Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Gameplay, Genre, and Special Edition

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is Monolith Soft’s third mainline JRPG, released over five years after the second game in the series.

When the original Melia’s voice actor, Jenna Coleman, originally hinted at a third Xenoblade Chronicles game in August 2021, fans took notice. A Nintendo Direct event in early February 2022, where Monolith Soft finally acknowledged the news, provided definitive confirmation of the report.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3

For the Nintendo Switch, Monolith Soft and Nintendo are working on a new action role-playing game called Xenoblade Chronicles 3. To be released in 2022, it is part of the Xenoblade Chronicles series and is a component of the Xeno metaseries itself. Both the Xenoblade Chronicles and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 worlds are represented in the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 timeline.


A huge open environment awaits players like their predecessors. Instead of limiting the number of active party members to three as was the case in previous Xenoblade games, this one allows up to seven to take part in the battle, including the six members of the main party plus a variety of other characters that appear throughout the plot. Members of the party will be able to alter their character’s class, giving them access to new skills.

Certain pairs of party membersβ€”Noah and Mio, Lanz and Sena, as well as Eunie and Taionβ€”can combine into an Ouroboros, a larger form with more powerful moves, using the new “Interlink system.”

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Release Date, and Platforms

It was originally scheduled to be released in September, however, it was then pushed back to November. However, in late April, gamers were given a pleasant surprise when the game’s release date was pushed ahead to July 29th. However, PC gamers may also be able to play the game using emulators like Yuzu and Ryujinx, which have frequently given day one compatibility for new Nintendo Switch releases.

Nintendo is also preparing a Collector’s Edition that includes a packaging artwork by Masatsugu Saito, a full-color, paperback concept art book with over 250 pages, and a steel case for the game card.

However, pre-orders for the Collector’s Edition of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 have not yet begun. Even if you decide to reserve a copy of the Collector’s Edition, keep in mind that you will only receive a Nintendo Switch SteelBook case, a softcover concept art book, and the outer box packaging once the game releases on July 29th.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3Β Genre, Setting, and Mechanics

It will be an open-world RPG with action RPG gameplay, just as in the previous games. In order to make the most of Arts and maximize damage and debuffs, it is believed that one must be strategically positioned during the fight.

Compared to prior games, the party roster will be significantly larger. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 ups the ante to a whopping seven playable characters, up from the previous two installments’ cap of three. As the story progresses, six of them will remain in place, while the seventh will be replaced by a new character.

The talents of the characters in the party can also be modified if necessary. Finally, the six primary characters can form Ouroboros by interconnecting with each other. Each Ouroboros has a unique collection of skills and abilities.

There are two nations continuously at war in the world of Aeonios where Xenoblade Chronicles 3 takes place. Keves, on the other hand, is dominated by conventional technology, with most of the army made up of soldiers riding combat vehicles. As for Agnus, it’s a nation dedicated to ether, which is characterized as a mystical technology. Their combat units are all centered on the use of ether as a weapon, which is a given. The so-called off-seers, who are soldiers who play special flutes to commemorate the deaths of their comrades, are on both sides.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Cast

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Cast

Noah: In Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and a soldier of Keves, Noah is one of the characters “Off-seer” Noah also mourns for warriors who have perished in combat.

Lanz: “Lanz” is Noah’s companion, and he holds a massive sword and shield.

Eunie: Noah and Lanz’s childhood pal who has a sarcastic tongue and a tough demeanor. She is very skilled at restoring health to her companions while they are under attack.

Mio: One of the characters in this novel, Mio, is an off-seer like Noah.

Taion: Tactical advisor to Mio, Taion is a valuable ally in battle.

Sena: Mio and Taion have this soldier as an ally. Sena, despite her diminutive stature, is a force to be reckoned with!

Riku, Manana, Zeon, and Valdi may all be seen in the newest trailer.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 character designer Masatsugu Saito developed all of the characters, while crucial artwork was created by Koichi Mugitani, according to Monolith Soft.

Aside from Yasunori Mitsuda and Manami Kiyota, its soundtrack was composed by Kenji Hiramatsu and Mariam Abounnasr, and ACE. Using a flute-based tune as its main motif will play an important role in the overall concept of the game.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Are There Any Special Edition?

According to Nintendo’s latest announcement, a special edition version of the game, shown above, will be available only through the My Nintendo Store. An art book in full color with over 250 pages by Masatsugu Saito and a steel case are all included in the purchase price.

There is a good chance that this new edition will be available for purchase in North America, Europe, and Australia. A “coming soon” link can currently be found in the United States.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Trailer

Earlier this year, Nintendo released an introduction trailer for the game. When the release date was pushed back, we were also given a longer trailer.

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