Andre The Giant Wife(Jean Christensen) Bio, Personal Life, and Their Relationship
Andre The Giant Wife(Jean Christensen) Bio, Personal Life, and Their Relationship

Andre The Giant Wife(Jean Christensen): Bio, Personal Life, and Their Relationship

Andre the Giant’s wife, Jean Christensen, was a well-known WWF wrestler. As a result of Jean and Andre’s marriage, Andre’s supporters have started following Jean as well. Jean Christensen, the wife of a famous wrestler, will be the focus of today’s discussion, which will also cover her career, personal life, and appearance, among other things.

Who Is Jean Christensen?

As a former model in the early ’70s, Jean Christensen now works in wrestling PR. Wrestling legend Andre the Giant’s wife was named after her. Robin Christensen, the couple’s daughter, is also a wrestler, just like her dad.

On May 19, 1946, Jean’s husband Andre the Giant was born. During his time in Japan, he was referred to as “Beast Roussimoff.” A few months later, he had become a well-known wrestler in Paris and the surrounding area.

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Jean Christensen Bio

French wrestler Jean Christensen has a famous American-born wife, Jean Christensen. She became famous after marrying Andre the Giant, a well-known and successful French wrestler and actress. Jean was of white ethnicity and American nationality.
Jean kept her personal life private, thus she didn’t post much on social media or any other platform.

Jean Christensen Personal Life

We don’t know much about her private life because she was unwilling to share it with the world. As a result of their marriage, both couples have Robin Christensen, who is still making waves in the wrestling profession.

Who Is Andre The Giant?

The year was 1982, and Vince McMahon had just taken over the organization from his father, therefore Andre was making his WWE debut at that time. His firm required more wrestlers, and Andre was one of the first that he signed up. As a result of Vince’s admiration for Andre, he allowed him to compete in New Japan Pro Wrestling, among other things.

When Andre got into a fight with the Mongolian Giant, also known as Killer Khan, it was one of his most memorable fights. Big John Studd was another adversary of his. Andre, on the other hand, was disqualified from his matches because no one was able to put him down.

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Jean Christensen and Andre the Giant’s Relationship

Andre the Giant originally came into Jean Christensen’s life in 1974, while she was working as a wrestling publicist. Andre and Jean began having sexual relations, and shortly Jean learned she was expecting a child.

Despite their marriage to Andre The Giant, Jean Christensen, and Andre The Giant never registered their marriage license in the US.
Andre wasn’t convinced at first that Jean was actually expecting him. He refused to acknowledge Robin as his child when she was born. Andre had to be dragged to the doctor for a blood test by the courts. Andre and Jean had the same blood type, it was discovered.

Jean filed a lawsuit in order to compel Andre to provide financial assistance to their daughter. Andre finally agreed to give Jean and her daughter 750 dollars a month in financial aid after years of begging. Later, they were making $1,000 a month.

Andre The Giant Wife’s Net Worth

Christensen gained notoriety as the wife of Andre the Giant, a well-known and successful French professional wrestler and actor. As a result of her husband’s fame, many people began to recognize her as Andre’s wife.

She was able to effortlessly draw attention to herself after becoming the wife of a well-known star. Her husband’s estimated net worth was $10 million, and she lived a pleasant and normal life with him.

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How Did Andre The Giant Died?

When Jean Christiansen was married to her former husband, Andre the Giant, they had a child on May 19, 1946, in Grenoble, France. As “Monster Roussimoff,” Andre the Giant wrestled in Montreal as Jean Ferre. At Madison Square Garden in 1973, he was billed as “Andre the Giant” and made his professional debut.

One of the WWF’s most popular wrestlers was the legendary wrestler. His talents were on display in Rob Reiner’s 1987 picture The Princess Bride. On the night of January 27, 1993, Andre the Giant passed away from heart failure in a Paris hotel room. A member of his entourage discovered him and alerted the authorities.

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