Chainsaw Man Anime Release Date Cast, Trailer, and Where To Watch?
Chainsaw Man Anime Release Date Cast, Trailer, and Where To Watch?

Chainsaw Man Anime Release Date: Cast, Trailer, and Where To Watch?

The anime version of Chainsaw Man will be streamed by Crunchyroll in 2022, with reports estimating an October 2022 premiere date for the series.

As many manga series as there are out, there may be read online, but Chainsaw Man is one of the most unique and interesting.

In recent years, manga has been a cult favorite because of its dark themes, gory violence, and fantastic characters.

However, Crunchyroll has confirmed that the Chainsaw Man anime adaptation will be available to stream on their platform when it premieres later in 2022!

Chainsaw Man Anime Release Date

MAPPA has confirmed that the anime version of Chainsaw Man will be released in October 2022, which is huge news for the series.

This upcoming anime is one of the most eagerly awaited new releases of the year. According to the Jujutsu Kaisen production calendar, we can speculate on the release date of the Chainsaw Man anime based on the timing of the show’s production.

Chainsaw Man anime has yet to receive an official release date, however, it is expected to air in November 2021 at the time of this writing.

It’s a direct manga adaptation like Chainsaw Man, and there’s enough material for at least one season right off the bat. As of November 25th, 2019, there will be a new anime series titled Jujutsu Kaisen.

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Chainsaw Man Anime Storyline

The first volume of the manga was released in 2018, and a second volume has been confirmed for publication in 2020. We have no idea how much of the manga will be adapted for the first season of Chainsaw Man, but we can give you a basic idea of what to expect. If you’re looking for a good analogy, think of Tokyo Ghoul, but with more blood.

Pochita, the Chainsaw Demon, is Denji’s canine friend and he works as a demon hunter in order to pay off his father’s debt to the Yakuza.

A contract with the Zombie Demon leads to the murder of Denji by the Yakuza, who betrayed him. When Denji agrees to merge with Pochita and become a human-demon hybrid in exchange for “regular life,” Pochita agrees to it.

He kills the Yakuza and is approached by a government demon hunter team, the Public Security Division, directed by Makima, who persuades him to join them. To this end, Denji forms a team with Power, the Blood Demon, and Aki Hayakawa, a demon hunter known for his destructive nature. The one condition on Makima’s promises to Denji is that he slay the Weapon Demon, the perpetrator of humanity’s most horrific atrocity ever.

One more hybrid appears in the guise of the Katana Man, a vicious Yakuza who appears to be working with the Demon Weapon. The Katana Man and his handler, an ex-civilian demon hunter, kill a major chunk of the Division.

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Chainsaw Man Anime Cast

Chainsaw Man Anime Cast

Power: Blood Fiend and Public Safety Devil Hunter, Power is a member of Makima’s special team.

Makima: Makima is a Public Safety Devil Hunter who adopted Denji as a human companion and companion. When she’s finally revealed to be the Control Devil, she symbolizes the horror of being tethered. The Public Safety Saga’s overall antagonist is her.

Denji: Chainsaw Man’s central character is Denji. He inherited his father’s Yakuza debts as a young lad. After meeting Pochita, he joins the Yakuza as a Devil Hunter in order to pay off his debts. Pochita becomes his heart when the Yakuza, under the power of a Devil, betray him. When he pulls a cord on his chest, he transforms into the Chainsaw Devil. He became a Public Safety Devil Hunter after encountering Makima.

Aki: Aki Hayakawa was a member of Makima’s special team, a Public Safety Devil Hunter. Contracts with the Fox Devil, the Curse Devil, and the Future Devil were among his many obligations. He became a Gun Fiend after being possessed by the Gun Devil.

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Will Chainsaw Man Stream On Netflix Or Crunchyroll?

It’s not yet clear which western TV network will be able to transmit Chainsaw Man. On Crunchyroll, you can view the previous series from MAPPA. Jujutsu Kaisen and Attack on Titan: The Final Season Part 1 were both streamed there.

However, a recent report stated that Netflix could be the home of Chainsaw Man in the end. Before the episode is even released, this is a subject we’re not going to get an answer on. We’re also not likely to obtain an answer before the release date has been announced.

Chainsaw Man Anime Trailer

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