Blue Exorcist Season 2 Plot, Cast, Trailer, and Reviews
Blue Exorcist Season 2 Plot, Cast, Trailer, and Reviews

Blue Exorcist Season 2: Plot, Cast, Trailer, and Reviews

A-1 Pictures animates the second season of the Blue Exorcist anime series, which is called Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga. Based on Kazue Kato’s manga series of the same name, it is a film. Tensai Okamura was replaced as series director by Koichi Hatsumi. As of March 24, 2017, the series was airing on MBS’s Animism programming block.

Itteki no Eikyo by Uverworld is the opening theme song, while Kono Te de by Rin Akatsuki is the ending theme song.

What Is The Blue Exorcist?

In the first place, it should be noted that this is an episode of the Japanese dark fantasy anime television series. For now, all we know is that the Japanese are skilled at creating original, visually stunning animated programs with compelling plots. One of these is Blue Exorcist.
On April 4th, 2009, it had its public premiere. There’s been a lot of buzz about this TV show ever since it debuted. Season 2 of Blue Exorcist follows as a result.

It takes about six years to perfect this season. It’s hard to believe. Yes, it is correct. When A-1 Pictures saw this show, they knew it would be a big hit. It’s time to get back to work on Blue Exorcist’s second season.

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Blue Exorcist Season 2 Release Date

As of January 7, 2017, ‘Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga’, or Blue Exorcist Season 2, was airing on Japanese television. Each episode in this season clocks in at 24 minutes long. Season 3 of Blue Exorcist has been announced, and you can read all about it right here.

Blue Exorcist Season 2 Plot

The second season of The Blue Exorcist does not pick up where the first one left off. In contrast to the portrayal of Rin, who has always been depicted as a kind and approachable individual, suddenly his friend is criticizing him for being Satan’s kid instead of supporting him. No one has ever been harmed by Rin’s abilities, even in the first series. When he does utilize them, he only does it in the service of others. Rin, on the other hand, does not appear to have changed in any significant way. He hasn’t changed from the warm and approachable person he’s always been. Friends who supported him in the final few episodes of the first season now fear him after learning his true identity.

Everyone is terrified of Rin’s blue flames, which signify his evil ancestry. As a result, even the most forgiving characters are unable to forgive anyone who has those blue flames in their possession. It doesn’t matter to them that the current character who has them has never hurt anyone, because to them, that is irrelevant. Despite the fact that the manga’s Kyoto arc is not yet complete, the first episode somehow manages to fill in the gaps. To be honest, it’s starting to seem like I’m watching a brand-new show altogether. A-1 Pictures studios deserve all the credit for pulling this off in the greatest possible way while also managing to keep the entire event from going off the rails.

Only Rin’s brother and a girl named Izumo seem to welcome Rin later as he attempts to harness his evil power and make amends with his friends. In addition to Rin, everyone is on edge when the left eye of a strong demon is stolen from the subterranean keep of their academy. The ex-wires may view Rin as a threat, but with the demon’s eye taken, they will need all the strength they can muster to investigate and apprehend the thief. The possibility that the traitor is one of them gradually transforms the show into a much darker thriller, demonstrating that all of the storyline adjustments have been worthwhile. Consider how monotonous the show would be if Rin had a cordial relationship with everyone. Then the anime would be just about the ex-wires attempting to find the traitor, without the additional drama that this one provides. ‘

Blue Exorcist Season 2 Cast

Blue Exorcist Season 2 Cast
Blue Exorcist Season 2 Cast

Nobuhiko Okamoto(Rin Okumura)

My Hero Academia (2016), Chrome Shelled Regios (2009), and Guilty Crown (2012) are all works by Nobuhiko Okamoto (2011)

Brian Beacock (Renzo Shima)

American actor and voice actor Brian Keith Beacock (born March 29, 1966, in Hayward, California) works with a number of companies, including Bang Zoom Entertainment, SDI Media, Studiopolis, Magnitude 8 Post, the Dubbing Brothers, and Salami Studios.

Beacock has appeared in over 100 films and television projects. As a voice actor, he is best known for his work on Zatch Bell!, Blue Exorcist, Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion, Takato Matsuki in Digimon, Battle B-Daman and Yumichika Ayasegawa in Bleach.

Brina Palencia(Mamushi Hojo)

Brina Michelle Palencia (born February 13, 1984, in Oklahoma, USA), often billed as Jasmine Mendigo, is an American voice actor, vocalist, and ADR director who works for OkraTron 5000, FUNimation Entertainment, and Bang Zoom! Entertainment.

She is notable for voicing Chiaotzu and Puar in Dragon Ball Z Kai, Ciel Phantomhive in Black Butler, Hideyoshi Kinoshita in Baka and Test: Summon the Beasts, Juvia Lockser in Fairy Tail, Rei Ayanami in Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone and Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance, Silvia De Alisia in Aquarion, Ruiko Saten in A Certain Scientific Railgun, Touka Kirishima in Tokyo Ghoul, Yuno Gasai in The Future Diary, Tony Tony Chopper in One Piece and Vi Graythorn in Case Closed.

Christine Marie Cabanos (Shiemi Moriyama)

Her credits include Bang Zoom! Entertainment, FUNimation Entertainment, VSI Los Angeles, SDI Media, and NYAV Post. Christine Marie Cabanos was born on July 12, 1988, in the United States. Shimi Moriyama (Blue Exorcist), Shimi Moriyama (Blue Exorcist), Mako Mankanshoku (Kill la Kill), and Madoka Kaname (Puella Magi) were some of her best-known roles. Ayano in Sword Art Online and Madoka Magica in Sword Art Online.

  • Jake Eberle( Uwabami Hojo)
  • Johnny Yong Bosch ( Yukio Okumura)
  • Keith Silverstein ( Yaozo Shima)
  • Kira Buckland ( Izumo Kamiki)

Blue Exorcist Season 2 Reviews

Season 2 of ‘Blue Exorcist’ is no doubt a touch unnerving if you watched it directly after the first one with completely different anticipation. However, over time, you come to realize the fact that this is for the betterment of the show and enhances the primary plot with more fascinating drama. Negative reviews about the story seem to be the work of those who can’t handle a positive shift in their lives. Keep an open mind and you’ll see just how much better the program is as a result of these tiny plot tweaks. That you wasted so much time on the last few episodes of the first season is frustrating, but the second season more than makes up for it and provides you with a better experience than you had hoped for.

Season two does an excellent job at developing the characters, but there are a few missteps. Preconceived ideas are turned into something altogether different in the first episode of the show. It’s obvious that the anime has issues with it. However, there is probably no better way to accomplish the task. But as the ideas and people are introduced in the first episode, it becomes clear that this season has more emotions, more darkness, and a lot more clarity. And thus, it all works out rather well in the long run. Due to the short run time, the anime’s story arc is fast-paced. Surprisingly, there was never a sense of hurriedness.

Season two keeps the same audio and animation, which we think works well because there’s never been a problem with it. A special thanks go to the anime’s voice actors, who did an incredible job capturing the distinct tones and timbres of each character. In spite of their greatness, the opening and closing tunes become a bit monotonous. They might want to consider modifying them for the upcoming season.

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Blue Exorcist Season 2 Trailer

Here you Can Watch theΒ  trailer of Blue Exorcist Season 2:


In the end, Blue Exorcist is more than simply a typical television show. It’s rare to find a Dark Fantasy series with as many distinct tastes like this one. The excitement around Blue Exorcist Season 2 has just begun.

Meanwhile, a rumor has it that the third episode of this anime series will be the focus of our attention. Season 2 took almost six years to be released, but according to many, this season is the greatest. Regardless of the method used to tie together the plots of the several sequels, it doesn’t matter.

Every time we watch this show, we’re blown away by how much we adore it. For the blue exorcist, A-1 Studio understands that season 2 was their best work yet, and we were able to sense this as we watched season 2.

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