Candy Justin Timberlake Cop How Was He Cast In The Series
Candy Justin Timberlake Cop How Was He Cast In The Series

Candy Justin Timberlake Cop: How Was He Cast In The Series?

Spoiler alert: Don’t read if you haven’t seen “Candy” on Hulu.

“Candy” viewers knew that Melanie Lynskey’s real-life husband, Jason Ritter, was participating in the new series, but they didn’t expect to see Justin Timberlake as one of the other cops working Betty’s murder investigation.

Timberlake suggested appearing on the show. This time, they didn’t swap scripts or notes.

“He adored the shows and asked, ‘Who’s this guy?'” β€˜Oh, I dunno,’ I answered. Atlanta native? We’ve run out of cash. We spent it all on our primary cast, and this is our last cast member,'” she tells Variety. “He said, ‘I’ll do it.'” I thought, “That’s amusing.” I hope you do this, but I know it’s not true. “No,” he says. True. He’s funny, but he sees through her story. He’s her main foe. He doesn’t believe it from the start.”

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Biel called Michelle Purple after confirming Timberlake’s seriousness. Purple had spoken to Timberlake before she called. Next, Robin Veith, Nick Antosca, and Mike Uppendahl were called. Then they met Timberlake.

He wanted a fake belly and wig. He says, “Don’t pay me.” Make sure I have my wig and prosthetic belly.'” Biel says. β€˜We can do that!’

A few weeks later, when casting the other police officer, Veith thought of Ritter, especially since they discovered the two would be reenacting what happened in the finale. Ritter plays Melanie’s Betty to Timberlake’s Candy.

“We blew. Funny! And it turned out great because those two should have their own cop buddy sitcom. So cute together,” Biel remarks. “We know Justin is funny. Amazing Jason. It’s not surprising, but wow. β€œIt was great to see their work.”

“At first, I wondered if I’d be able to be free and if my fears would get the best of me because my partner was sitting across from me. She was unsure, but it was the contrary. “It was easy to improvise, and they made the set more exciting by improvising together. It allowed me to do so. He’s a strong supporter of my in our relationship, at work, and individually, so he helped me feel comfortable. Same with me. I hope he agreed. But it was fun being rivals.”

Biel hopes to work with Timberlake again. “We’ve always been inquisitive about when and what would happen. β€œIt must be right,” she says. “Playing romantic leads is tricky. Do it well. What’s the next step from here? What now? It broadened my mind to various ways we can collaborate.

Episode 4 Of Hulu’s ‘Candy’ Features Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake makes a surprise appearance in Candy Episode 4 around minute 7:00. A deputy awakens slowly after receiving a phone call in a dark room. When he goes through his closet, viewers realize it’s Timberlake. Then he faces the camera, but he isn’t the beloved NSYNC pop icon. His hairstyle is from the 80s.

Next, he’s Deputy Steve Defibaugh. His hair is groomed, but his sideburns are visible. He starts snapping photos at the crime site to find Betty Gore (Melanie Lynskey).

Timberlake’s Defibaugh exclaims, “Damn it, Dave.” “I know you’re sincere. Crime scene items shouldn’t be taken. Return it to its original spot.

How Justin Timberlake Was Cast In Candy Opposite Jessica Biel?

How Justin Timberlake Was Cast In Candy Opposite Jessica Biel?
How Justin Timberlake Was Cast In Candy Opposite Jessica Biel?

Hulu’s five-part drama Candy, which has new episodes every day this week, debuted by Justin Timberlake on Thursday. The musician-actor plays Steven Defibaugh, the Collin County detective investigating Betty Gore’s ax murder (Melanie Lynskey). He questions Betty’s widower, Allan (Pablo Schreiber), and her killer, neighbor Candy Montgomery.

Biel is an executive producer of Candy and co-created the series with Michelle Purple. Timberlake frequently scans his wife’s scripts, providing criticism and remarks. But he went one step further in this situation. After reading the fourth episode, he called Purple and asked who was performing the character. “She said, ‘Probably a local hireβ€”we spent our money on this other cast, so somebody amazing [who’s] local,'” Biel told Vanity Fair. “Justin answered, ‘I see a way in. I want this role. She says, “Okay, sure,” and he says, “No, really.”

Biel assumed Timberlake was joking until he convinced her. (Biel asked, “You know we can’t pay you, right?”) He thought the character interesting despite the short screen time. He also appears in Friday’s finale. In response, Purple arranged a meeting with co-creator and showrunner Robin Veith.

β€œI’ve never been more flattered than by all the difficulties these people went through to pitch Justin Timberlake for my show,” adds Veith with a giggle. Michelle called my cocreator Nick Antosca, and they discussed giving me the choice to say no. Who could refuse?

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Veith said of the climax, which features Timberlake and an unknown guest actor, “I love it because it’s a meta-statement that serves our overarching message, which is, this is not a documentary.” You’re viewing a dramatization. It was all towards our ultimate goal.”

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