.

Ron and Dan Lafferty’s: Where Are They Now?

Lafferty brothers Ron and Dan. After a court hearing in Provo, Utah, convicted murderer, and death row inmate Ron Lafferty was handcuffed and led out of the courthouse. Lafferty attempted to have his execution sentence by firing squad overturned, but the judge dismissed his appeal. In a Friday order, U.S. District Judge Dee Benson stated that the Supreme Court has never found a state’s execution technique cruel and unusual.

As Jon Krakauer explains in his book “Under the Banner of Heaven,” Ron and Dan set off on July 24, 1984, with two friends, Richard Knapp and Chip Carnes, to fulfill the removal revelation.

A sawn-off shotgun and a butcher’s knife were hidden in his clothing when Ron approached Wright Lafferty at her door. She did not respond, so he went to the car where Dan, Knapp, and Carnes were waiting.

However, Dan Lafferty, who would later testify at his trial that he felt he was the one God had chosen to carry out the killings, decided to turn around and go back.

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During Dan’s visit to Wright Lafferty’s house, he knocked on the door, and when she refused to let him in, he assaulted her and held her down.

Ron then made his way into the house, and Wright Lafferty pleaded with him and Ron not to hurt her infant girl, according to Dan Lafferty.

Dan put a vacuum cleaner cord around Wright Lafferty’s neck so that he could kill Erica first after she had fought back against the two men and fainted.

Dan said at his trial that he “didn’t feel anything” as he washed Erica’s blood off the butcher’s knife when he closed his eyes and killed her. He then used the same weapon to kill Wright Lafferty.

Because Ron’s friend Carnes persuaded him to put off killing Stowe until another day, the Lafferty brothers were unable to assassinate Low and Stowe.

On August 7, 1984, while waiting in line for a buffet at the Circus Circus casino in Reno, Nevada, police detained Ron and Dan Lafferty.

The jurors heard Dan speak about Erica’s murder in a “serene voice,” according to Krakauer, and after he finished, he informed them he didn’t fear the death penalty for his crimes. Dan was the only witness during Dan Lafferty’s trial.

In spite of the jury’s decision to convict him of two counts of murder, they could not agree on whether he should be sentenced to death, and thus he was spared.

A life sentence in Utah State Prison, Point of the Mountain, is what awaits Dan at this time. He is now serving his term. When interviewed by Krakauer for his book, the murderer referred to his solitary confinement as a “monastery.”

Under the Banner of Heaven: The Truth Behind Ron Lafferty’s “Removal Revelation”

In March of 1984, Ron Lafferty claimed to have “received” heavenly guidance from God through the medium of mediumship. Ron’s sister-in-law Brenda, who had assisted his wife in leaving; Chloe Low, who had backed his wife; and Richard Stowe, the man who had ruled over his ex-communication, were all persons he believed had harmed him, so he decided to murder them.

His brother, Dan, was astonished when Ron showed him a yellow legal pad he had written down God’s “message.” In the communication, which came to be known as the “removal revelation,” the following was stated:

Thus says the Lord to my prophets, as stated in my word. In order for my job to continue, it is my wish and command that the following persons be removed from their positions. Because they’ve become real roadblocks to my progress, and I will not allow that to happen. Brenda and her baby, followed by Chloe Low and Richard Stowe, were first. In addition, it is my desire that they are eliminated quickly.

Ron and Dan Lafferty murdered Brenda Lafferty, 24, and her 15-month-old daughter Erica while she was barely 24 years old.

When Ron learned of the truth, Dan said, he was initially terrified. In response, “I said, ‘Well, I see why you’re so anxious,'” In Under the Banner of Heaven, Dan Lafferty explained.

“All I can say is be sure it’s from God,” Dan urged his brother. you want to avoid obeying commands that are not from God, but you also don’t want to offend God by refusing to carry out his task.”

Ron and Dan Lafferty made the decision to follow the “removal revelation” after examining the Book of Mormon. They decided to start with Brenda Lafferty, their 24-year-old sister-in-law, and her 15-month-old daughter, Erica.

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After The Murders, What Happened To Ron and Dan Lafferty?

Two counts of criminal homicide, two counts of aggravated burglary, and two counts of conspiracy to commit murder were filed against Ron and Dan Lafferty after their arrest. Initially, they were to stand trial together, but Ron attempted suicide in prison, delaying his case.

In January 1985, Dan Lafferty defended himself in his own trial. Two counts of first-degree murder and four additional offenses led to his conviction and he was sentenced to two life sentences in prison.

When Ron Lafferty was tried in April of that year, he was found guilty and sentenced to die. No matter how many times Ron’s family appealed, the death penalty was upheld. Ron, on the other hand, passed away in 2019 before he could be put to death by firing squad, as he had requested.

After his death, his lawyer, Michelle Day, told the New York Times, “Mr. Lafferty felt his arrest and conviction were the product of a conspiracy between the state, the church… and invisible spiritual forces, including the ghost of the trial judge’s deceased father, among others.”

That he felt that all of his lawyers were conspiring against him and that one attorney was his reincarnated sister, who subsequently got possessed by an evil spirit,” she said.

Dan Lafferty has publicly maintained a blasΓ© attitude regarding the murders, despite the fact that Ron never gave interviews before his death.

In 1996, Dan stated, “I’m not ashamed about what happened. To put it simply, “It’s business.”

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“It’s never affected me,” he told Deseret News. “It hasn’t plagued me.” Nobody is to fault for not getting it. But even if you had, it wouldn’t have come back to haunt you. It was an odd occurrence.”

It’s time to retell the horrifying tale of Ron and Dan Lafferty once more. Dustin Lance Black, who penned Milk and worked on the polygamy drama Big Love, adapted Jon Krakauer’s book for television. He also wrote Milk and produced Big Love.

On April 28, 2022, FX will air the first episode of the drama series Under The Banner of Heaven. Family, faith, murder, and vengeance are all themes that will be explored in this novel.

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