Pokemon Go Friends
Pokemon Go Friends

Pokemon Go Friends: How Many Pals Can You Have?

Having a lot of friends in Pokemon Go might be a significant advantage, from presents to raids, but just how many friends can you have in the game?


Friendship in Pokémon GO is a gameplay feature that enables Trainers to participate in a wide range of cooperative activities, including trading and gifting.

In Pokemon Go, How Many Friends Can You Have?

Since each new buddy can help you with raids and bring you gifts for stuff and EXP every day, it’s crucial to know the maximum amount of friends in Pokémon Go. The buddy list cap is another name for the maximum number of people that can be added to your friend list.

It’s rewarding to work your way up from good friends to great friends to hyper friends and best friends because you get more and more in-game benefits as you get more and more friends.

One of the main advantages of having a populated Pokemon Go friends list is the ability to exchange gifts and 7km eggs.

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To that purpose, Niantic recently upped the maximum number of friends for Pokemon Go, which was disclosed on the @NianticHelp Twitter account back in April.

According to the official source cited below, you can have a total of 400 pals in Pokemon Go.


Friend Requests can be sent to Trainers when they’ve shared their Trainer Code with someone. Teams don’t matter when it comes to making friends. Gifts can be sent between Trainers who have become friends. PokéStops and Gyms have a Photo Disc that can be spun to earn gifts.

Contacts list

A Trainer’s Buddies list is a collection of their friends. Up to 400 friends can be added to a Trainer’s network. Friends who have recently sent you a Gift will appear at the top of the list, which is arranged according to the degree of relationship between you and them. Other friends are grouped by how long you’ve known them. It’s not possible to manually sort the list, and you can’t save your favorites. You can’t even send them a message, so you’ll need a backup method of communication in case you need to get a hold of them.

Filtering  Friends

You can conduct a standard text search on your friends’ names or nicknames. When a user searches for a friend by name or nickname, the results are returned. As a result, just the first letter of the name or nickname can be used in this search.

Filtering By Keyword

The Friends list can be filtered using certain keywords. Most of your buddies will be able to level up faster if you use these.

Levels Of Friendship

In Gyms and Raid Battles, friends will be able to activate bonuses for one another, providing each other with a hand in battle. In addition to an Attack bonus that speeds up the time it takes to defeat a Raid Boss, Great Friends will also gain more Premier Balls to catch the defeated Pokémon. For Trainers who battle in smaller groups, this can be a great way to increase rewards and incentives for the acts they’re already taking. Even in a small group, a Raid Boss can be defeated by a close-knit group of friends.

All Pokémon (excluding Mythical) can be traded and presents can be exchanged between Trainers who have become friends.


Postcards from the PokéStop or Gym where the Gift was obtained will appear when Trainers receive a Gift from friends. Gifts sent by trainers are rewarded with 200 XP.


Pokémon can be traded between friends who are within a 100-meter distance of one another in person. In order to complete any transaction, you’ll need Stardust on both of your trainers. Only a small amount of Stardust is needed when exchanging Pokémon that are already in the player’s Pokédex. As a result, Trainers can freely trade most Pokémon they find within normal boundaries, as Stardust is a valuable resource. Even though there are many rules in place to guarantee that Trainers don’t take advantage of trading, there are also many rewards to make these mechanics feel personal and unique to each individual Trainer.

Trading requires a trainer with a level of 10.

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Lucky Friends

Whenever a Trainer and a friend become “Lucky Friends,” the next time they trade, both of their Pokémon will be Lucky.

Both Trainers must already be Best Friends in order to become Lucky Friends. Every time one of the Trainers trades Pokémon, opens a Gift from the other, or participates in a Raid or Gym Battle, the other will have a chance to participate in a Trainer Battle (only the first of those actions done in a day has a chance of becoming Lucky Friends). Upon becoming Lucky Friends, both Trainers will receive a notification and will be able to see the status in their Friend List and on the profile page of their friend.
The probability of getting a Lucky Friend is approximately 1.17 percent.

As soon as they complete the deal, the Lucky Friends status will be restored to Best Friends status until they become Lucky Friends again. You can become Lucky Friends as many times as you like; all it takes is a stroke of good fortune.

Friend Code Pokemon Go

Using augmented reality and massively multi-player localization, Pokemon Go is a freemium smartphone video game. The Pokémon Company and Niantic, the company behind the Ingress augmented reality mobile video game, are working together on this initiative.

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The iOS and Android versions of the game have been available since July 2016. The goal is to capture Pokemon, much like in the video game franchise. As a special feature of our program, we’ve compiled the most recent friend codes, so don’t hesitate to share your Pokemon Go friend code and use all the friend codes you find! It’s time to meet new people and have fun together. To add new Pokemon Go pals, go to the “friends” section in the top menu by clicking on your profile image on the main screen.

Alternatively, you can scan the QRCode instead.

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