Kotaro Lives Alone Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Netflix Renewal, and Trailer
Kotaro Lives Alone Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Netflix Renewal, and Trailer

Kotaro Lives Alone Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Netflix Renewal, and Trailer

The first season of Kotaro Lives Alone was both heartwarming and tragic. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that Netflix will pick up the series for a second season soon, as there is still more of the manga to be adapted. All that we know about Netflix’s Kotaro Lives Alone season 2 as of this writing.

Kotaro Lives Alone is a Japanese Netflix Original comedy series based on the Mami Tsumura manga series.

Kotaro Sato, a four-year-old Japanese boy, moves into the Shimizu Apartments. While shopping, Kotaro carries about his toy sword by the handle. His wisdom and drive to live a solid life while waiting for the day he can be reunited with his parents make Kotaro an inspiration to all around him.

Kotaro Lives Alone Season 2 Netflix Renewal

It’s been almost a week since Netflix made Kotaro Lives Alone available to stream, but the streaming provider has yet to confirm whether or not the anime has been renewed.

It’s rare for Netflix to renew an anime within the first few weeks, or even months, following its premiere unless it’s explicitly stated.

We fully expect Kotaro Lives Alone to be renewed in the near future, given the positive response from critics and subscribers alike.

Note that only five countries have voted it into Netflix’s top ten. Specifically, it ranked third in Japan’s top ten on March 13th, where it has remained since.

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Kotaro Lives Alone Season 2 Release Date

When a show ends, it’s natural to feel sad, and that’s exactly what happened with the season 1 finale, which aired yesterday. However, there has been no official announcement as to whether or not Season 2 of Kotaro Lives Alone will be released soon. 

If we’re being honest, the options are endless because there are so many unfinished stories in this world to be told. Other characters’ stories need to be fleshed out or taken in new directions as well. Netflix has yet to make a public statement on the show’s future, which is fair given how difficult it is to renew a show immediately following its debut.

The series will not be available until at least early 2023 even if Netflix decides to continue it. If a renewal is even considered, it will be at the discretion of the decision-makers and will be contingent on how things turn out.

Kotaro Lives Alone Season 2 Plot 

There is no set date for the release of Kotaro Season 2, so here is our evaluation of the Season 1 Plot Shortly after settling into his new apartment, Kotaro runs across Karino. A friendship develops between them. Strangers become friends and learn one other’s funny secrets over the course of the next few weeks.

 While Kakeru relies too heavily on his maid for his domestic responsibilities, Kotaro helps him become more self-sufficient. He learns a lot about the young boy during this period, including why he has a distinct voice and what he likes to see in the movies.

To expect Kotaro to continue to outshine his adult classmates in season 2 is a safe assumption. With each episode, he will meet new people, and viewers will discover more about his personal history. The young man’s example can serve as motivation for Karino to succeed in his career.

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Kotaro Lives Alone Season 2  Cast

To explore the second season of Kotaro Lives Alone, we have to wait till the first season is through because it’s still too early. Season two should follow the same formula as the first, given that it’s a slice-of-life anime. 

Season one’s primary characters, many of whom are expected to return for a second season, are as follows:

Kotaro SatΠΎΜ„ 

Room 203 of the Shimizu apartment is home to a four-year-old kid who is intentionally left alone. All of these tasks can be completed by him on his own. He mimics his favorite anime character, Tonosaman, by speaking like a young lordling.

Susumu Karino

Room 202 of the Shimizu condominium is occupied by a failed manga artist. He frequently keeps an eye on Kotaro, travels to the public baths with him, and goes to kindergarten with him.

Isamu Tamaru

Room 102 of the Shimizu flat is occupied by a male. Despite his menacing demeanor, he is infatuated with Kotaro and is a great admirer of youngsters in general.

Other Members

  • Mitsuki Akimoto
  • Ayano Kobayashi
  • AotaΒ 

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Kotaro Lives Alone Season 2 Trailer

There Is no official trailer for Kotaro Lives Alone Season 2 So in the meantime, you can enjoy the season 1 trailer:

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