John Travolta Dating
John Travolta Dating

Is John Travolta Dating Anyone Now(2022)?

Is John Travolta currently involved in a new romance? A tabloid claims that the singer is back on the dating scene after his wife’s tragic death in 2020. Travolta’s latest prospective flirtation, as far as we know, is…..

John Travolta’s Love Life

The personal and romantic life of many celebrities, including him, are often kept hidden. However, celebrities’ private lives are not theirs to own. It came from a wide range of sources. He had been in seven past relationships before meeting Kelly. His initial romantic interest was Paul Barresi.

They were together for the following three years. Something, however, went horribly wrong. As a result, Doug Gotterba had a new female companion in his life. For six years, she was his girlfriend. It’s not only that they broke up: His relationship with Brooke Shields is short-lived.

He had a long-term relationship with Marilu Henner. For the last decade and a half, we’ve been a couple. But, as fate would have it, they can’t be together. They, too, broke up. When Diana Hyland ended their relationship in the next year, he moved on to find love with Anita Gillette for another year.

After a number of unsuccessful dates, he finally met Kelly and realized she was the one for him. Both of them ended up marrying each other. They are also shattered by fate, however. He has pledged never to be in a relationship again because of the trauma he suffered in this one.

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About John Travolta’s Wife Kelly Preston

When she passed away in 2006, Kelly Preston, a model, and actress worth an estimated $180 million, was a native of the United States. Throughout their marriage, Travolta shared in wealth. John’s job was a major source of cash for the family. Her untimely death on July 12, 2020, at the age of 57, was caused tragically by breast cancer.

Preston Smith, the name Kelly Kamalelehua Smith was given to her when she was born on October 13, 1962, in Honolulu, Hawaii. Linda is the supervisor of a mental health hospital named after her mother. While her father worked for an agricultural enterprise, she was raised by her mother. After his father drowned when he was three years old, his mother married Peter Palzis, a personal director.

Chris is one of Preston’s half-brothers. Preston grew up in a variety of countries around the world, where he was exposed to many different cultures. As a child, she lived in Iraq, Hawaii, and Australia before returning to the United States. A fashion photographer in Australia discovered her when she was 16 and hired her for her first commercial assignment.

Is John Travolta Dating Anyone Now?

Sadly, Kelly Travolta, John Travolta’s wife of more than 50 years, passed away in July. Her death was brought on by breast cancer. In the following years, he continues to be unmarried. He does not have a girlfriend. Many women are interested in dating John, but the truth is that he has no desire to have anyone in his life. Friends have expressed an interest in moving in with him, but he isn’t quite ready.

A lack of suitable matches is not to blame for his inability to settle down. He’s capable of finding it, but he’s unwilling to do so. Several of his acquaintances are urging him to begin a new chapter in his life with a new romantic partner. However, performers have yet to recover from their trauma.

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John Travolta Professional Life

Actor, dancer, director, singer, and producer John Travolta hails from the United States of America. His several jobs show that he has a wide range of skills. In 1975, The Tenth Level, his first television series, aired.

Welcome Back, Kotter, Saturday Night Fever, and Greece were just a few of the television shows he appeared in the next year. A well-known actor, he is noted for his high-quality work. On the other hand, few people are aware of the struggles he overcame to reach this point.

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