Armin Appearance, Abilities, Relationships, and More
Armin Appearance, Abilities, Relationships, and More

Armin Alert: Appearance, Abilities, Relationships, and More

I’m talking about Armin Arlert. After Hange Zoe’s death, Hange Zoe named Arumin Arureruto? as the 15th and current commander of the Survey Corps. Eren Yeager and Mikasa Ackerman have known him since they were children, and he is one of the show’s two deuteragonists.

Although he appears to be among the 104th Training Corps’s weakest, his brains and strategic cunning make him an important asset, especially when coupled with Hange. It was after the fight of Shiganshina District when Bertolt Hoover gave him the Titan powers and the Colossus Titan, which he now owns.

Armin Appearance

The Human Form

Armin has a boyish face, with huge hazel eyes and a little pointed nose that is often a little reddish. With bangs covering his entire forehead, his blond hair is fashioned in an undercut. Armin’s mature appearance is underscored by his well-defined brows and sideburns. His frame, as it has always been, is petite and lacking in muscle, but not in definition. Armin wore a regular cloak during the attack on Liberio before he changed.  He sports a shorter haircut and is substantially taller.

During the raid on Marley, Armin is shown in the newly reworked black outfit of the Survey Corps. Armin had a slim frame for a teen, but he was still very short. In addition to his huge expressive eyes and brown eyebrows, his face was round and his blonde hair was styled in a bob cut.

For the most part, Armin’s wardrobe was comprised of a collared shirt, long dress pants, and dress shoes dating back to his early years.  A white button-up was worn underneath Armin’s 104th Training Corps uniform as a member of the regiment.

Armin wore the basic Survey Corps soldier suit prior to the change of their clothing. He wore a white collared button-up shirt underneath his brown jacket, much like he wore as a teenager. Armin, like many of his colleagues, wears a huge green cape when he goes on missions or expeditions outside the Walls. He, like the other soldiers, wore long brown boots that reached almost to his knees.

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Titanic Colossus

Armin’s Colossus Titan form, like Bertolt’s Titan, is completely skinless and exceedingly tall. Titan’s Titan has long, slender arms that go all the way to its knees and short, thick legs. He has designed his Titan’s feet in such a way that it is able to stand on their own due to their size and weight. An exposed rib cage may be seen on Armin’s Titan’s top body, as well.

Almost all of its skin has been removed from its face, leaving only bare bone. As Armin assumes his Titan form, his sunken-in eyes are encircled by muscles that express his melancholy. The lack of skin on Armin’s cheeks reveals his teeth. In contrast, Armin’s Titan’s lips have some muscle surrounding them, unlike the previous Colossus Titan’s lips. There are two tendons in front of Armin’s Titan’s exposed windpipe that make it stand out from the rest. It also has no external ears that may be seen.

Pure Titan Form

Armin’s Pure Titan form, which he took after Bertolt Hoover gave him the Colossus Titan’s strength, had many characteristics of his human counterpart. There were no lips on the creature’s mouth, and its eyes and nose were skeletons. It had shoulder-length blonde hair and a petite body. Furthermore, the Titan’s ribs were clearly apparent through its skin, and its arms were likewise extremely thin. To put it in perspective, a three-story house could be seen from the top of it.

Armin Alert
Armin Alert

Armin’s Personality

Armin had a natural curiosity about the world outside the walls when he was a child. While still a small child, he discovered and studied an unauthorized book about the outside world that belonged to his paternal grandfather’s estate. Eren Yeager, his best friend, was informed of the book’s contents by his pal. Because of his extraordinary curiosity for the outside world, Armin was regularly picked on by other kids who labeled him a heretic.

Armin’s pals Eren and Mikasa Ackerman would often shield him from neighborhood bullies because he was too afraid to stand up for himself. Armin suffered from low self-esteem and thought he was a burden to others as a result of this and his aging body. Since then, Armin has been keen to demonstrate his worth. It was a childhood dream of his to be able to say that he was equal to his peers.

Armin enlisted in military training when he was a teenager, and after graduating, he and Eren, and Mikasa joined the Survey Corps. For the first time in his life, he wanted to make a positive, lasting impression on the world. Because of his insatiable curiosity, which has remained a constant in his character since he was a child, he will stop at nothing to see that humanity defeats the Titans.

Armin’s poor self-esteem persisted throughout his training and even after he graduated. Since Armin lacked both physical strength and skill, he felt worthless at the time. However, soon after graduating from the military, he realized that he could use his intellect to serve others. Armin, as a result, begins to believe in his own strengths and self-worth. Despite this, he has a tendency to be harsh on himself. Despite the fact that he is willing to give up his own life in order to attain a goal, he still does not place enough value on his own life.

Armin’s Abilities

Having a High IQ

Because of his lack of strength, Armin is usually not deployed to the front lines, and he rarely uses his vertical equipment in combat. To put it another way, he has a natural talent for deductive reasoning and strategy formation, whether he is in a war room or on the run.

In contrast to Armin’s fellow trainees, Armin has a strong eye for detail, which differentiates him as a field tactician. His tactics have saved the lives of several of his comrades, and he was instrumental in determining the names of all of Titan’s hostile spies within the 104th Training Group. Armin’s intelligence was initially hindered by a significant lack of confidence, but after accepting and fostering this aspect of himself, Armin’s potential as a strategist began to appear, and even high-ranking commanders began to take his strategic thoughts seriously.

Power Of Titans

The Titan serum was administered to Armin by Levi, and Armin then consumed Bertolt, giving him the power of the Colossus Titan. Recovering from most lethal injuries (unless his weak spot in the neck is destroyed without transferring his mind) and transforming between Titan and human forms while maintaining intelligence are two of the benefits of being an heir to the power.

Armin’s Relationships

Eren Yeager: Armin’s best buddy from boyhood is Eren Yeager. Throughout Armin’s childhood, Eren was always there to protect him from bullies. With Armin’s enthusiasm for the outside world, Eren and he would daydream of escaping the Walls. As a result, Armin first felt inferior to Eren, ashamed that he needed his protection, and lacked the courage his friend claimed.

However, Eren instilled a sense of security in Armin, reminding him of the instances when his quick thinking and reasoning had saved the day. Disagreement arises between them due to their divergent views on how to respond to the Marleyan threat and the loss of Sasha Blouse during the Raid on Liberio Now, Armin is the first to admit that he is no longer able to comprehend his old friend from their youth. After Eren joins the Yeagerists, Armin physically attacks him to stop him from hurting Mikasa and calls him out on whether the freedom he sought was the freedom to hurt her.

When Armin discovers Eren is simply pretending to go along with Zeke’s plan, he realizes Eren is actually using Zeke to gain access to the powers of the Founding Titan. In the midst of Marley’s counterattack for the Liberio Raid, Armin chooses to stand by and aid Eren, proving that despite their differences, their friendship has not been completely broken apart.

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Mikasa: Armin’s close friend Mikasa Ackerman is the subject of this essay. Mikasa always came to Armin’s aid whenever he was in danger with the local thugs. Armin admired Mikasa’s bravery and fortitude and was intimidated by them. Mikasa, on the other hand, had complete faith in Armin’s ability to think his way out of a difficult circumstance and had high regard for him.

Armin’s self-esteem and character were shaped by her influence. After Eren’s betrayal, Mikasa relies more on Armin than Armin relies on Mikasa. Armin is more sensitive to Mikasa’s distress because he knows how deeply she feels about Eren, and he uses that awareness to offer her consolation and reassurance. In an effort to save Mikasa any further pain, he becomes overly protective of her, even going so far as to confront Eren for verbally abusing her.

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