The She-Hulk trailer nearly breaks a record for most views, but not because of how fantastic it is, it’s because of how horrible it is and everyone had to check it out.

Tuesday saw the debut of the She-Hulk trailer which earned 78 million views in the first 24 hours, only beaten out by The Falcon and the Winter Soldier teaser which occurred also included a Super Bowl spot.

The teaser which featured Tatiana Maslany in action as Jennifer Walters, alias She-Hulk, as well as Mark Ruffalo, the Smart Hulk, also occurred to trend #1 on Twitter where people immediately compared the CGI to that of the Shrek movies.

That’s not all as fans questioned how Marvel could do such a horrible job after doing such a terrific job with Josh Brolin and Thanos.

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She-Hulk CGI Is Abysmal

VFX artists who worked on Infinity War and Moon Knight claim that Marvel insisted on shrinking the She-Hulk CGI despite the advice of their colleagues, citing the design’s resemblance to the Ugly Sonic.

In other words, what do you think? Perhaps Kevin Feige made the She-Hulk visual effects look so terrible in order to stoke excitement, as is supposed to be the case with the original design of Sonic the Hedgehog.

Maybe Marvel will correct the CGI since She-Hulk won’t be released for a few months, as fans have requested and even begged?

Marvel Fans Didn’t Like She-Hulk Design

The Marvel Studios Facebook page has been inundated with negative comments from fans.

One fan commented, “We love you but change the CGI… Thx,” while another commented, “Yeah but we hope you are going to update the She hulk character cuz right now it looks like a mix of The Sims and Shrek.” Both comments received over 500 Likes from other admirers.

‘How does her CGI look like this, Loki and WandaVision looked far better lol’ asks another remark from a fan, who adds, ‘This might need to go back to post.’

“It’s gotten so many views because it looks so bad,” a third enthusiast says.

A disgruntled Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) fan explains, “The views were because word spread about the terrible CGI.”

Another fan chimed in with their thoughts “It’s a promising start. However, the computer graphics may use an upgrade. It has a poor, dreadful, and incomplete appearance.”

a third said, “You have three months to improve the CGI, come on Marvel, we understand it’s a series therefore the budget is limited, but the CGI is surprisingly terrible. “

Someone else echoed this sentiment, recalling the massive Sonic the Hedgehog controversy: “They mended Sonic, they can fix Shulkie.”

Can She-Hulk’s CGI Problems Be Solved Before The Film’s Publication?

The first trailer does not hide the fact that some of She-CGI Hulk’s aren’t quite up to snuff. The Smart Hulk, played by Mark Ruffalo, has a polished performance in most situations, but Tatiana Maslany’s She-Hulk comes across as incomplete in many of her scenes.

VFX delays have wreaked havoc on Marvel Studios and the rest of the film business recently. Due to COVID-19, the VFX industry has faced a large backlog of shots to be finished, resulting in delays for numerous blockbusters.

From a post-production standpoint, the nine-episode series She-Hulk stars a wholly CGI-created hero, making the project a tremendous task. Despite the fact that the courtroom comedy launches on Disney+ in three months, there is still plenty of time for these images to be refined.

Some are quick to point out that She-Hulk is a streaming series, not a movie, and use that to defend the show’s high quality. As evidence of Disney’s willingness to spend movie-level money on Disney+, Marvel Studios’ most ambitious CGI project to date, The Mandalorian, should suffice as proof.

In Sonic the Hedgehog’s case, the studio was able to fix things up in time for release despite the character’s first appearance is horrible. When the next She-Hulk image is out, things are sure to look a lot better.

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The first trailer was shown at Disney’s 2022 Upfront event, which showcased the company’s next television projects. She-Hulk was the obvious choice for the House of Mouse to premiere something fresh from the MCU, which is probably its greatest brand, and the trailer release may have been pushed back sooner than originally anticipated.

Here you can watch She-Hulk: Attorney At Law Trailer:

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