Lil Keed Cause Of Death How Did He Die?
Lil Keed Cause Of Death How Did He Die?

Lil Keed Cause Of Death: How Did He Die At Just 24?

Lil Keed, a melodious Atlanta rapper with a sensitive voice, died Friday in Los Angeles.

His record label, 300 Entertainment, acknowledged his death on Saturday but gave no cause. Saturday night, Keed was supposed to perform in Charlotte, N.C.

According to his doctors, Lil Keed died of liver failure after taking the experimental Covid-19 vaccination. Lil Keed first opposed the immunization, but his brother persuaded him.

Raqhid Render, an Atlanta rapper, has worked with many famous musicians.

Lil Gotit verified it to Vancouver Times reporters. His family will sue Pfizer for wrongful death.

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Rachid Jevon Render was born on March 16, 1998, in the Cleveland Avenue neighborhood of southwest Atlanta, near the Fulton County community of East Point. In the three-part mixtape series “Trapped on Cleveland,” he detailed his difficult upbringing there. The final episode came out in 2020.

β€œI dive deep into my tale and let everyone see what I went through, how I rose up,” he remarked then.

Lil Keed joined 300 and Young Stoner Life Records, or YSL, in 2018, under the mentorship of his instructor, the melodic rapper Young Thug. A grand jury in Fulton County indicted Young Thug and 27 others last week on RICO charges. The indictment accuses YSL of murders, robberies, and drug dealing.

Keed, who was not charged, commented on social media: “YSL is a family, a label, a way of life, a lifestyle, and not a gang.”


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In 2020, he was named to XXL magazine’s annual Freshman Class issue, a launchpad for rappers. His breakout tune, “Nameless,” a bawdy singsong, was awarded gold the year before.

Keed released seven full-length albums in two years, working with Lil Yachty, Gunna, Future, Lil Uzi Vert, and Roddy Ricch.

Lil Gotit, his brother and frequent collaborator react on Instagram. “I cried,” he wrote. “I know what you want me to do: go hard for Mama Daddy Our Brothers.”

Keed is survived by Naychur, his daughter, and Qana Bandz, his girlfriend. β€œWhat do I tell Naychur?” she asked. “What should I tell our newborn?”

Keed was candid about his desire to develop beyond the sometimes gloomy Southern street rap tales that had caught his attention. XXL: “I want to be a megastar.” “I’m no superstar. I want to be famous.”

Through his acquaintance with advertising executive and motivational guru Gary Vaynerchuk, Keed nearly participated in a 2019 Planters Super Bowl commercial with Mr. Peanut and Alex Rodriguez. The role failed. Later that year, Mr. Vaynerchuk pushed Keed to use TikTok to reach new audiences.

β€œI’ll do it,” Keed said, inspired. “He told me,” I’ll reply.

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Keed claimed his new song was reflecting it. β€œBack then, I was talking about standard rapper stuff: shooting, killing,” he told Complex.

He said, “I was talking about street stuff and stuff surrounding me.” Now that I’ve grown and moved out of that circumstance, I’m letting people know why I was so trapped in Cleveland, with all the shootings. I had to go to help myself and my family.

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