7+ Most Powerful Konosuba Characters
7+ Most Powerful Konosuba Characters

7+ Most Powerful Konosuba Characters You Might Like

Light novels KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World! by Natsume Akatsuki and Kurone Mishima are published in Japan. MMORPG components are present in the universe of Kazuma Sato, a boy who is transferred to a fantasy world after his death and joins a dysfunctional group with a goddess, an archwizard, and a crusader in order to save it from destruction.

It was originally serialized on Shsetsuka ni Naro between December 2012 and October 2013 before being published as a printed light novel series from October 2013 to May 2020 by Kadokawa Shoten. Kurone Mishima’s drawings and the series’ unique plot line distinguish this light novel series from others.

Konosuba Characters


Megumin is an Arch Wizard of the Crimson Magic Clan in the Fantasy World and is the first person to join Kazuma’s team. She is one of the main characters of the KonoSuba series.


She’s a rambunctious tomboy with a penchant for theatrics. Many of her family’s traits, such as chuunibyou inclinations and a passion for odd names, she shares with the Crimson Magic Clan. Megumin has a reputation for being haughty and arrogant, but when put in a desperate situation, such as when Kazuma threatened to hit her with her eyepatch, she is quick to drop her act.

Megumin, despite her portrayal as a great magician, is a childlike and immature person. When she is treated like a child, she becomes depressed or violent due to her insecurities about her young age and underdeveloped body. Despite privately regarding Yunyun as a friend, she has a petty rivalry with her old classmate and never misses a chance to bully and torment her.

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Despite the fact that the spell drains all of Megumin’s energy after only one use and is generally impractical, she is completely fixated on explosion magic. As a result, she devotes all of her stat boosts to improving her one explosion spell. She is adamant about not learning any other kind of magic in order to keep her exploding magic safe. Despite the Crimson Magic Clan’s reputation for formidable wizards, no other party will take her because of her stubbornness.

Kazuma finally accepted her when she blackmailed him. For as long as she can get away with casting only one of her maniacal explosion spells per day, she has no self-control. Even after the Demon King’s, General came with his troops and directly threatened the entire hamlet to cease, she continued to blow up one of his castles.

Satou Kazuma

This series’ protagonist, Satou Kazuma, is the series’ main character. Reincarnation in the Fantasy World occurred after his death.
A native of Japan, he was a student who frequently skipped school in order to play video games at home. The Demon King, who wanted to crush the fantasy world’s free people, was eventually defeated when he was killed in an accident and transferred to the fantasy world with the Goddess of Water Aqua.


To prepare for his new life in the Fantasy World, Kazuma had been a hikikomori, a social outcast who spent much of his time alone in his room playing video games. When he first met the gorgeous Darkness, he was terrified and resigned to spending the rest of his days curled up under his kotatsu, yet these attributes would occasionally surface in the Fantasy World.

Kazuma’s gregarious and extroverted nature blossoms after his arrival in the Fantasy World, where he was first enthused by the thought of becoming an explorer. While this is the case, Kazuma grows progressively disillusioned with his new life as an explorer as he learns about the harsh realities of such labor, such as the low pay and the risk to one’s life.


There are three primary female protagonists in the KonoSuba series: Dustiness Ford Latina, known as Darkness. She is a masochistic crusader who joins Kazuma’s band of renegades.


At first, Darkness presents herself as a noble crusader, teaching about the importance of protecting others from danger. She has a serious demeanor when she speaks, and it gives the impression that she is well-advanced.

Her true nature, however, is one of utter masochistic perversion. Many of the “heroic” deeds she performs in the series have the effect of elevating her to the status of a role model because of her apparent altruism, despite the fact that she truly cares about no one but herself.

To make matters worse for Kazuma, she has a habit of retaliating to his harsh words by reeling back in ecstasy. Her true motives for becoming a crusader become more and more apparent throughout the novel, culminating in her obvious admission that her ideal husband is an abusive drinker who would compel her to sell her body for money.


Aqua’s younger sister, Eris, is a major supporting character in the Konosuba series and the goddess of fortune. A criminal disguised as Chris (), she is close friends with Darkness and Kazuma while working as an accomplice.


It’s clear that Eris is a sweet and considerate young lady who values the well-being of those around her. Also, she’s a really good listener, and she’s always interested in what her followers have to say. She has a great disposition, yet she can come across as a bit juvenile at times. She wears breast pads because she is self-conscious about the size of her breasts. Her lack of a bust embarrasses her on a regular basis when Aqua reveals this information. Her smell is said to be particularly enticing due to the sweetness and gentleness of her demeanor.

During her masquerade as Chris, she exudes an even more joyful and energetic disposition that is nearly always observed with a wide smile and a bright personality. Her juvenile and mischievous behavior is in keeping with her vocation as a thief, despite this.

Konosuba Characters
Konosuba Characters


There are three deuteragonists in KonoSuba: Aqua. The Axis Order reveres her in the Fantasy World because she was once a water goddess who guided mankind to the afterlife.


Aqua’s personality is both fascinating and challenging. She exudes a sense of joy and happiness, yet she rarely considers the long-term ramifications of her decisions. Aqua, despite not imposing her ideas on others, always behaves or speaks according to her own desires. As a result, she is prone to misbehavior in a wide range of settings. Additionally, it is a cinch to make fun of Aqua with jibes or to entice her with compliments.

Aqua, as a goddess who craves acclaim and worship, performs wonderful things, but then quickly undermines her own merits by aggressively and constantly seeking praises and admiration. When it comes to some of the “good deeds” that Aqua performs, they end up being a complete waste of time and money.

Aqua’s “honesty” is one of her best qualities. She cannot lie, or more specifically, she has no notion of lying and is so awful at it that her lies are exposed. Aqua only needs a pinch on the cheeks to expose the truth after she’s been caught lying.

Her gullibility and lack of belief in individuals lying to her make her an easy target for scams and deceptions. When Aqua is resistant, others may tell a little white lie in order to get Aqua to be more receptive. Aqua, despite her self-esteem, has a financial acumen equivalent to or worse than Wiz.


Sylvia was a chimera and one of the eight generals of the Demon King, acting as the director of the Monster Enhancement Division. She acted as the principal antagonist of the Konosuba Movie.


When it came to protecting her subordinates from the Crimson Magic, Sylvia proved to be an effective and captivating leader. By noting the shoddy quality of Kazuma’s blade, she realized he was not the legendary magic swordsman Mitsurugi.

Due to the fact that she intended to snatch Kazuma when he was kidnapped, she was a seductive kind.

Sylvia also enjoys making sarcastic remarks about the plans and predicaments of her adversaries and making fun of them in public. As soon as she gets upset, her voice takes on a more manly tone.


Goddess Wolbach presided over violence and indifference. She was one of the Demon King’s eight generals and was revered by many in his army.
As one of the eight generals of the Demon King’s army, she was a significant enemy and the arch-nemesis of the intrepid explorer Megumin.


As an “evil god” and general of the Demon King, Wolbach was shown to be of quite good moral character. Wolbach was a Goddess, but she didn’t treat Megumin as if she were a child and expressed concern about the young girl’s future since she thought Megumin committing her life to Explosion was a waste.

Another thing that Wolbach has shown us is that she is extremely polite and patient. In order to fulfill Megumin’s desire to learn Explosion magic, she risked being captured by the Crimson Magic Clan for several days after being released from the seal.


Wiz plays a significant role in the KonoSuba series as a supporting character. Lich who used to be known as the Ice Witch when she was an explorer against the Demon King now owns a “renowned” Magic Item Shop in Axel. Wiz is the only character in Konosuba that has her good deeds taken seriously throughout the series, and she is the only one whom Kazuma regards as an actual nice person.

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Despite her reputation as a lich, Wiz is a sweet and caring young woman despite her clumsiness and occasional forgetfulness. As a result of her naivety and meekness, she is frequently bullied by Aqua, Vanir, and Beldia, but as they spend more time with her, they begin to show her more respect. She, on the other hand, is revered and adored by the residents of her small town.

Wiz is a big sister figure who is normally sweet and pleasant, but she can also be stern and mature when the situation calls for her. She’s also a total failure when it comes to finances and business. Because her shop offers items that appear beneficial but have negative side effects or endgame equipment, it hasn’t had a single profitable month since it started in Axel Town for beginning adventurers.

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