Abel Flores Early Life, Career, and About His Relationship With Rosie Rivera
Abel Flores Early Life, Career, and About His Relationship With Rosie Rivera

Abel Flores: Early Life, Career, and About His Relationship With Rosie Rivera

Most people have heard of Rosie Rivera, the well-known American television personality, businesswoman, motivational speaker, and philanthropist. That’s right, Abel Flores is married to the woman who has inspired so many. The emerging Christian singer and songwriter Abel is no slouch in comparison to his wife. He’s also a religious figurehead.

The power of us, a podcast about husband-and-wife relationships, was just started by the pair.

Who is Abel Flores?

This prominent worship leader and singer/songwriter is the spouse of Rosie Rivera Flores, a well-known television personality and businesswoman in the United States. Couples can find support and encouragement from Abel and Rosie’s “The Power of Us” podcast.

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Abel Flores Early Life and Family

As he was born in the United States, Abel Flores is an American citizen. Although he hasn’t stated his ethnicity, he does have some Spanish ancestry. The artist adheres to the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Flores is a bit of a mystery when it comes to divulging personal information. His parents’ names have remained a mystery. Similarly, there is no information regarding his childhood or siblings. Alternatively, Flores may be the sole child in her family.

Flores has graduated from high school. There is some evidence to suggest that he has also finished his college requirements, although this has not been confirmed as of yet.

Abel Flores Career

Abel Flores has only recently begun his professional career. Flores is a vocalist by trade. The artist has a YouTube presence in addition to his music career. In 2010, he made his debut appearance on the channel. Abel’s worship is the name of Flores’ love clothing brand.

About Rosie Rivera and Abel Flores’s Relationship

Despite his lovely demeanor, you are unable to send him a private message because he is already married. When it comes to Rosie Rivera, Flores is inseparable. Flores was sixteen when they first met, and Rivera was twenty-six at the time. At first, their relationship was derided by the wide age disparity between them. However, the young lovers let it get to them.

They were married in 2011 not long after Flores became legal adulthood. With the addition of their two children, they now have a warm and supportive environment to call their own. Samantha Chay Flores and Elas Melek Flores are their children. Rosie’s prior connection with Flores resulted in the birth of Flores’ daughter, Kassandra Rivera.

Who is Rosie Rivera?

One of five children raised by the Riveras, Rosie is the baby of the family. She had a really difficult childhood that nearly ruined her. Rosie was eight years old when her sister’s husband began abusing her sexually. In the event that Rosie came forward with the details of the sexual abuse she was subjected to, he threatened to kill her sister.

Everything changed for her when she found out that her niece was being abused too. She was able to tell her parents and the police about her abuser because of this information. Rosie’s brother-in-law was eventually sentenced to prison for the years of sexual abuse she suffered at his hands of him.

Her suffering, however, did not end there. Rosie was unable to overcome the years of physical and emotional abuse she had suffered. It got to the point where she was contemplating suicide.

She chose at the age of 25 to overcome her past and inspire others. She chronicled her experiences with sexual molestation in the memoir My Broken Pieces. After the success of the book, she went on to write numerous more.

Aside from Taking Your Power Back, Rosie is also the author of Finding Beauty In The Ashes. Rosie is a motivational speaker as well.

As Jenni Rivera’s sister, Rosie is well-known in the music industry. Jenni tragically perished in an aircraft crash in 2012. Rosie was made sole executor of her sister’s estate after she passed away. Rosie was devastated. In her new role, she’s in charge of Jenni’s riches and Jenni Enterprises as its chief executive. Rosie also looks after the children of her sister.

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How Much Is Rosie Rivera and Abel Flores Net Worth?

In 2022, Rosie Rivera’s estimated net worth is $14 million. Her success as an author and motivational speaker has earned her a sizable fortune. She has written a number of books during the course of her career. Rosie earns about $300,000 per year as a motivational speaker. Abel Flore’s net worth is $1.3 Million in 2022.

At Jenni Rivera Enterprise, Rosie is the CEO and clearly makes a substantial salary. In addition, she makes money from her popular television series in Mexico.

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