Taylor Frankie Paul Divorce
Taylor Frankie Paul Divorce

Taylor Frankie Paul Divorce: Is She Really Splitting?

If you’ve never heard about Taylor Frankie Paul’s recent saga on TikTok, you’re missing out. On Reddit, some are wondering if Taylor and her husband Tate are divorcing, but Taylor’s own TikTok clips make it difficult to tell which elements of this narrative are accurate.

Who Is Taylor Paul?

@taylorfrankiepaul is the handle of Taylor Paul, a TikTok celebrity and social media personality. She has more than 118 million views on her videos and over 3.4 million followers on Instagram.

Tate Paul and their two daughters, along with her girl squad and her individual films, are all included in her videos.

Her comedic sketches, dance challenges, and parenting videos propelled her to fame as an online influencer.

Taylor is very active on Instagram, where she currently has 182,000 followers.

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Is Taylor Frankie Paul Divorcing Her Husband?

Taylor appears to have announced that she and Tate are divorcing in an Instagram post. Taylor remarked, “The last eight days have been the most painful of my life.” “My family and I have been crying and mourning the loss of our relationship. We are divorcing, but I will always love Tate, and this is what is best for both of us. There’s a long, rocky path ahead, but I have faith that things will get better.”

Users went to Reddit after hearing the news of the divorce to speculate on what caused it. That Taylor had cheated on Tate was the most popular online theory. Many of Tate’s pals sided with Tate in the split. Taylor and Tate’s marriage appeared to be dead to many Redditors who noticed that they were already sleeping apart and had been for some time.

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Is Taylor Really Splitting From Her Husband?

Taylor has also shared a few TikToks in which she alludes to her present predicament in an indirect manner, in addition to her Instagram Story. When she talks about being divorced and moving out on her own with her two children, she says she’s in her twenties. As she shows off her keys in the video, it appears that Taylor has just moved into a new house.

Moving boxes are shown in another clip and she claims that everything is falling apart. When it comes to her appearance in these videos, Taylor still appears to be put together, but more recently she released a new video that seemed to contradict her earlier statement that her divorce was final.

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