The Record Of Ragnarok Season 2 Where To Watch This Season?
The Record Of Ragnarok Season 2 Where To Watch This Season?

When Will The Record Of Ragnarok Season 2 Gonna Release?

“Record of Ragnarok” has only been available on Netflix for a short time, but it’s already a big hit. The first season hit Netflix on June 17, and some fans have already binged their way through the series and are eager to hear more about what happens next for the show’s major characters.

As a classic martial arts tournament, the series turns a high-concept fantasy plot into an action-adventure. In the world of “Record of Ragnarok,” the gods convene every 1,000 years to assess the fate of humanity, and this time around, they conclude that humanity is irredeemable and must be destroyed.

It is only after Valkyrie Brunhilde makes a pledge to the gods that they decide to give humanity one last opportunity. If 13 important figures from throughout human history can defeat 13 of the universe’s most powerful gods in battle, they’ll be permitted to survive. A Valkyrie that can morph into a highly effective weapon is also available to humans as a way of leveling the playing field somewhat.

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When Will Record Of Ragnarok Season 2 Be Released?

The first season of “Record of Ragnarok” is filled with thrilling battles, but the show ends with a cliffhanger. ‘Record of Ragnarok’ has yet to be given a second season order. Given how recently the first one was released, though, it’s not exactly shocking that the show has yet to be greenlit for future seasons.

There is no release date yet, but considering that the new season is now inactive in production, the anime will most likely return in 2022. The first season of the anime released on Netflix in June 2021.

Perhaps if the show is renewed, it could be several months or even a year before fresh episodes are made available online. “Record of Ragnarok” is based on a manga of the same name byΒ Shinya Umemura and Takumi Fukui, although the manga is not yet complete either. As a result, the series may want to make sure that it aligns closely with the story it’s being adapted from. If further seasons arise, there may be fairly extensive intervals between them.

What Will The Plot of Record of Ragnarok Season 2 Be?

Fortunately, “Record of Ragnarok’s” setup is extremely simple. According to the manga, Jack the Ripper and Hercules will square off next. From there, Raiden Tameemon will take against Shiva and Buddha will take on Bishamonten.

There were three battles in the first season, and it’s probable that the second season will have the same number of fights. Seven battles must be won in all of humanity is going to avoid total destruction, and they’ve already lost one. If the battle proceeds all the way to the 13th matchup, the show may theoretically last for at least two more seasons after its second.

“Record of Ragnarok” isn’t likely to return for nearly a year, but until then, viewers may revisit the first season as much as they want on Netflix. In addition, they can make wild guesses about the gods and humans who have yet to meet in the ring for a duel.

The Record Of Ragnarok Season 2
The Record Of Ragnarok Season 2

Record Of Ragnarok Season 2 Cast

Hikaru Midorikawa as Thor

Hikaru Midorikawa is a Japanese voice actor from Otawara, Tochigi who is represented by Aoni Production.Β  He is well known for the roles of Softon in Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, Tamahome in Fushigi YΓ»gi, Seiran Shi in Saiunkoku Monogatari.

Miyuki Sawashiro as Brunhild

Miyuki Sawashiro is a Japanese actress, voice actress, and narrator. As Bishamon in Noragami, Masami Iwasawa in Angel Beats, Petit Charat/Puchiko in Di Gi Charat, Mint in Galaxy Angel, and Sinon in Sword Art Online II, she has a long list of Japanese anime roles under her belt.

Tomokazu Seki as Lu Bu

Tomokazu Seki is a Japanese voice actor and singer. He has previously collaborated with Haikyō.  He is honorary president of and linked with Atomic Monkey and the head of theatre company HeroHero Q. He is a special lecturer at Japan Newart College.

Tomoyo Kurosawa as GΓΆll

In Japan, Tomoyo Kurosawa is a popular actress, singer, and voice actor. She was raised in Chichibu, Saitama. As Itsuki Inubozaki in Yuki Yuna is a Hero, as Kumiko Mae in Sound! Euphonium, and as Phosphophyllite in Land of the Lustrous, her most well-known anime roles have been.

Other Members

  • Wataru Takagi as Zeus.
  • Aya Kawakami as Randgrid.
  • Hinata Tadokoro as Ares.
  • Junichi Suwabe as Hermes.

Is ‘Record of Ragnarok’ Season 2 in the Works?

Season 2 of ‘Record of Ragnarok’ is confirmed. In August 2021, Netflix Japan revealed that ‘Record of Ragnarok’ season 2 is already in production. The anime’s official website also announces the renewal of the series.

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Record Of Ragnarok Season 2 Trailer

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