Sofia Franklyn Boyfriend Is She Single Or Not?
Sofia Franklyn Boyfriend Is She Single Or Not?

Sofia Franklyn Boyfriend: Is She Single Or Not?

Sofia Franklyn and Alexandra Cooper, another Barstool originator, co-hosted the Call Her Daddy show before their online spat with David Portnoy. Sofia now presents her own podcast, Sofia with an F, and is beginning her own business as a result of the animosity between the two women.

In addition to the COVID-19 pandemic, these issues have kept the internet personalities very busy. In spite of this, many of Sofia’s fans still want to know more about her.

Sofia and Alex would discuss their dating situations a lot on the Call Her Daddy podcast, but they never mentioned specific individuals by name.

But what about Sofia’s love life now? Is she still seeing the enigmatically handsome “Suitman”? Fans have a lot of questions about it, but Sofia’s desire for secrecy on the topic means many of those queries will remain unanswered.

Who Is Sofia Franklyn?

Sofia Franklyn is a well-known American internet personality. She is a podcaster and blogger who was born on July 22nd, 1992. Her name is Sofia Franklyn, and she’s 28 years old. An economics alum, she graduated from the University of Utah with her bachelor’s degree. After working in the financial sector for some time, she decided to enter the entertainment industry.

The decision to leave her career and move to Los Angeles was a life-changing event for her. Initially, she worked at Barstool Sports, where she covered blogs, videos, and podcasts. Her interest in podcasting was piqued as a result of the experience. In addition to Sofia Franklyn’s enticing physique, the podcast became even more intriguing.

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Is Sofia Franklyn Still With Suitman?

Since her split from Call Her Daddy, Sofia has kept her dating life under wraps, making it difficult to tell if she’s still with Suitman.

Barstool’s president David and Sofia’s co-founder Alexandra had a major falling-out in the middle of the year 2020. Their contract with the corporation had one year left, but Sofia’s boyfriend suggested they look around for a better bargain on their work.

That’s when the public learned who “Suitman” actually was. Former HBO executive Peter Nelson is actually Sofia’s lover who she talked about extensively on the podcast using a pseudonym to preserve his anonymity.

Ever since David exposed the identity of Sofia’s boyfriend, she has kept a very low profile when it comes to her love life and has not provided any updates to her social media followers on the status of her relationship with Suitman.

Β Is Sofia Franklyn Single?

According to Sofia’s prior statement, she has decided to keep her personal life private at this moment for fear of a repeat of the Barstool issue.

Since Sofia is no longer working with Call Her Daddy, she will no longer be creating content that is centered around her love life.

However, we do know for sure that Sofia is now in a romantic relationship. After being isolated throughout the pandemic, she returned to New York City in an April episode of her podcast.

While shopping for an apartment in New York, she spotted a one-bedroom apartment in SoHo that she was pleased about, but her boyfriend inquired about moving in together, which made her reconsider her decision.

The rest of the episode was spent discussing her desire to live alone rather than with her present boyfriend, despite the fact that they had been together for quite some time. Even if we don’t know his name, we can at least tell that he’s not a stranger in her life.

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Sofia Franklyn’s Personal Relationship

Anyone interested in Sofia Franklyn’s love life would want to learn more. Many people assume that the actor has been dating a sports executive from HBO for some time. Peter Nelson is the executive’s name. They also tried to hide details about their past from the general public. However, Nelson was able to maintain his status as a “suitman” because of this matter of quiet.

To keep his identity a secret, she began calling him “Whitman” instead of his given name. Some say they’ve broken up, although it’s not true at all These rumors have yet to be validated by the two parties involved. Due to the epidemic, the actress currently lives with her mother in Utah.

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