Evan Peters Girlfriend Is He Currently Dating Anyone?
Evan Peters Girlfriend Is He Currently Dating Anyone?

Evan Peters Girlfriend: Is He Currently Dating Anyone?

Evan Peters is on a roll after winning an Emmy for his role as Detective Colin Zabel in the critically acclaimed HBO miniseries Mare of Easttown. His roles in American Horror Story and Netflix’s new series about serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer have made him a household name in the entertainment industry. Where does he stand in terms of his private life? Is there someone special in the actor’s life who will help him celebrate his success? Here’s a look at Evan Peters’ relationships, both past, and present.

Who Is Evan Peters?

An American actor the name Evan Thomas Peters is known for his work. As Stan Bowes in the first season of Pose and as Peter Maximoff / Quicksilver in the film series of X-Men, he is best recognized.

Evan Peters’s Relationship With Emma Roberts Has Been On and Off

The actor Evan Peters began dating Emma Roberts, the star of the horror film Scream, around the year 2012. It wasn’t until after filming had finished on Adult World that the two began to date. In an interview with Chelsea Handler, Roberts remarked, “Everyone believed we dated on the movie and we didn’t – not for a long time after.” It was on the stage that I actually said to her: Oh yeah, we’re completely going to date.” To get him to talk to me I would flirt with him, which made me look like I had something in my eye. And the entire movie, he didn’t say a word to me. Weird, to say the least.”

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In the end, Peters and Roberts became one of the most high-profile young couples in Hollywood. Rumors of the couple’s bickering were widespread during their long-term relationship, which ended in several breakups. In the summer of 2013, Roberts was even detained following a dramatic confrontation with Peters. They were reunited just a few days later when the charges were withdrawn. Their joint statement on the fight read: “It was a sad occurrence and miscommunication. They are working together to move forward after the questioning of Ms. Roberts was completed.”

Roberts and Hines called it quits for good in 2019 after three more start-and-stop breakups, including a brief 2016 split that drove Roberts into the arms of producer/director Christopher Hines. According to reports, the duo ended their tumultuous relationship on a positive note.


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Halsey And Evan Peters Are Back Together!

In contrast to Peters’ previous romance, this one was equally as high-profile. Rumors of a romance between the X-Men: Apocalypse actor and Halsey first surfaced in September 2019. They made it official a month later at the American Horror Story 100th Episode Celebration when they walked the Halloween-themed red carpet together like Sonny and Cher.

In honor of the 100th episode of American Horror Story, Evan Peters and Halsey dressed as “Sonny and Cher” to the party.
On Valentine’s Day 2020, Halsey posted several (since removed) photos of Evan Peters and Halsey frolicking in a hot tub in Switzerland to her Instagram account. Only one month later, the two had called it quits and Halsey had removed all traces of the Pose singer from her online personas, including Instagram and Twitter. Not a word has been said by either Peters or Halsey about their split.

Evan Peters Was Supposed to Be Dating Dalliances for a Short Time

He was previously rumored to have had relationships with a number of young Hollywood actresses, but such relationships were never substantiated. Rumors of his relationship with Alexandra Breckenridge, an actress, first surfaced in 2007. American Horror Story: Murder House, which aired in 2011, was the first time the two appeared on screen together.

When Pixie Geldof and Peters were spotted kissing and holding hands at Coachella in 2010, Peters was linked to the British model and actress. Coupled up for a year before splitting up in 2011 according to reports. Geldolf is currently married to drummer George Barnett of These New Puritans, and the two of them have a newborn son.

Actress Alexia Quinn, widely known for her roles in the films Small Talk and Sorority Slaughterhouse, joined Peters in Las Vegas nightclub RPM to celebrate his 25th birthday in January 2012. The two were also seen together on the red carpet and were said to have dated for a short time.

Who Is Emma Roberts?

Emma Roberts, Evan’s ex-fiancΓ©e, dated the actor for six years until they broke up.

Because so many other people saw them as “on and off,” their romance was doomed from the start. One person said of him: “It appeared like he just couldn’t stay away from drugs and booze.” Those who knew him well stated that Evan would go through phases where everything seemed fine, but that his life would suddenly devolve into chaos once more, including his obsession with her, which quickly turned into rage.

These stints, on the other hand, lasted a long time, making news across the country! That was until we discovered the reason.

As co-stars of Adult World in 2012, they first came into contact with each other. In no time at all, they were engaged, and Emma soon realized that she and Evan would be together for the rest of their lives!

After a year of dating, he proposed to her while on a Disneyworld vacation, but the proposal was not without controversy, as it turns out their fight leading up to the proposal was misunderstood (which I am unable to provide any details about due discretion). Since then, everything has changed. Police have accused Emma of a crime despite the fact that they have no evidence to support their claims.


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Exactly Who Is Evan Peters Dating At This Point In Time?

Peters has kept a quiet profile in terms of his love life after his breakup from Halsey in 2020. Since then, he hasn’t been publicly associated with anyone. If he is in a relationship, he has done an amazing job of concealing it. Perhaps he’s just waiting for the proper person to come along and open the door for him.

“If I say the wrong thing or do something foolish or fumble or spill crap on my shirt, she’s OK with it,” Evans stated in a 2015 interview with Cosmopolitan when asked about his perfect woman.

Many females do not wish to engage in such activities. There are, however, a lot of girls out there who do, and those are the only ones I can really go for. I need a few more opportunities after this first one.”

Evans also acknowledged that he has a long way to go in terms of learning how to keep a woman interested in him long-term. “I’m not very adept at dating,” he said to Cosmopolitan. “I’m simply a little nervous and don’t know what to say.” Things I say make me nervous; it’s hard to put into words. There is no point in offending anyone or hurting anyone’s feelings. “

That special someone is out there, and we’re confident he or she will find it!

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