Who Is Paul Wesley’s Wife(Ines de Roman): About Their love Story and Marriage

Are you #TeamDamon or #TeamStefan, all you Vampire Diaries fans out there? Both of these men are quite attractive. However, when discussing their real-life relationships, you might be surprised to learn how much less of a womanizer they are.

Paul Wesley, like his co-star Ian Somerhalder, is married. In 2019, this Beneath the Blue actor and Ines de Ramon, a model, and actress, tied the married. Additionally, Paul’s former relationships are interesting to note. To learn more about his real-life romances, be sure to check back often!

Who Is Paul Wesley?

In his professional life, Paul Wesley is the stage and screen name of Pawel Tomasz Wasilewski (born July 23, 1982). Since 2009, he has been most recognized for playing Stefan Salvatore in The Vampire Diaries (2009–2017). Additionally, he is well-known for his part as James T. Kirk in the second season of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds on Paramount+, which aired from 2018 to 2020.

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Who is Paul Wesley’s Wife, Ines de Ramon?

When it comes to personal matters, Paul Wesley has an unusual preference for secrecy. Although he does have a social media presence on Instagram and Twitter, it’s mostly for the purpose of promoting his work and sharing his thoughts on current events.

He remarked that he didn’t care about the fame and attention he received, especially after starring in The Vampire Diaries series.

As the actor said to Parade, “I think it’s adorable and sweet, but I don’t think too much about it.”

According to his Instagram, he and Ian Somerhalder are the owners of the brand name “Brothers Bond Bourbon” for their bourbon products, which they frequently market on Instagram and Twitter.

Paul Wesley and Ines de Ramon may or may not have already been married. Because the couple opted to keep their weddings a secret, and even their wedding party was private, this is perfectly normal.

After witnessing them wearing similar wedding rings on multiple occasions, fans and the media began to believe they were married. However, they do not discuss it openly. Paul once posted a picture of her in a black outfit with her back turned to the camera and remarked, “Throwback Thursday. New York City’s San Gennaro Festival

Ines is Paul’s second wife; he has a first wife, and a mother. He had already been married twice before he met her. We’ll talk about his ex-wives Torrey DeVito and Phoebe Tonkin later.


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Ines de Ramon Biography

The life story of Ines De Ramon is here. 1992 was the year of birth for Paul Wesley’s spouse, who was born in the United States. Do you know the wife of Paul Wesley She will be 28 in 2020? Due to the celebrity’s extreme secrecy, nothing is known about her upbringing, including the names of her parents and siblings. @inesdrmn’s Instagram account The source is the University of Georgia At the University of Geneva, she earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in International Business. The integrative Nutrition Health Coach is now a certified professional.

Ines De Roman Career

Wesley started directing after a long career as an actor, which is fantastic. He wants to know what his wife does for work.

Ines De Roman is a designer and maker of fine jewelry based in New York City. In 2013, she graduated from the University of Geneva with a degree in business management, according to Your Tango.

According to her LinkedIn profile, she interned at Christie’s Jewelry Department. Kempinski Hotels employed her as an intern in the client services department prior to her current position.

According to Your Tango, she is now the retail coordinator for de GRISOGONO, a jewelry company that also sells “luxury products.”

Love Story Of Paul Wesley and Ines de Roman

In June of last year, rumors began to circulate that de Roman and Wesley were dating. As of February 2019, Us Weekly reported that the couple had a dinner date in New York City, and it appeared as though they were married.

It’s not certain when the wedding will take place, but the couple was spotted wearing wedding bands in February 2019.

With 95.4,000 Instagram followers, Ines de Roman posts pictures of herself and her friends, her husband, and their adorable puppy.

It appears that Wesley and Dobrev have grown to appreciate each other since their days on The Vampire Diaries, despite Dobrev previously claiming that she didn’t enjoy working with him.

In September 2020, according to Us Weekly, the stars and their canines came together, and Ines De Roman was there, as well. With Dobrev as a buddy, Wesley has remarked that the two “built this beautiful friendship,” according to Us Weekly.



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Ines de Ramon Is a Very Private Person

It’s safe to say that Ines, like her husband, is a very private person. In July 2020, she posted a black-and-white image of her and Paul on their first wedding anniversary in black and white. In the caption, she wrote, “Joyeux Anniversaire my amour,” and the comment section was filled with others expressing their disbelief.

She had previously made her Instagram account private before making it public again with a post commemorating her wedding anniversary.

Unlike Paul, Ines isn’t an actor, and they lived a world apart. At work, she is a project manager and a certified health coach in integrative nutrition. She’s not only well-known in her area, but she’s also dating a well-known Hollywood actor. Unfortunately, the couple did not reveal how they originally met or how they ended up together. However, some of Paul’s co-stars in The Vampire Diaries were apparently spending time with Ines.

Many details of Paul and Ines’ wedded life are off-limits to us. They appear to be having a good time without the presence of their children. We don’t know for sure if Paul and Ines wanted children at all. Good luck to this wonderful pair! We hope Paul doesn’t have to go through another divorce!

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About Paul Wesley and Ines de Ramon’s Marriage

It’s safe to say that Paul and Ines started dating at the beginning of 2018, but they kept it under wraps from their families, friends, and the media. This decision was made based on the belief that other people’s intrusion into their personal lives could only lead to a breakdown in their partnership. A few of Paul’s followers did catch a glimpse of them out and about, dining at upscale establishments.

Paul and Ines were married in a small ceremony in February 2019 in front of only a few close friends and family members, and it appears that they are enjoying their new life together. Although some people on the internet assume that one or both of them may be infertile, it looks that the two have decided not to have children right away, preferring to focus on their jobs.

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