7+ Fascinating High Rise Invasion Characters

A lot of anime fans have praised Netflix’s latest manga to anime adaptation, High-Rise Invasion. Similar to Future Diary, in which a group of people competes for the prize of becoming a God at considerable danger, this show features an all-star cast. Learn more about High-Rise Invasion’s most important characters by reading on.

Characters from High Rise Invasion

Yuri Honjo, a high school student in Japan, is transported to a world of skyscrapers and suspension bridges connecting them in this Japanese animated series. As a result, she becomes a target for those wearing masks. They’ve been looking for her all around.

When she gets to the top of the building, she’s greeted by a group of kids. Later, she comes across other teens in similar situations, although it’s not obvious if they are friends or foes to her. It’s been a long time coming, but High Rise Invasion fans can’t wait to learn who the characters are.

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1. Yuri Honjo

It’s not clear why high school student Yuri Honjo has been thrust into this weird, high-rise-populated planet. While others like her are being hunted by white-masked killers, she remains unharmed. In Tenkuu Shinpan, the primary character is Yuri Honjo. Rika Honjo and Yuka Makoto’s non-blood sister, who became a God Candidate after donning a Faceless Mask, are her parents.


Yuri is a sweet character who is given as much attention as the others in the manga or anime. She is depicted as a confident woman with a strong sense of self-reliance. As a result of her powers, Yuri has a lot of strength, but she also has a strong mental capacity.

High Rise Invasion Characters
High Rise Invasion Characters

2. Mayuko Nise

In the mysterious city, she is joined by Tsubaki and Masami. She turned into a cold-blooded killer in this new world since she was abused and ignored by everyone, even her own parents. When Yuri saves her life, she is hesitant to put her trust in him, but now that she has, she is willing to help him.


Mayuko endured a lifetime of abuse and neglect at the hands of her peers and loved ones. When she arrived in this world, she became a supposedly cold-blooded assassin since she had learned not to trust anyone, and this was until she met Yuri Honjo. Mayuko is a stoic, solemn, and closed-off person who sees the world through a realistic lens. When Yuri shows her affection, she flushes easily. Yuri Honjo becomes her best friend. She puts on a stronger front at first, but after she gets to know Yuri, she starts to relax her guard.

“Don’t worry, Yuri will be under my care,” she assures Rika Honjo in S1 Episode 4. She also becomes jealous when she thinks Yuri will be taken away from her by other people, or if she thinks Yuri is merely a friend to other people. If anything happens to Yuri, she threatens to “murder all of them” out of concern for her safety.

3. Kuon Shinzaki

Kano is an exceptional person. The Railgun User is another name for her. She’s flimsy and inexperienced. She’s used to high social standards, so she doesn’t know what lurks in the shadows.


Kuon is a gentle and innocent girl in every sense of the word, from her looks to her personality. Because she had grown accustomed to a strict sense of propriety, she was unable to grasp the gravity of the situation when it was initially shown to her. She was able to demonstrate her powers while traveling with the Sniper Mask but remained naive and humble.

4. Rika Honjo

Younger sibling Rika Honjo was likewise taken to the weird skyscraper world. Yuri Honjo is Rika’s older sibling. In this strange land, he rises to the position of head of a tiny human tribe and sets about finding a way out.


When in battle, his keen gaze and naturally experienced motions give away how dependable he is as a stable character in the manga. However, he just does so, to reconcile with his sister.

Rika might be the model for a fearless guy, but he is actually ashamed of his timidity and supports his sister more as the suitable hero of the Realm, especially when telling his “girly” name to people and expecting the same reactions.

5. Sniper Mask

“Mr. Sniper” is a nickname for Sniper Mask. A sniper rifle-wielding angel who has an unspecified relationship with Rika.


There are other Angel masks that are entirely under its spell, but they don’t seem to have any reasoning of their own. Afterward, his mask broke near his ear because of the damage he sustained in the explosion. As a result of his recovery, he is now able to communicate and make sense of the events that have transpired.

Despite this, he was powerless to defy the mask’s commands to force others to murder themselves or commit suicide if they didn’t show signs of sadness. As soon as he met Kuon, his first instinct was to terrorize her by pointing his weapon at her, but when the masked man told him not to, he was taken aback. He was finally able to voice his concerns when the mask only announced her position and gave him no additional commands.

Before he went into sleep mode, which the mask sets “defect” angels into, he was able to speak with Yuri. However, he was saved by Kuon and Nise, thus he no longer had to heed the mask’s dictates. But he’s been advised to keep his mask on because the suicide instruction is there.

6. M. Aikawa

Thirty Angels swear allegiance to Mamoru Aikawa, a God Candidate.


A young Mamoru was taught to hate people who had deceived him by witnessing his father’s suicide, for which he left a note addressed to “those who betrayed him” in his business and social endeavors.

He tells Rika Honjo and anybody who will listen that people who earn betrayal deserve death, and he explains it thusly: To escape being betrayed because of this, he breaks the organ’s rules, for which he is executed by the Organ’s Administrator.

7. Yayoi Kusakabe

It is Yayoi Kusakabe, Aikawa’s Angel, who advises her.


Yayoi is a wicked woman who enjoys torturing others. She is completely obedient to Mamoru Aikawa as one of his competent puppets.

8. Kazuma Aohara

Known as the Angelic Challenger, Kazuma Aohara is the mastermind behind the powerful Angels Ein and Zwei. Once fascinated with the idea of being a Perfect God, he now joins Yuri’s crew.

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He first appeared to be someone who simply worried about himself, but after his setback, he began to transform in the opposite way, showing himself as a kind person who cares about his own well-being.

To keep Yukio Tanabe from getting involved in the struggle between Ain and Samue mask, he sought to stop him As he sees it, “his abilities would not be sufficient to serve as a leader’s assistant.”

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