Jason Kidd's Legal Troubles Show Mavericks and Sports Never Got It
Jason Kidd's Legal Troubles Show Mavericks and Sports Never Got It

Jason Kidd Is Back As Dallas Mavericks Coach

Just remember that Jason Kidd is on the Dallas Mavericks bench whenever the team makes a statement about diversity or equality.

Kidd, the Mavericks’ veteran point guard, has reportedly been appointed as the team’s new head coach. For the sake of nostalgia and ticket sales, one of the NBA’s most successful organizations decided to overlook the legal issues surrounding a former player.

Despite A Long Rap Sheet, The Mavericks May Hire Kidd

The Mavericks reportedly plan to employ Jason Kidd as their new head coach in 2020, despite his extensive rap sheet.

When the Dallas Mavericks hired Jason Kidd as the team’s new head coach, they made the wrong decision because Kidd has a long criminal record.
As a triple-double machine, Kidd captivated a generation of basketball fans in the New York and New Jersey area.

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Legal issues and questionable judgments plagued him even outside of the courtroom. When his wife Joumana was physically assaulted, her husband, according to ESPN, admitted to spousal abuse and underwent anger management therapy. Afterward, she claimed that he had kicked her in the stomach.

He also admitted to driving under the influence of alcohol after smashing into a utility pole with his SUV in 2012. He was later banned for two games by the NBA.

Throughout his career as a professional basketball player, Kidd fought with teammates and coaches alike. When Kidd had a disagreement with teammate Jim Jackson in 1996, the Dallas Mavericks sent him to the Phoenix Suns. A month after screaming at Byron Scott while with the Nets in December 2003, the team let him go.

Mavericks And Sports Don’t Understand It

In September 2018, the Mavericks organization published the conclusions of a comprehensive inquiry of the team’s culture. According to CNBC, the probe uncovered β€œnumerous instances of sexual harassment and other illegal workplace conduct.”

Mavericks governor Mark Cuban promised to donate $10 million to groups that combated domestic abuse and β€œsupport the leadership and development of women in sport.” It’d be interesting to see what those groups think of the team’s decision to hire Kidd, someone who once pled guilty to spousal abuse.

Kidd wasn’t exactly an intriguing candidate based on his past head coaching experience. On the other side, he is a superb teacher β€” Giannis Antetokounmpo became a full-fledged star with Kidd’s instruction β€” and has a keen basketball mind. But no one should have come away impressed by his tenures with the Nets and Milwaukee Bucks, Bucks, which resulted in a lifetime 183-190 regular-season record and only one postseason series victory.

Sports franchises are private enterprises that constantly emphasize apparent talent over legal history and distractions. It’s why the NFL world has rallied around Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy to earn a head coaching opportunity despite a legal history that, among other incidents, includes him being arrested for investigation of harassing a female parking lot attendant, who he allegedly grabbed by the neck from behind.

If the Mavericks wanted an experienced coach to replace Rick Carlisle, why not try to get Terry Stotts back? Stotts spent four seasons on the Mavericks’ bench from 2008-12 as Carlisle’s assistant. He did a terrific job managing superstars CJ McCollum and Damian Lillard on the Portland Trail Blazers.

Stotts doesn’t sell tickets or generate enthusiasm; that’s why. The Mavericks, over three years after coming out against domestic violence and bad workplace cultures, feel their savior is someone who pleaded guilty to spousal abuse. So other than optics, why even put out such statements and donations?

How Can Other Teams Learn From Kidd’s Hiring?

How Can Other Teams Learn From Kidd's Hiring?
How Can Other Teams Learn From Kidd’s Hiring?

Zero-tolerance policies for coaches and players are unlikely to be adopted by professional sports leagues. Franchises must instead ensure that an applicant has been thoroughly screened with a rap sheet that goes beyond a mere record of public intoxication at the age of 18.

Joe Cullen, the Jaguars’ defensive coordinator, is a great illustration of this. Police in Michigan arrested Cullen on two separate occasions in the summer of 2006, first for nude driving and then for DUI. Cullen told Sports Illustrated more than a decade later that following those charges, he had an emotional chat with his grandfather and hadn’t had any alcohol since.

People can rise from their worst situations and become better human beings if they work hard and accept responsibility. Cullen is an example of this. A defensive coordinator can’t be hired without being thoroughly checked out by other clubs.

On the other hand, Kidd is again another illustration of how talent and brand recognition are indispensable.

Despite Criticism, Jason Kidd Is Back As Dallas Mavericks Coach

Former Dallas Mavericks player Jason Kidd was named the team’s new head coach on Thursday. At their first press conference since the outbreak began, the two were joined by new general manager Nico Harrison.

In 1994, Kidd was selected by the Mavericks as an undrafted free agent. He returned to the Dallas Mavericks in 2011 after two seasons as coach of the Los Angeles Lakers and helped the team win a title. It’s official: Kidd has replaced Rick Carlisle as the team’s longstanding head coach.

“It’s been a great ride,” he stated, after getting drafted and winning Rookie of the Year, winning a championship, and returning to coach the club.

When asked if he was excited to work with Luka Doncic, Kidd replied he was, adding that he hoped to help the team improve its squad and win another title.

His statement was based on his time while living in Milwaukee (LA), New York City (NYC), and LA. “I’ve been around stars like him, and I think he has the ability to try something new,” he explained. To assist him to succeed and remove some of the pressure he’s under, he says, “It’s my responsibility to help you succeed.”

Before joining the Dallas Mavericks, Nico Harrison spent nearly two decades working for Nike.

Harrison remarked, “the finest thing to do with an all-star NBA player is to be surrounded by a Hall of Fame coach that played his position and let that two vibe off each other.” ” As Harrison stated,

It is the second time in recent months that an NBA coach has been hired who has sparked debate over the league’s stance on violence against women.

Kidd pleaded convict to spousal abuse in 2001. In response to a reporter’s query on how the team’s decision to hire Kidd would affect women who have been the victims of domestic abuse, Cynthia Marshall, the CEO of Dallas Mavericks, shared a personal experience of her own.

Described the impact on her family, saying “It’s not right; it’s not proper.” In order to move on with our lives, “we’ve done what we had to do. We’ve been there, done that, sought help.”

Any victim of domestic violence would have the utmost respect and compassion from Marshall.

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“All I can do is pray for them. “I can’t give someone advise since I don’t know their personal situation,” she said. “I am a lady of faith, so I have spent a lot of time on my knees and a lot of time praying” to be able to talk to you about this.

There have been rumors that Kidd has altered his behavior. He said in his news conference on Thursday that he and Marshall, who has backed his hiring, had a lengthy talk.

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