Where Is Candy Montgomery's Husband? What Happens At The End?
Where Is Candy Montgomery's Husband? What Happens At The End?

Where Is Candy Montgomery Husband? What Happens At The End?

Candy investigates Betty Gore’s 1980 death and Candy Montgomery’s relationships, notably with her husband Pat. Timothy Simons, known for Veep’s Jonah Ryan, plays Pat in Candy. He co-stars with Jessica Biel in the film. Here is everything you need to know about where is he now.

Where Is Candy Montgomery’s Husband Pat?

Pat met his wife, then Candy Wheeler, when he was an electrical engineer at Texas Instruments and she was a secretary. According to Texas Monthly, the pair married in the early 1970s and moved to Wylie, Texas, in 1977.

Candy was classified as an “army brat” who moved often due to her radar technician father. She reportedly wanted to settle down.

Pat’s $70,000 paycheck provided “everything Candy had ever wanted” for his family, but their routine left her “bored mad.” Candy had an affair with Betty Gore’s husband Allan from late 1978 until July 1979, shortly after Bethany’s birth.

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Candy and Pat would argue “more than usual” before the affair. One disagreement apparently stemmed from Pat’s “insensitivity” when he only glanced at Candy’s A+ writing class papers.

Candy “always felt absolutely normal around Pat, possibly because she was convinced he would never suspect a thing”

In 1980, Candy was accused of the murder of Betty, but her relationship with Pat remained normal. Pat felt “heartened” when Candy was released on bail, according to Texas Monthly, and he supported her throughout her trial.

Candy and Montgomery moved to Georgia after a jury acquitted them. They split four years later, and Pat has been in the shadows since.

Simons said he didn’t meet his real-life counterpart because consultants had already done so.

“Our consultants have met the genuine folks,” he said. I’ve never met any television characters. “I didn’t need it since it’s a dramatization.” I went to case specialists or reporters and did a lot of reading.”

Simons said he joked with Jessica about how easy Montgomery was to play in the first few episodes. Especially in the first episode, when Pat is having the time of his life.”

What Happens At The End Of Candy?

We’ve seen snippets of the trial throughout the series, but in the end, we see it all. The DA thinks this case is closed since you can’t claim self-defense after hitting someone 41 times with an ax, right? He knows what to do. He must tell the court, jury, and small-town gossip that Candy killed Betty, but Betty attacked her first. The judge has no patience with Crowder’s shenanigans and frequently holds him in contempt, which backfires and gains Candy’s sympathy.

Instead of helping, Allan makes Candy look more sympathetic when he testifies.

It’s time. Candy fights. She’s reluctant, but she really delivers. Candy had childhood trauma when her mother consistently shushed her following a traumatic beating. After some bogus small chat, Betty confronted Candy about her involvement with Allan on the day of the murder. Candy acknowledged that it had happened, but Candy had no desire to continue. Betty refused and went to get an ax.

She told Candy to avoid her family, especially Allan, and never to see her again. Candy apologized as Betty attacked her and pushed her into the utility room. When the infant cried, the mothers paused. Betty shushed Candy, which triggered her, and Candy hit Betty 41 times, 28 in the head, in self-defense. Candy tried and failed to clean up the situation, so she showered off the blood and ignored the baby. She departed, went to church, and went about her day. Her narrative stands.

Candy’s stand-up is impressive. The judge, court attendants, and even Betty’s ghost seem to dispute this story. The DA cross-examines her and gets her to acknowledge that Allan wasn’t her last affair. The defense says Candy wasn’t obsessed with Allan and had no reason to kill Betty. Candy is forced to disclose her affair to an enraged Pat, but the defense and Candy ask him to keep his calm.

Candy is found… not guilty. Betty’s parents are sad, the Judge is enraged, the DA is stunned, and Don Crowder is sentenced to jail for contempt of court. Later, he ran for governor. Loser. Betty’s parents nearly spat in Allan’s face as he approaches them. Allan marries Elaine.

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Candy is glad the “nonsense” is finished so she can return to her usual life. Normality is gone. Candy lied to her best friend Sherry (Jessie Mueller). Ax murder is nothing, but lying? Unacceptable. When you do something like this in a small town, normal becomes a distant memory. Candy finishes the show by eating a peppermint.

She changed her identity, moved, and became a counselor. Having your cake and eating it, too.

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