The Bob's Burgers Movie Review Long-Running Cartoon Hits Big Screen
The Bob's Burgers Movie Review Long-Running Cartoon Hits Big Screen

The Bob’s Burgers Movie Review: Long-Running Cartoon Hits Big Screen

It’s rare for viewers to retain an interest in a show from season to season when it isn’t serialized, and the rarity is even greater when it is.

With 12 seasons and more than 200 episodes of Bob’s Burgers under its belt, it’s a safe bet that the show will continue to be one of Fox’s most popular Sunday shows for years to come. Bob’s Burgers is a sitcom about a family’s day-to-day fears and miscues, and it’s hard to see a movie based on that. 

Without sacrificing what makes the Belcherverse wonderful, how do you expand?

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A few songs, a highly discursive murder investigation, are about it for show creator Loren Bouchard, who worked with Bernard Derriman and Nora Smith on The Bob’s Burgers Movie. Squeaked out by tuneless New Jersey voices and dancing more Busby Berkeley than Dancer in the Dark-era Lars von Trier, the songs themselves are parodies of big-budget production pieces. 

However, it’s the ideal strategy for a picture that refuses to surrender its personality for the sake of cinematic scope, while also not seeming like three separate episodes sewn together. A triumphant return to form for longstanding fans and a late introduction to the Belcher family, the Belchers are as authentic a family on television as you’ll find.

Bob, a worried burger flipper, and his wife Linda (John Roberts), whose optimism cannot be controlled even while someone is trying to bury her family alive, have live-in chemistry in the opening song. If they can get an extension on their Ocean Avenue restaurant loan, Bob is working on an 8 am special burger for a bank loan officer in the hope that they can keep their business afloat. 

Even as he sends them on their way, the banker adds, “Your faces are making me sad,” unmoved. He gives them seven days to make good on their money. Calvin Fischoeder (Kevin Kline), the landlord of a business with only one devoted customer, refuses to offer them a reduction on the rent until a sinkhole opens up right in front of the entrance.

A murder six years earlier of a carny named Cotton Candy Dan becomes intertwined with the fight to save the restaurant, but The Bob’s Burgers Movie keeps its focus on character development. It also provides each of the Belcher children a chance to shine.

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 For the past four years, Louise (Kristen Schaal) has worn pink bunny ears on her head, Tina (Dan Mintz) has fantasized about having an affair, Gene (Eugene Mirman) has made a tooth-rattling musical instrument out of plastic spoons, a rubber band, and an empty metal napkin holder. 

When it comes to adapting Bob’s Burgers into a film, Bouchard focuses on staying faithful to the show’s unique idiosyncrasies and observational wit.

Instead of cramming in allusions and characters spanning 18 seasons like The Simpsons Movie, The Bob’s Burgers Movie takes its time and doesn’t deviate too much from the tone and tempo of a typical episode.

 This may lead to a dramatic conclusion, but it also permits the film to drift into the strange shantytown of Carnyopolis, where ne’er-do-wells wager over rubber prize-booth duckies. ” Linda’s motherly tendency to see the silver lining in every situation is exacerbated by the prospect of the restaurant being forced to close. 

“Modern” and “cool” are two adjectives that come to mind when she describes the new, blue plastic sinkhole water main.

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The most remarkable thing about The Bob’s Burgers Movie is how rare it is to see a Hollywood family as relatable as the Belchers. 

The parents are preoccupied with the little goal of oceanside burger artistry, the children are mired in strange fancies and pre-teen discomfort, and Bouchard isn’t inclined to turn them into The Incredibles in order to pay their rent. Even if they sing for the sake of the film, they can’t really sing.

On May 26, Bob’s Burgers was released in Australia, then on May 27 in the United States and the United Kingdom.

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