Who Killed Sara Season 3 Ending Explained Sara's Death Is Still A Mystery
Who Killed Sara Season 3 Ending Explained Sara's Death Is Still A Mystery

Who Killed Sara Season 3 Ending Explained: Sara Death Is Still A Mystery?

What Happened to Sara? the deceivingly simple question was encoded into its title. Finding the solution, on the other hand, was no walk in the park. In the wake of parasailing mishaps, shady pharmaceutical schemes, and ethically bankrupt psychiatric hospitals, we now have the answer we’ve been seeking. Sara’s killer is known to us.

Before you start the new season, why not learn the truth? The decider will take care of you. As a caution, the ending is going to be unusual.

Is Sara’s Death A Mystery?

Sara’s killer was… Sara herself! Sara (Ximena Lamadrid) was diagnosed with a dissociative personality disorder or schizophrenia in Season 3 of the show. These two diagnoses are being used interchangeably in this shoddy program, hence the “or.” Sara’s diagnosis made Reinaldo (Jean Reno) see her as the ideal test subject. Reinaldo took the chance when Sara needed to be sent to a specialized institution following her parasailing mishap. He took Sara back to his own institution and pretended she had died there.

Reinaldo cared for Sara for a while, but it was anything but loving. Lucia, her kid, was born while she was in his care. Sara, on the other hand, had reached her breaking point after serving as his unwilling test subject for so long. She stabbed herself to death with a butcher knife she had stolen. Sara is, in fact, deceased. There was just a tangential connection between parasailing and Marifer (Litzy).

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Who Kidnapped Sara and Why?

Do you remember when this was just a harmless murder-and-hacking mystery? That was a good time. The Medusa Project required Sara to be a test subject, which is why Reinaldo abducted her. Reinaldo dedicated his life to finding a “cure” for homosexuality and schizophrenia, known as the Medusa Project, after discovering that his daughter Daniela is gay.

We know what you’re thinking: What’s the connection between homosexuality and schizophrenia? Exactly why is this happening now and not in the ’60s? He adds that this “treatment” is currently in the first phase of development, but what does that entail exactly? Those are some excellent questions. What Happened to Sara? provides you with a stalemate of a response. Moving ahead.

What Happened to Reinaldo?

As soon as he learned the truth about what happened to his little sister, lex (Manolo Cardona) went on a rampage. Invading Reinaldo’s facilities and opening fire on anybody and everything in sight is what we’re talking about. If you’re going to murder scientists, you might as well do it in front of a bunch of people. Elisa (Ximena Lamadrid), one of the three Lazcano children, and Rodolfo (Alejandro Nones) tried to calm lex down. As this hostage and mass shooting incident unfolded, they quickly became involved.

Reinaldo was tied to a machine by lex when he was cornered. To save his own life, Reinaldo begged for the chance to tell lex the truth about what had happened to Sara. Reminding him that he’d face extra prison time if he killed Reinaldo, CΓ©sar (GinΓ©s Garcia MillΓ‘n) joined the “don’t kill” bandwagon. It was too late for lex to care at this time. Reinaldo was the victim of his vengeance.

What Exactly Had Been Happening Between Daniela and Chema All This Time?

What Exactly Had Been Happening Between Daniela and Chema All This Time?
What Exactly Had Been Happening Between Daniela and Chema All This Time?

Reinaldo’s daughter Daniela and the third Lazcano sibling, Chema, were the principal victims of his crazy gay conversion therapies (Eugenio Siller). I won’t go into detail about the extent of the torture that both of them were subjected to since it’s too upsetting and unnecessary. Just know that they escaped from Reinaldo’s facility at the end of the season. Daniela even had a memorable middle finger moment of her very own.

Reinaldo reached out to his daughter for help as he lay bleeding on the ground after lex’s gunshot struck him. She walked away after taking one look at him. Homophobic monsters get what they deserve.

It’s not clear what’s happened to him.
Earlier, we talked about the hostage scenario. Those don’t end well, and this show is no exception. During their escape, one of the Medusa Project’s guards managed to break himself from his zip ties in time to intervene. This got out of hand very quickly, and the guard ended up killing Rodolfo. He died with his family and best friend by his side, but not before visualizing Sara holding him close.

What Happened To CΓ©sar?

CΓ©sar seems to have had a change of heart when all of his children and their friends yelled at him for sending his adult son to a gay conversion torture camp. Although he didn’t apologize, he did accept responsibility for the Medusa Project’s shooting and the deaths of Reinaldo and Abel Martinez. Lex was on his way to a second stint in prison when that happened.

We’re dealing with CΓ©sar here, after all. He’s never been one to be particularly cordial. CΓ©sar’s terminal illness was disclosed in the final moments of Who Killed Sara? He had no choice but to take the blame. Because he’s only got two months to live, he’ll only have to confront the weight of his misdeeds for around 60 days. The man had a lucky escape.

Who Killed Sara Season 3 Ending Explained

The Medusa Project, run by Who Killed Sara?, has been the focus of Alex’s (Manolo Cardona) investigation into his sister’s death. Dr. Reinaldo is a fresh face in the field (Jean Reno).

At Medusa, she underwent gruesome and violent tests to supposedly “cure” her schizophrenia. It turns out she didn’t die in a parachute accident after all. As a result, her empty grave is shown at the start of the finale.

Doctor Reinaldo is revealed to be working on a “cure” for schizophrenia and homosexuality as the season progresses.

Chema (Eugenio Siller) is doomed to a life of misery like Sara. Afraid to leave Medusa because of his homosexuality, he is tortured in the name of rehabilitation in Season 2.

We also meet a young woman named Lucia, who adds another layer of complexity. Her striking resemblance to Sara is no accident, as she has also succumbed to Medusa’s tentacle-haired clutches. During the parachute incident, Sara was just one month pregnant, and we learn that she is her daughter.

As a last-ditch effort to atone for his crimes against Alex (including the death of Sara), Cesar (GinΓ©s Garcia MillΓ‘n) teams up with Alex. In order to find out what happened to Sara, they kidnapped and interrogated the senior doctor at Medusa, Tonya.

Alex receives the information he requested regarding Sara. The truth is that Sara stabbed herself rather than become a test subject for Dr. Reinaldo’s experiments.

Alex storms Medusa in a fit of wrath, searching for Dr. Reinaldo. But no matter how hard Reinaldo fights or bargains, Alex’s desire for blood is too great for him to withstand. Reinaldo gets electrocuted to death with the same device he used on his patients as a form of revenge.

Sara’s Murderer Is Still A Mystery

To the graves of all of Reinaldo’s experiments, a still-free lex led, by police officers. That included a space for Sara to rest. Chema, Elise, and Lucia were all seen walking together at the end of the film. Finally, the end of this nightmare is in sight!

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