WWE Suspends Sasha Banks and Naomi Strips SmackDown Titles
WWE Suspends Sasha Banks and Naomi Strips SmackDown Titles

WWE Suspends Sasha Banks and Naomi Strips SmackDown Titles

Sasha Banks and Naomi have made things even worse for WWE. The situation has deteriorated significantly. What alternatives did Vince McMahon consider before deciding against them? Friday’s Smackdown! actions don’t make things any better after two of WWE’s best performers walked out earlier this week due to faulty creative plans.

Naomi and Banks’ dissatisfaction with WWE’s creative direction was stoked when they were suspended indefinitely and stripped of their women’s tag team belts. No further events have been advertised for Banks and Naomi through the remainder of the summer since their goods have been removed from the company’s website and the company’s online store.

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Social media is abuzz with rumors that Banks and Naomi walked out because of McMahon’s interference in their plot lines. Reuniting for the first time since WrestleMania 32 in February, Banks & Naomi worked hard to resuscitate WWE’s ailing women’s tag division. It was a tall order, but their reign as champions paved the way for a number of exciting contests.

Tone-deaf Naomi and Banks walked out on a six-women tag team match, which was designed to separate the tag team champs from competing together for a few weeks, due to an announcement by lead commentator Michael Cole, who appeared immensely uncomfortable with every word he said. Scripted and not Cole’s own words, it’s clear that McMahon had a big hand in it.

At the next pay-per-view, Naomi was expected to win and challenge Bianca Belair for the Raw women’s championship. Ronda Rousey was expected to face Banks as her next opponent on SmackDown Live. The tag team champs would look weak if both of them lost. Other champions should not be affected by a lack of serious opponents for the women’s singles crowns.

The only way to find out if they’ll walk to All Elite Wrestling is if Vince is bluffing. It might be that McMahon simply does not care. In that case, he’s an absolute fool. To think that he might have done so makes McMahon an even larger dolt. Toni Storm was secretly let go after voicing her reservations about the artistic direction of the show for months. She is now a member of AEW.

For any WWE fan reading this who thinks this is 100% a storyline, it’s evident now that it isn’t. This is the first time WWE has taken a narrative this far. A shot transformed into work with little escaping WWE’s borders of what was fiction during CM Punk’s “walkout” in 2011, which was preceded by the “pipe bomb” and followed by a few instances of breaking the fourth wall, such as his calling Triple H “Paul.” It was executed flawlessly.

That McMahon and the yes-men and women who surround him have sunk to such depths was made abundantly clear this week. Sloppy and arrogant handling of the Banks/Naomi matter. The fact that Naomi and Banks have vanished is a bonus. Seeing how they’ve been portrayed in the media and gauging their genuine reputations is a right that they should not be denied. We’ve heard from a few under-contract wrestlers in support of Banks and Naomi, including Shayna Baszler, who shared a photo of herself wrestling the two women who have vanished, quoting from the video game Warhammer 40,000.

The WWE’s response to Naomi and Banks seems even worse when compared to Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch’s backstage heat, which resulted in a terrible on-screen moment in which they traded championships after switching brands as champions last year. Going off-script made both women appear childish. It was never mentioned again on television, and both parties went about their daily routines without even a smack on the wrist.

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In addition to declaring a new women’s tag team champion, Cole also announced a competition to crown the new champs. Is there a limit to the number of women’s tag teams in WWE? A two-team tournament is merely a matchup. The only logical explanation for WWE’s tactics is to use Naomi and Banks as an example to prevent other wrestlers from walking out on their own. If Banks and Naomi come back and truly admit that they were wrong, that strategy will succeed.

That’s not going to happen, either. Set off the sirens. WWE is in the midst of a talent-relations crisis that has never been seen before. Also, don’t expect it to disappear any time soon.

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