Republican Legislator Says Disney's Battle With Florida's Governor Is Part Of A New Paradigm
Republican Legislator Says Disney's Battle With Florida's Governor Is Part Of A New Paradigm

Republican Legislator Says Disney’s Battle With Florida’s Governor Is Part Of A New Paradigm

Disney’s streaming service gained 7.9 million customers this week, well ahead of the 4.5 million analysts expected. There were fresh sign-ups even though Disney was in the cross-hairs of conservatives as they battled the governor of Florida over the so-called “don’t mention gay statute.”

A question has arisen as to whether this is a one-off fight or a fundamental shift in the relationship between corporations and politics. Republican Rep. Kevin Brady of Texas claimed that the latter is accurate and that American firms are engaging with lawmakers on social concerns when they should be keeping their focus on their core business while keeping their distance from the political process.

When asked about the relationship between business and conservatism, he stated, “We live in a political environment, and I think corporations perform best when they really focus, at least in their interaction with us, on these important concerns of the economy.”

Business involvement in social issues, he said, “is entering a section of politics quite new to them,” and he expected opposition from parties depending on where the corporations stand. He made these comments during an extensive discussion on Thursday.

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All media businesses have seen their stock fall in recent months after Netflix announced that it had lost subscribers. Disney, on the other hand, has fared better than most other major media companies in recent severe economic times.

Determination of whether to enforce the “don’t say homosexual” law

In the wake of Disney’s opposition to a new Florida legislation banning the teaching of problems related to sexual orientation or gender identity to children under the age of third grade, DeSantis has been at odds with the entertainment giant for weeks. As a result of Disney’s objection to a measure formally known as the “Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Act,” the governor successfully urged the Florida legislature to cancel Disney’s special tax status in the Sunshine State last month.

Corporate America is under increasing pressure to weigh in on social issues, like voting rights, abortion, and legislation targeting transgender athletes, as the DeSantis-Disney saga shows.

Brady, a key architect of the 2017 tax reforms that decreased the corporate tax rate, says he prefers firms to focus on economics rather than social problems.

Brady, a Republican member of the House Ways and Means Committee since 2015, says he likes it when the business world focuses on helping people rise to the top.

It is DeSantis’ goal to prevent schools from becoming “playgrounds for ideological debates” with his new law, which takes effect this summer. In spite of this, the new law has been widely criticized – and not just by Disney.

According to critics, students who identify as LGBTQ+ would be silenced, as well as pupils who live in LGBTQ+ households, and instructors’ First Amendment rights could be violated by the legislation.

Governor’s badge is held by a mouse in a costume. Supporters of the Republican-backed candidate in Florida display a Ron DeSantis poster.
A person dressed as a mouse carries a Governor’s hat. Those who support the Republican-backed candidate for governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, display his campaign poster there. Activists against the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, which prohibits schools from teaching pupils about sexual orientation and gender identity, gathered outside Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, on April 16, 2022, to protest.

In an interview, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, the first openly gay member of a presidential Cabinet, criticized the law, saying that if his own children were to grow up in Florida, it “might stop them from mentioning they had a great time over the weekend with their dads.” Disney, on the other hand, claims the bill “never should have been signed into law” and that the firm will strive to repeal or overturn the law. DeSantis’ efforts against Disney have also been slammed by President Joe Biden.

To take down this wall, Reagan told Gorbachev, “Mr. Gorbachev.” Vice President Joe Biden jokingly referred to today’s Republicans as “Mickey Mouse Republicans” at the recent White House Correspondents Dinner. You can be sure they’ll storm Cinderella’s Castle soon, he said. It’s unlikely that the debate between Disney and lawmakers will ever end. However, Sen. Josh Hawley of Missouri has introduced a bill in the Senate that would remove Disney’s special copyright protections, but the Democratic-controlled Senate is unlikely to support it.

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It’s no surprise that Brady, a former leader at local chambers of commerce, is excited about the “opportunity” that a strong economy and growing wages generate for individuals.

With DeSantis, things were very different. The news outlet revealed that Desantis received a direct donation of $50,000 during the 2020 election campaign. Last year, the governor’s administration negotiated with Disney to get it an exception from a rule aimed at enforcing a ban on large digital firms. DeSantis now thinks that was a blunder on his part. Disney has also announced that it has ceased making any political contributions in the state of Florida altogether.

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