Tom Vitale Net Worth
Tom Vitale Net Worth

Tom Vitale Net Worth: Bio, Career, Who Is His Wife?

In addition to being the husband of actress Valerie Bertinelli, Tom Vitale is a well-known financial adviser, TV producer, and entrepreneur in the United States.

Tom Vitale was born on August 15th, 1963, in Los Angeles, California, USA. Although he has a brother named David Vitale, no additional details are known about his family.

To begin with, Tom Vitale attended high school before transferring to Williams College, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in English literature.

Tom Vitale started out as a planner before making his television debut in the late 1980s. Veebow is the name of his e-commerce company.

Tom Vitale Biography

Tom Vitale’s life story is detailed in his biography. Thomas “Tom” Vitale was born in California on August 15, 1963, and grew up in the United States. Tom Vitale’s parents aren’t well-known to the general world, unlike other celebrities. Even yet, it has been proven that his mother’s name is Helen, and his father is Vitale.

As a younger sibling, he is not the only one in the family to face this challenge. Tom Vitale’s younger brother, David, goes by the name. Between 2015 and 2018, he appeared in eight episodes of Valerie’s Home Cooking. Following his high school graduation, Tom enrolled at Williams College, one of the most elite colleges in the United States. He joined the board of the Williams Club while still a student there. He has apparently been a member of the organization for over a decade and is still active within it.

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How Old Is Tom Vitale?

Tom Vitale was born on August 15th, 1963, which makes him 57 years old as of June 2021. In two months, he will be one year older.

Tom Vitale Childhood and Education

At the time, Vitale’s family lived in California, where he spent much of his childhood. Because of the lack of knowledge regarding the individual’s family, it is impossible to determine how he lived his formative years.

However, it’s hard to verify, there have been stories that he’s always wanted to run his own business since he was a kid.

Tom attended and graduated from Williams College, where he earned a bachelor’s degree. On top of that, the Williams College director of extracurricular activities is a well-known character.

Tom Vitale Career

Do you know what Tom Vitale’s job title is exactly? Vitale is one of the wealthiest people in the United States, if not the wealthiest. A financial advisor, TV executive, producer, and businessman, he has built a reputation for himself in the financial industry. In addition, his career began in the late 1980s.

Tom started working at Viacom in 1987, just a few months after graduating (a mass media company). He worked as both a marketing strategist and a research analyst for the company. In the future, he was cast in another high-profile job at NBC. He was able to ascend through the ranks in a short amount of time because of his dedication, innovation, and tenacity. He spent a significant amount of time working for NBCUniversal’s cable networks Chiller and Syfy.

For the channels, he was in charge of everything from programming to development to strategy to network scheduling to deal-making.

Who Is Tom Vitale’s Wife?

Tom Vitale’s career may be flourishing, but his love life is anything but tranquil. This handsome man has been married twice.

A unique bond with his ex-wife Sharon, with whom he has two children. One thing is clear: Tom had issues in this relationship. There is no way of knowing when it began or ended.

Assaulting his ex-wife, the businessman was arrested in 2001. Their relationship came to an end, but no one knows why. After Tom’s breakup with his first love, he met another wonderful woman.

After Valerie Bertinelli stroked her way through Tom’s life, there was no going back. In 2004, the two fell in love and started dating right immediately. Their bond was so deep that the two of them were usually seen together in photos.

After a seven-year relationship, they exchanged vows on January 1, 2011. It was a big deal because everyone from the family and close friends was there.

After nine years of marriage, there is still no sign of a baby in their future. Until now, no one has found any information about any youngster. Bertinelli, on the other hand, recently filed for divorce from Tom Vitale, citing “irreconcilable differences.”

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Tom Vitale’s Net Worth

Even though Tom Vitale is a little-known figure, the money he’s made from his career is impressive. By the year 2020, Tom’s fortune is expected to reach $5 million dollars.

Working as a financial advisor and investing big quantities of money has resulted in all of this. In addition, being a producer for Dyslexic Heart helps him to maintain a stable financial position. Tom enjoys spending time with his wife and traveling to exotic areas during their free time.

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