Gunna Young Thug and His Indictment Puts Rap on Trial
Gunna Young Thug and His Indictment Puts Rap on Trial

Gunna: Young Thug and His Indictment Puts Rap on Trial

When Young Thug and Gunna were indicted on RICO charges, Metro Boomin used social media to support them. Asked about his thoughts on the case, how society views black leaders, and the presumption that Young Slime Life is a street gang, the mega-producer gave his thoughts.

In a tweet, the 28-year-old said, “YSL is not a gang and has never been a gang dumb.” When you think about how many jobs and chances YSL has given to those who are less fortunate than themselves, you realize how huge Thug’s heart is.

“I’ve witnessed firsthand thousands of black people and their family’s lives changed for the better over the past 10 years now #they are trying to chop the head off the snake because #they see how much bigger it gets every year,” he wrote in another tweet.

Following on from that, the “Ric Flair Drip” producer weighed in with his thoughts on the historical significance of Gunna and Young Thug’s arrests, using the current circumstances.

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As soon as a legendary African-American leader arises with the strength and respect that he has earned, they try to stifle the movement by filing bogus charges against him.” For the past 100 years or so, this has been the case in American history.”

He also expressed his disgust for the “Pushin P” rappers’ song lyrics being used against them by police enforcement and wished his frequent partners well.

Indicting n*ggas by quoting song lyrics is lame as f*** and a joke.” Corporations like these have gained billions of dollars over the past decade by using the same lyrics in their music videos. Waiting to see who will use the same resources now that the coin has turned….” Metro Boomin stated.

On Monday, a 56-count indictment was filed against 28 people, including Young Thug and Gunna (May 9). Both are being jailed without bail at the moment. As a result of his arrest, Young Thug faces charges of racketeering influence and corrupt organizations (RICO) as well as involvement in a street gang. After a search of his home, he was hauled into custody and more charges were brought against him. On a single count of conspiracy to violate the RICO Act, Gunna surrendered himself.

Fani Willis, the new district attorney of Fulton County, Georgia, announced at a press conference that her first priority is to combat gangs. The explanation for this is simple: In our neighborhood, they are responsible for at least 75% to 80% of all violent crimes. “

Why Does It Take Two Days For Gunna To Surrender Himself To Police?

Β Since their arrests as part of a massive RICO indictment earlier this week, Gunna and Young Thug have been hot topics of discussion. Gunna surrendered to authorities on Wednesday, a day after Young Thug was arrested following the announcement of the indictment by Fulton County prosecutors on Monday (May 9).

It appears that TMZ has come up with a reasonable justification for the delay. Before he could surrender, Gunna had a slew of business matters to wrap up and family members to see. Because of their closeness, it was crucial for him to see his mother.

His next video for “Banking On Me,” as well as the release dates for new music, had to be finalized before Gunna’s show. While this was going on, he also wanted time to discuss the situation with his legal team.

There is presently one count against Gunna for conspiring to break the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO). After an investigation that lasted about a year into the Young Slime Life (YSL) clan, which authorities claim is a “criminal street gang,” he was officially indicted along with Young Thug and 26 other people.

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Fulton County Jail holds both Young Thug and Gunna without bond. “Mr. Sergio Kitchens, known as Gunna, is innocent,” assert Donald F. Samuel, John A. Garland, and Kristen W. Novay, Gunna’s attorneys, in a statement to TMZ. A criminal plot is depicted in the indictment through his music. It is an honor for us to represent Mr. Kitchens as an advocate for his community.

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