Alice Angel Appearance, Personality, Games, and More
Alice Angel Appearance, Personality, Games, and More

Alice Angel: Appearance, Personality, Games, and More

Joey Drew Studios created the character Alice Angel. Alice, like Bendy and Boris, was the studio’s first female cartoon character to appear in a series of cartoons in 1933. To begin with, she was Joey Drew Studios’ third character to be introduced and developed.


When Joey Drew Studios announced on September 12th, 1933, that Bendy and Boris will soon have a new female companion, it was the beginning of a new era in cartooning. As an antidote to Bendy’s playful ways and Boris Wolf’s laid-back demeanor, Alice insists on things being done correctly. When Henry Stein left the studio, she was the last figure he produced, however, the record book of Joey Drew Studios indicates that Joey created her.

Susie Campbell first voiced Alice Angel, and Sammy believes that Alice could become as popular as Bendy someday.

Β Allison Pendle has been hired as the new voice actress for Alice Angel by Joey Drew, much to Susie’s disbelief and despair. Once she’s done, there’s a clip of Susie vowing to make things right. Afterward, Joey announces he has an opportunity and Susie is dragged into the inky experiment and becomes a “wiggling, pushing, shapeless slug” as heard by Susie in chapter 3. She goes on to say, “The second time…it made me an angel!”.

Nevertheless, Alice/Susie emerged as a flawed version of Susie who must now rip out hearts and ingest them in order to become more “perfect.” In the game, Alice talks about this numerous times. In addition, we can make out the hearts of the inky creatures that she sucked out. Boris makes up the majority of them.

Shawn Flynn, a Joey Drew Studios merchandise worker, reported that Alice dolls were not selling well, suggesting that she may not have been as popular as Sammy thought.

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Alice Angel Physical Appearance

Alice is a cartoon female humanoid with medium-length black hair that is slightly wavy, tiny eyebrows, and a dark lip color. With a small waist and wide hips, she has a thin figure. She’s dressed in a black dress reminiscent of a flapper dress from the 1920s or 1930s, complete with a short skirt and a white bow at the center of her bust, just like Bendy. Alice has pie-cut eyes with a single eyelash on each and a little mole under her right eye, just like the other characters.

White gloves with circles drawn on the palms over black unattached sleeves, stockings with black laces, and a pair of black pointed small-heeled shoes (though the heels aren’t always visible due to their angle) complete her ensemble.

For example, her hair is slightly less wavy in the animated shorts than in-game and her dress is longer, thereby obscuring the stocking laces. Despite the fact that her mole can be seen near her left eye in “Siren Serenade,” she wears a floor-length version of her dress in that film.

In addition to her white horns and halo, Alice has angelic characteristics, including a pair of wings. During her game-over image in Bendy in Nightmare Run her halo and horns deflate.

As depicted in the Moon, when she becomes angry, she transforms into a threatening figure in the comics. Horns increase in size, her halo decreases in size, she has sharper fangs and a pointier tongue when she snaps, and she is more aggressive. Similarly, Yukon Bendy has two extra pointed fangs while feeling wicked, but her halo remains the same.

Alice Angel
Alice Angel

Alice Angel Personality

According to the story, Alice Angel is a charismatic, strong-willed, and intelligent character. When Bendy is up to anything, she is there to put a stop to it, serving as the more rational of the two.

“I’m Alice Angel” from Bendy and the Ink Machine: Chapter 3 reveals that she is as kind and carefree as her heavenly personality would lead you to believe. Alice’s voice has been described as “heavenly and wonderful” by Sammy Lawrence.Β  When she sees a movie poster, she agrees to go see it with Bendy, indicating that she is normally positive and enjoys spending time with him.


Bendy and the Inkjet

At various points in Bendy and the Ink Machine, Alice was depicted as a plush toy, short cutouts, and cartoon clips. Original Alice’s real-life analogs are Twisted Alice and Allison Angel.

In Chapter 2: The Old Song, Alice’s identity is initially revealed via a “Sent From Above” billboard on the wall next to the pool area.

Chapter 3: Posters, plush toys, and even a cardboard cutout of Alice may be seen throughout the chapter in the Heavenly Toys area. Several screens in the Alice-themed room begin playing the song “I’m Alice Angel” by Alice Angel automatically before Twisted Alice appears for a jump scare. Twisted Alice makes her debut appearance shortly after that. Overlooking the flooded warehouse on Level 9’s inner chamber is a gigantic statue of Alice clutching a “SHE’S QUITE A GAL!” sign.

In Chapter 4: Colossal Wonders, more numerous environments related to Alice Angel reappeared around multiple locations.

Β Chapter 5: The Last Reel. Alice is mentioned in Joey’s diary tape, which he keeps in his office when he discusses his idea to bring her and the other cartoon characters to life with her former voice actor. Henry autographs a photo of her, Bendy, and Boris holding hands in the post-credits sequence.

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Betty Boop, another Fleischer Studios cartoon character from around the same time period as the game, looks to have inspired Alice’s design. When it comes to portraying a beautiful and joyful female character, they share many similarities with each other. Furthermore, Alice’s “Sent From Above” poster tagline claims that she is both a dancer and a singer, just like Betty Boop.

The fact that Alice lacks wings but has a halo and horns suggests that she is a fallen angel, which is further corroborated by the episode’s title, Sent From Above.

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